Winning Pick 3 workout!! 2018 – First Week PIcks $! Workout for VA Lottery & Other States!

Winning Pick 3 workout!! 2018 – First Week PIcks $! Workout for VA Lottery & Other States!

Hey everyone, today I’m doing a pick 3 workout for Virginia, please remember to subscribe.
So I’m using just a basic three-one-seven rundown as I’ve been tracking Virginia over the last couple weeks
The three-one-seven has consistently been getting hits and when you find something that works you stick with it
So that’s why I’m using the 317 and just so you can see what I’m talking about one example
Their midday draw from the 27th was 660
So I plug that into the 317 rundown highlighted my 2s and 9s
And then the next day on the 28th our midday draw was 422 right here
You can see 422, that would have been an easy exact hit on the 28th
so I did the
Virginia numbers using the most recent draw from that midday the 422 with the 317 and
I’ve also set up my
Tic-tac-toe grid to compare it with what I’m seeing in the rundown so that you can kind of narrow down your numbers
so if you’re not familiar with this way of doing the tic-tac-toe you basically just put in your
Previous draw diagonally so I have the 422
And then in your second grid you put the mirror number of that number so 9 is the mirror of 4, 7 is 2, 7 is 2
So once you have that in you’re just going to add one and go around so we’ve got three
Five six seven eight and then from seven we’ve got eight nine
10 11
12 and 13
So once you’ve got this you would just look for any combination of three numbers that are touching it doesn’t have to be diagonal across
Horizontal it could be like 4 2 2 or 8 2 3 anything like that
So when I’m looking these are some numbers, and I’m seeing
And I think would be good to play such as the 2 9 1 you’ve got 2 1 9 right here
You’ve got 2 9 1 here. You’ve got 2 9 6
Here 6 & 1 are mirror numbers, so that’s what you kind of want to look for is what you’re seeing in both places
Same with the 370 you’ve got 370 right here
Got it over here a couple ways up here also
The 809 is right here and then over here
We’ve got 809
And then I’ve also thrown in one one five and you don’t see that in the tic-tac-toe grid it is right here and since
Virginia has been hitting doubles so much lately
I’m going to throw that in as well
But as always you don’t necessarily want to play all of these. These numbers are good for about the next five days.
So let me know if you have questions good luck remember to share like subscribe and thanks for watching

32 thoughts on “Winning Pick 3 workout!! 2018 – First Week PIcks $! Workout for VA Lottery & Other States!”

  1. Hello, Happy New Year,
    The next midday number that followed the 422 was 666.  I think they took the x66 pair and flipped the 9 under there to a 6.  Do you agree?

  2. When u say I "highlighted my 2s & 9s" are u highlighting those particular numbers because that's a date or something? Cause i noticed on the next sheet u highlighted a 8 and zero…And where did the 317 derive from?

  3. Please add Arizona, Canada, Mexico for the APP. Enable offline data caching local/external microSD storage

  4. I'm not understandin how you came up with that hole list of numbers to the far left if u can get a chance can you make a video of how you came up with the list of numbers the video be to short to catch on without noin we're them numbers came from I'm in Ohio by the way

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