Woman Screwed By Casino

Woman Screwed By Casino

back in march we talked about how women by
the name of the lease of the ways shoppers
and she was gambling act because you know
in colorado overturning louise chalice
the fifteen or
started to parachuted down without any slots
and ask for sure that you see on colorado
meant the pending for the penny slots right
though it is the penny stock to convince them
that many of the things that you and i think
that’s right
yet but what about the cause of the peninsula
that’s ridiculous you would
it not ridiculous it’s not a waste of time
i didn’t believe that ok candid
so if you get a little penny slots in colorado
and all this and she heads the jackpot right
forty two million dollar jackpot on the penny
for on the twenty five forty two million doubt
about that but
uh… end at that
fortune valley casino in central city colorado
on on the popping vacant sites now i she goes
to collect your winnings and of course the
casino management is like wait a minute act
but we think that there is a great year
because posted on the slot machine is the
maximum possible win
which is our two thousand five hundred and
two hundred
fifty one thousand dollars so it’s impossible
for the people to win
forty two million dollars that’s not the man
even though it even though it says you’ve
hit the jackpot of the jackpot for forty two
million dollar yes exactly three so she’s
like night and all you as i understand that
this is the commission says you guys only
the forty two million
don’t tell me that i didn’t win the jackpot
she makes these big uh… situation out of
it right and down twelve sola yeah i would
say okay so they can say al instead of paying
for the muddy day to day to a free breakfast
you’re here
missus that that they said look we need to
have uh…
they division of gaming the colorado division
of gaming investigate this to make sure that
it was a glitch innovation and we need to
figure out what your real winnings are
so they do the investigation guess how much
money they’re going to give louis shyness
twenty dollars and eighteenth and i’ll god
whatever they were the two hundred and fifty
one thousand dollars you know it’s funny we
have this debate on the show and i don’t even
remember which that came out on i dash at
yahoo com dot on the casinos so i don’t have
warble devilish person comes out of the favor
of the i was in on the central city cursive
fortune delicacy at eleven on a casino site
however it’s closer on the patient that most
that you can possibly win obviously
is actually a fifty one thousand dollars so
if it’s possible she should know that there’s
some sort of glitch i don’t think she should
have gotten before four forty two million
but they should at least ever with the maximum
jackpot is right
yes so act
it during a given that what you know what
it did actually you-know-what it depends on
what she
hit commune with that
what the thing is i mean if it said forty
two million because she got you know nothing
and that sherry yeah i mean then you don’t
win i mean you have to have but if you get
the the thing that wins the jackpot and it
said forty two point nine ninety one you have
to give it in the maximum payout it and it
it really depends on what
she hit right and i think that’s what they
did in the investigation
right supposedly they look at the machine
and they sell which he ac eight
and uh… they figured that she didn’t really
when my chile one twenty dollars and eighteen
i feel really bad for this one because the
magic relations thousand received first saw
that she hit the forty two million dollar
jackpot and they tell it
in honor of the maximum amount of money that
you could possibly witness to a fifty one
thousand he’s thinking i’m not saying that
to under fifty one thousand
and they come back in again in a statement
that you’re not gonna get better and if if
you don’t have the beginning at twenty dollars
anything set marijuana when i saw this uh…
what’s all this uh… headline
i didn’t even realize quite i see this headline
that when i sat down and quite realize that
this was gotta go ahead be the first related
actually for
as we thought it said fortune valley casino
forty-two million dollar jackpot actually
twenty point one eight billion
and i thought
that is outrageous that they would cut that
that is such
and as such bs but
at least she has twenty billion right released
the when i do know thought at least this person
is twenty nine but no doubt it turns out there
that forty million of them ten million
that one million
doesn’t have a ten thousand nakano hundred
doesn’t even have twenty-one dot twenty dollars
for making such a
well that’s a g get data for playing the peninsula
no i one of the house and i was like i said
and then another stab at one forty two dollars
like the paid five thousand dollars uh…
that uh… i think the lesson here is pretty
only play for our state
what could possibly go wrong so

100 thoughts on “Woman Screwed By Casino”

  1. I would still sue tham all. The casino investigated and decided they didnt owe her more than 20 bucks? screw that

  2. it says right on the machine malfunction voids all pays and plays, besides the casino didn't make the machine and the government has to approve machines before they go into casinos, the casino clearly did nothing wrong.

