Will Things Get Messy On This Girls Trip to Costa Rica? | Basketball Wives

– [Jackie] I just wanna turn
up you guys and have fun.
No fighting.
– I’m not allowed to fight?
– Resist the fight.
– We’re not fighters, we’re lovers.
And all of us, all of the ladies.
I’m excited too.
– Lover’s still can fight.
If these ladies are
smart, they will not give
CeCe, Jackie and I a
reason to give them (beep)
on this trip.
– [Feby] Is this a pool?
– [Malaysia] Oh, yay.
That’s really nice.
– Yes.
Oh my gosh, the villa is amazing.
Beautiful, this is top of the line (beep).
– What?
These bitches look like they’ve been here.
– The pool in front.
I’m getting naked tonight.
Bitch, where is the bottles.
– Evelyn and I are down here.
– Okay.
– There’s a bedroom back there.
– I’m not like going crazy about my room,
as long as I’m not
staying with the vultures.
– Keep geriatric Jackie,
Stone Cold Steve Austin Jr.,
and bozo ass CeCe away from me period.
– I just really don’t
feel like dealing with
no old faced young hoes.
– What did you say?
– Jackie, she is an old faced young hoe.
She has an old face and she acts young.
– That is so true.
– Wow, that’s a good one.
– ‘Cause you messy.
‘Cause you always running
your mouth and you smiling
and you giving people
gifts and you’re doing
all of this and then when I’m not around
it’s like yeah, Feby said this.
Feby said that.
Yeah, she did say that song was about you.
Yeah, she did say you’re too.
It’s like I didn’t, shut the (beep) up.
I’m just really upset on
why she feels the need
to go back and say things
about me when I thought
we were getting to know each other
and we had similarities.
You try to bond with
me and that your mother
passed away from cancer
knowing that my grandfather
just passed away from cancer.
And then, you try to
play me and try to make
all of these issues.
All of that (beep) was bull (beep).
I’m annoyed.
– Well, you’re gonna have
dinner with her shortly.
So that should be fun.
So a bartender’s gonna
come and set up here.
And have out little bar and
everybody can have drinks,
ba ba ba ba.
And then we go outside and have drinks.
– Ba ba ba ba ba ba, outside.
No demons allowed.
– No demons allowed.
– No demons allowed.
– Nope.
– Jackie’s gonna throw a
glass through the window.
– See, demon.
I only get mad (beep) they can’t enter.
At this point, I’m so okay with CeCe.
I love CeCe, she’s amazing.
And OG don’t bother me
neither as long as she wants
to leave her arguments in her villa.
But Jackie, she has
bad energy and she just
made up a whole bunch of bull (beep).
I don’t feel like dealing
with that in Costa Rica.
Can I be excused from y’all little soiree?
– No.
– I am hoping that everybody
can be real grown up
on this trip.
Not like Amsterdam or San
Diego or any trip we’ve
ever had in the history of trips.

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