Window cleaning the world’s tallest building – Supersized Earth – Episode 1 – BBC One

Window cleaning the world’s tallest building – Supersized Earth – Episode 1 – BBC One

Today I’m going to join the team whose job it is to clean the outside of the world’s highest windows
Oh those like me come up with this one
Okay, then look
Stay back slingback, okay, you know don’t do no way
In the bucket yeah
You get nervous at all ya get a little bit scared yeah, I haven’t looked down yet. Now I’d look down
It’s almost
Inconceivable how high these windows are I’m 60 meters above the next platform below, which is in itself
600 metres above the ground higher than the previous world’s tallest building
At this height if I dropped anything it could do serious damage
Building hive is a load of factors. You’ve got to take into consideration one of them obviously is gravity which I’m feeling right now
But the thing about gravity is it very predictable if the force is going one way the thing you’ve really got to worry about
Is wind because both very nature? It’s it’s unpredictable. It swirls around and it can affect the building as well as window cleaners
Surprisingly very tall buildings aren’t in danger of being blown over, but have being sucked over
Wind hits them it can form small whirl winds called vortices
This swirling air can create low-pressure areas that tug at the building and if enough of them combine up the tools straight sides
They could make the tower rock from side to side
So why doesn’t this happen to the Burj Khalifa well, it’s taken some careful aerodynamic design
By stepping the building in as it rises and introducing angles and curves the Burj
Kalifa breaks up the desert wind preventing the vortices from combining dangerously
The designers call it confusing the wind and they reckon it’s the only way to build this high
Curse strikes me being out here that even though we’re in such a a
Technically advanced building that in order to keep it nice and clean you
Still can’t beat a man with a squeegee and a bucket
It takes three months to clean all 24,000 windows and when they finished the team has to start all over again
You’re gonna build a building, that’s truly iconic. I’m gonna make it look nice and keep it looking nice. Yeah
You going family
While that was intense, I don’t know how those guys do everyday I
Was intense but good

100 thoughts on “Window cleaning the world’s tallest building – Supersized Earth – Episode 1 – BBC One”

  1. I don’t care if you paid me a million dollars and if I fell I’d live, I still wouldn’t do this.

  2. okay this shit is insane.
    there is no way in hell i would even get close to that shit and especially not with soap and water that shit slippery as hell nahah

  3. whats the point of cleaning that high when nobody can see it? and even if u can, i dont see the need to clean it that often, maybe only twice a year

  4. The future needs auto clean built in for highrise buildings. Dont risk peoples lives for petty payments.

  5. I can imagine how hard work it takes , proud of this tough workers take any jobs out there even cleaning the window in Dubai mustve get a good pay and perks from work.

  6. The sad part is , the labors from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines and India … the labors who built this tall megastructures were probably cheap labors who lived in horrible conditions and paid very less by these Arab despots.
    It is my sincere dream to see the entirety of this hypocritical arab culture to get destroyed before I die.

  7. Would you rather
    A: be a window cleaner like this,
    B: be a sewage worker (like going inside of them as your job)?

  8. I struggled to look out those windows when I went to the top of the tower let alone get out and clean them. Hell no

  9. Even if I would happen to go out on the ledge, they would have to hook me up to two wires just incase.

  10. These people have balls of steel…. 👌
    Oh no wait….
    And people who constructed the building at this height..
    May be their balls were melted to make the foundation of burj khalifa strong.

  11. நான் இந்த வேலை தான் செய்றேன் வெளிநாட்டுக்குப் போய் வேலை செய்ய வேண்டும் என்று எனக்கு ஆசை கான்டக்ட் நம்பர் 8939831371

  12. why didn't they make flip windows? doesn't make sense that it takes all that effort and danger to clean them

  13. You can't have windows that flip because some idiot would forget to fasten window before cleaning and "FLIP OUT" the window. he he he!!

  14. The team at the top of burj Khalifa: “we are a little bit nervous.”

    Me at the top of my apartment which is 19 meters tall: ahhhhhhh help!!!! No!!!

  15. Im just curious ? I always wanted to know how much do those guys get paid ? Is it a union job ? Do they do well ? Imagine waking up every morning knowing you have that to look forward too.

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