Winning Pick 4 Lottery Strategy – 1 3 5 Tic Tac Toe Rundown

welcome back lottery fans today we’re
gonna do a new pick four rundown that’s
actually working really well in Ohio
right now. I’m gonna show you how to
actually do the rundown and then show
you how it’s working in Ohio. It’s
working so well that it’s actually hit
five times in the last seven days so
pretty pretty good for Ohio. This
rundowns that actually called the one
three five rundown that’s the one three
five rundown and you’ll see why in a
minute as I go through this and we’re
gonna start with the Ohio midday because
that’s where it’s actually I’ve actually
noticed this hitting. You can go ahead and
you can try this rundown in your state’s
and I would love to hear it’s actually
running and working in your states as
well and I noticed it started to work on
the 2nd of February of this year so
we’re actually gonna start with that
date. As with other rundowns we’re gonna
use our standard sheet here if you want
this sheet you can go ahead and download
it from it’s
completely free I’ll leave a link in the
description below so you can get that we
don’t actually need all four results as
with some of the other run downs we’ve
done we’re gonna I’m not going to use
those and we’re not going to use the
basic the translator grid again so we’re
just gonna use our base grid so we’re
gonna start with the midday Ohio result
for the pick 4 which on the second was 9
7 8 0 and this time we’re gonna put that
number purely in the left-hand column
here one digit at a time so we’re gonna
start on the top digit we’re gonna put a
nine in there next box down with seven
next box down we’ll put an 8 and then
we’ve got our midday drawing number
listed completely vertical down in that
box there now we’re gonna apply the one
three five rule and you’ll see why this
is one three five you know it’ll make
sense to you so we start with the second
column here and we’re just gonna add one
to every single number so we’re gonna +1
in this column here so 9 plus 1 would be
0 because 10 but we can’t put 10 so
we put 0 instead then we’ve got 7 plus 1
is 8
eight plus one is nine and then zero
plus one of course is one so that’s the
first one now in the second column we
can do a plus three now you see why 135
is the name of this pattern and we’re
gonna start we’re gonna start from this
we’re actually gonna plus three from our
initial original number not the number
next to it so we’re just going to do a
plus 3 on 9 so plus 3 on 9 is 2 plus 3
on 7 would be 0 a plus 3 on 8 would be 1
and of course a plus 3 on 0 is 3 then in
the last box you guessed it we’re gonna
do a plus 5 and as with the other
columns we’re only doing the plus on the
original number that we had not the
subsequent numbers a plus 9 a plus 5 on 7
would be 2 a plus 5 on 8 would be 3 and
of course a plus 5 on 0 is 5 so now that
we’ve got our basic grid filled out we
can go ahead and actually I’ll show you
how this is actually hidden for the Ohio
Lottery so you can see there so if we
start on the drawing on the 4th of
February we actually had a 2 2 8 7 in
the Ohio midday so if we look at our
grid here we can actually see two two
eight seven it’s actually listed right
here so we actually had to 287 on the 4
so 2 4 was 2 2 8 7 then we move on to
the next day 2 5 the result for the 5th
of February in the Ohio Lottery is 4 0 4
9 7 and when we look at our grid again
here we actually see that right here
it’s it’s 4 zero nine seven four zero
four nine seven that’s a box hit right
there so that’s two consecutive days in
a row there
did we head down moving on next to the
7th of February and on the 7th of
February we had 8 2 4 0 as the result
and when we look at our grid here we can
actually see right here 8 0 2 4 another box here there 8024 is
8204 – same numbers there so another box
hit there and then yesterday we also had
which was the 8th of February we had as
our result
8 7 0 9 sorry 9 0 in the midday and when
we look at our when change coming here
when we look at our box here that’s
actually right here in the top corner
here we have an 8 7 9 0 is a box right
there straight hitting the box right
there and then moving on to today our
final result that we’ve got so far in
this pattern our result for 2 9 in the
mid day was a 7 9 1 3 and once again if
we take a look at our our box here we
see a 7 9 1 3 so straight hit right
there so in just 7 days since the 2nd of
February and today is the 9th of
February we’ve had five hits out of this
one three five pick for run down
I’m gonna keep monitoring this see how
well it works for the rest of Ohio as
I’ve said try this for your state see if
it works for you and if it does please
by all means I drop me a comment down
below let me know if you want to see me
try some rundowns either this run down
or some other run downs for them other
states leave me a comment below and as
always giving please give me a thumbs up
and subscribe to the channel and I’ll
catch you in the next video thanks bye

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