William shoots a basketball like a pro! YAY!  [The Return of Superman/2018.05.27]

William shoots a basketball like a pro! YAY! [The Return of Superman/2018.05.27]

(30 minutes before the game) (The basketball players are warming up.) Look at that. (Excited) William, clap. Clap. (That’s incredible.) Ball. (William wants to play.) – It’s a ball. / – Ball. – Hello. / – Goodness. Hello. – Hello. / – Goodness. Hello. – It’s nice to meet you. I’m a fan. / – I’m also a fan. Goodness. Kang Byunghyun is known for three-point shots. (Kang Byunghyun is known for his three-point shots.) He is a handsome basketball player with many fans. In 2013, he married former Miss Korea, Park Gawon. He is now a father of two sons. – Hello, William. / – He is younger than you. High-five. I have to go now. – I will root for you. / – You can do it. Bye. (Yoojun gives William a present.) Hello, William. – William. / – What is that? – Who gave it to you? / – Who gave it to you? Did you give it to him, Yoojun? How old are you? Five years old? He is five years old. How old is he? He is 11 months old. – Is he Bentley’s age? / – 11 months? Bentley was born in November. November? He was born in May. They are about the same age. What brings you to the court today? – He will shoot a ball. / – William will do that? That’s so cool, William. Did you practice? Do you want to practice? – Do you play basketball? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. Can you give William some tips? Shoot. – There you go. / – Did you see that? There you go. – Good job. / – Try again. Shoot! Goal! Good job. Shoot! Goal! Good job. – Goal! / – You are good. The audience begins to fill up the arena. The atmosphere becomes heated up. Can William make the shoot that Sam couldn’t? He is older than you. (The two families watch the game together.) What is going on? (The basketball players enter.) It’s dark. (William should get ready.) – Let’s get ready. / – Okay. – Good luck. Let’s go. / – Okay. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. (Good luck, William.) (Sam and William move to the court.) (He will shoot after this performance.) (Sam is a bit nervous.) (William becomes nervous as well.) William, we must do well. William, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s do it. – Please come this way. / – Let’s go. (Nervous) (His eyebrows show his nervousness.) William, we can do it. Let’s do it. He is the smallest shooter in history. Sam Hammington and William Hammington! (Make some noise!) (They enter as the audience cheers.) Hi. Hi. Hi. (William waves his hand a little.) Please say a few words of encouragement so that the team will win. Let’s win today no matter what. I will cheer for you! Let’s cheer together! (Dad is nervous.) Let’s cheer together. (Sam and William move to the basketball hoop.) Are you ready? (Will William succeed?) (have shot many balls for this day.) (He trained hard with Sam this morning.) (He is the perfect shooter.) (Moved) (The Hammington family’s honor depends on it.) (Failure isn’t an option.) (The ball is delivered to him.) The audience watches him holding their breaths. (Will William succeed?) (Is that a ladder?) (They climb up the ladder.) (It’s a goal.) (He makes a goal thanks to the ladder.) (The spectators cheer for him.) (William made Sam’s dream come true.) (I did well, right?) High-five! (High-five.) Okay. Bump it. (He succeeded to shoot a basketball.) I was so moved. My son isn’t even two years old, but he shot a basketball at a game. His path has been decided. I’m excited. (Sam and William return after a successful shot.) – William. / – You did a good job. People clapped because you did so well. (Really?) (Sam checks up on Bentley.) Is he sleeping? He sleeps so soundly. He’s still asleep. Isn’t this amazing? – It’s really loud here. / – Exactly. (He wakes up for a bit but goes back to sleep.) – Food. / – Food? (Is William hungry?) (Yoojun takes something out from his bag.) What’s in there? – Egg. / – Egg. Say thank you. Thank him. What’s that? – How cute. / – “Hello, William.” “Hello.” William, how do you crack this? (Cracking an egg) (should be done with your head.) Hit it harder. (What? Why didn’t it break?) – Hit it harder. / – It cracked. – Hit it harder. Harder. / – My gosh. (Hitting) You can’t do it? I’ll show you how. (Cracking) (The egg’s shell is stuck on his forehead.) Doesn’t it hurt? Yummy. – William. / – William. There’s a lot of fun stuff at the basketball stadium. Do you want to go with Yoojun? – Yes. / – Yes? Yoojun, show him around. – Yoojun. / – Will you go with him? Yes. (But where are we going now?) What do you want to eat? (It’s the snack bar.) Yoojun. (Thank you for bringing me to the snack bar.) What do you want to get? New snacks. (His short height makes him sad.) (Struggling) That one? (He tries to stand on his tiptoes,) (but it’s not enough.) (If only I was 10cm taller…) (Thinking hard) (William, stand on this.) Thanks. (Coming up) I’d like that one. (It’s a new world above the bar.) (Choose anything you want.) (Please give me that one over there.) – This one? / – Yes. (He gets the snack he wants.) (Yoojun holds his hand to keep him safe.) (I want to eat this now.) (Give it to me.) (Here. Dig in.) (Thank you, Yoojun.) Meanwhile, the sound asleep Bentley begins wriggling. He might wake up soon. (He waves his hand to an empty space.) (He tosses and turns to the sides.) Did you sleep well, Bentley? Did you sleep well? Did you sleep well? (He smiles as soon as he wakes up.) (Sam puts on the headphones and hugs him.) He’s your friend. Say, “Hi, Bentley.” – Hi. / – Hi. How adorable. (He answers with a smile.) By the way, he doesn’t resemble William. – He looks sharper. / – Right. (Looking mature) He’s so nice. Bentley. This is Auntie Gawon. Say hello. Say hello. (The kids come back from the snack bar.) – You’re back! / – Yoojun. (William, you’re back.) (The atmosphere gets heated in the stadium.) How nice of him. (He’s the cheering fairy.) (They take a photo to remember the moment.) There are four sons in all. Let’s meet again.

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  1. It never cease to amaze me seeing kids that age going to the store buying stuff without any adults accompanying them. My nephew and niece is 7 and 6 years old respectively but my SIL would never allow them go anywhere alone, especially in a busy public area like a stadium.

  2. I just noticed something at 7:46 in the corner where Yoojun got the thing for William to stand on there’s nothing, but when in 7:49 a thing just pops out. IDK if they put it there or just idk. No hate i still love the return of superman💕

  3. I thought Yoojun's brother is older than Bentley just by looks lol. Whats his name again? 😂😂😂 Damn why is Bentley sooo cuteeee😍😍😍

  4. whoa it's yoojun from 'oh my baby' he's so big already, the last time william was with taeoh and taera from 'oh my baby' and now he is with yoojun? such a coincidence haha

  5. Bentley is such a gentle baby like Daebak.. He looks more mature as a baby but I'm sure he will be really handsome when he grows up!

  6. My parents never gave me errands and I kinda wish they did because I struggle to socialise and i was very old until I could order food myself,,, sometimes I still can't though

  7. Yoojun is another good brother that will fond to his younger sibling. Did see his smile when he gave the tips and william follows it. Need yoojun in this showww

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