Wish.com vs. Retail Cost (GAME)

Wish.com vs. Retail Cost (GAME)

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  1. I use wish to but lights for my car or I'd spend $200 on led tail lights only I spent closer to $30 my favorite Youtuber Robbie used there headlights is 2 years later there still going at $20 for the set

  2. you guys just advocated the counterfeit website that could be using dangerous materials because they lined your pockets a little

  3. Every Single Comment: making obvious statements about Wish as a company and their counterfeit products.
    Me: Rhett's a$$ too phat for them booty shorts.

  4. Why is everybody talking sht about wish when Amazon has alot of expensive stuff as well and people Will buy IT if they dont work anyways… I have bouught on wish and is ok

  5. This video would of got a thumbs up if u said what the actual price of the item were. Ie at a store or another online site. Most stuff from wish is counterfeits n there prices are like $20 reg $2000 but u can get most items at a local store for $10!

  6. Oh nice you guys are promoting the company that lets people mail pictures of real items for $30 and fake technology that doesn’t work for $50? Yeah that’s smart

  7. Wish doesn't have anything discounted…let's say you buy a pair of headphones that they say retail for $99 for $10 +10 shipping but if you look either on Amazon or eBay can find exact same for $12.99 free shipping ….so you are actually paying more.

  8. I highly doubt that you built anything you just had your people build it and you said you built it and took credit for their work you're a YouTuber, YouTubers don't do work

  9. Yah damn well know those prices are not what those items are worth. I absolutely love Gmm, but this one I was definitely confused about.

  10. are those retail values from the wish's "discounted from" amount that they put on every product ? XD an i phone case is there 500 $

  11. bro even modern, still used gas masks today by the U.S. military like the m50 gas mask with the CBRN filters go for around $350 to $500 and that gas mask is not even made for any military and some how it goes for over $800

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