Winning a Lottery is Really a Curse || Real Stories || Short Story in English || Animation

Winning a Lottery is Really a Curse || Real Stories || Short Story in English || Animation

Most of us often imagine that winning a
lottery will solve all your problems and
you can enjoy the dream life you always
But on the other side, life will be a lot
different. Your relatives friends and
everyone wanted a share of it. There are
people who got lucky and won the lottery
and later wished “why the hell did I win
that lottery”.
Here are some true sad stories of such
people who went rags to riches and again
went broke the final one might bring
tears to your eye.
In 2003, Jennifer from UK won two million
dollars when she was just 16.
with sudden richness she bought expensive gifts for her family and friends.
Then wasted thousands of dollars on night outs she is not happy with that too.
Then she spent a whopping half a million on her personal improvement
by undergoing a lot of surgeries then things got worse. Her love life was almost in the verge of breakup
and she was back to where she
By 2009, she was left with just $3,000 then she finally admitted life was much better before winning the lottery

Gordon had a successful career. He
thought all his dreams had come true
when he won a fourteen million dollars
in 2005 but that does not turned out to be true
he was happily married and had a
good job but finally he died penniless.
and alone due to heart attack. The moment he won the lottery he quit
his job and started focusing on gambling
then lost most of the money
and ended up with bottle in hand then things started getting worse his wife left
him after 25 years of marriage due to sudden change in his behavior then he went so depressed and
finally admitted to a rehabilitation
center for his extreme drinking habits
he spent rest of his life there and
finally died of heart attack with no money left

Khan an immigrant from India was running a small business in US. when he won
one million dollars back in 2012 he said he will pay off all his debt and will
contribute to a children’s research
however he was found dead the next day
after he received the price as a
one-time settlement. Initially it looked
like a natural death but his relatives
had some doubts in his death.
After six month it was found that he was
poisoned with cyanide. But no one was
charged till date
Michael, a 22 year old college graduate
suddenly got lucky when he realized his
lottery number was the winning ticket
for a 5 million dollars in 2006.
That day he threw a lavish party for his friends. They enjoyed it with drugs drinks and girls
Next morning he was shocked to see
his ticket was missing. Someone stole it
from him. He went so depressed and
took his hand gun and pulled the trigger
in his head. His final notes were
recovered by the police.
It says “yes I really won the lottery”
till now no one ever came up to claim for that lottery
Most of us still dream
of winning a lottery ticket but the life
after winning was never the same as you
might have imagined. Data suggests that
more than 70% of those who won lottery
were broke within few years or they were dead.
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