  3. And what about the people that enjoy them and don't get addicted. Banning them is a shit idea and makes them go underground. People addicted to gambling will piss their money away elsewhere instead.

  4. The Casino doesn’t have to pay her the $251,000 because she never won that she got a glitch machine that is where this ends it happens she wasn’t betting maximum bet so how does she honestly expect to win this much money people play $10 hits on these games and even they don’t win these jackpots so she really has nothing if she takes it to court the Casino will drive her to the ground best take the money and walk away

  5. The casino was right the machines do glitch and they have gaming commissions who can decifer them. malfunctions void all pays and plays read before you weep

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    America is a society evolved from words written down on paper by ordinary mortals, however extraordinary they happened to be as human beings.

  7. Fuck that,poor lady that has to deal with that jerk,brainless guy every single day,he deserves to rot in hell!!

  8.   I am on a mission to watch all the TYT vids,,,but I am finding this guys sarcasm, is irritating.(and Im being nice)  Cenk is much better,,,I like his quirky replys.

  9. people the casinos and gaming commission work for the same boss

    ever since the movie casino came out in 1995 idiots believe the casinos are now legit and the mafia lost control…….BAAHAAHAHAHHA stupid people

    only idiots gamble

  10. Due to the chance to get the glitch she should have won a default glitch prize. Something like 10-50x bet (unless the machine glitches often, in which than it needs replaced).

  11. Why does this guy think a casino would pay out 40 MILlION that's too high and he has never been to a casino. We'll maybe in Vegas they do higher stuff but it's dumb to think 40mil is reasonable win for some random casino in Colorado. They have to budget to pay someone that amount. No thought being put in this conversation at all.

  12. the guy was playing!!!! im latino, even tho some people may take offence, they are oversensitive I would not really pay much attention to it….

  13. The douchebag should be fired but to be honest I find this channel very annoying and would like to see it shut down altogether. Every time I search for a video something of theirs comes up and it is always shyte. 

  14. Lol I make a racist joke and everyone is outraged they make a racist joke and it's not that big a deal and not meant or funny fuck you liberal scum

  15. I play penny slots all the time – my videos clearly show you can get significant wins from "penny" slots. 

  16. anybody notice the crappy subtitles??? dude really what drugs you on?? and who is your dealer hook a bro up… I wanna get fucked up like you

  17. error does happen, I have seen in other country that same error. The whole casino don't even have that kind of money to pay anyway.

  18. I feel really sorry that the guy is such a miserable human. I wont throw any names at him. I'll just feel bad for having such a horrible attitude towards life.

  19. "malfunctions or glitches void all pays and plays" i once won 5,600 dollars and they told me there was a glitch and should have been only 1,000 dollars, but they wouldnt even pay that 1,000 dollars because there was an obvious glitch… they did however refund me the 2 dollars i had played on that spin… nothing we can do about it, casinos win no matter what. That lady got 20 dollars, she was lucky to even get that. Its funny though, when we play slots and lose, who knows if the machine was glitching making us lose, u dont get all your money back if they ever find out the machine was not working to spec, only that final bet after they find out it had a glitch. Moral of the story, never play slots, unless you watch murder she wrote and dont care about money.

  20. The casinos in Colorado are absolutely crooked.  If they weren't, they'd post their house odds.  Fortune Valley has earned a permanent black eye and I hope it has cost them big bucks because anyone with half a brain would know that a story like this will NEVER go away if you give the woman $20.  They should have settled it quietly somehow.   In Colorado the casinos can tighten up the machines to the hilt because they know that so many players are just visiting and don't know how bad the odds are stacked against them.  I used to play Black Hawk but all the big casinos there have tightened up all of the machines to the point that they don't even trickle once in a while.  You almost never see anyone receiving a hand pay anymore, pretty soon it will (hopefully ) be a ghost town and the casino operators will have to post house odds to get players back.

  21. y think by law, that they have to pay, what the machine shows, even when there is "malfunction" haha, when they win its a malfunction, haha, jaja, outherwise when the game is right fixt, tis no problem, when its in there favour

  22. If there is no sign that says will not payout on glitch then that's it.  I feel sympathetic for her, but at the same time you should always expect to lose.  Also everyone should be smart enough to realize it's a glitch and obviously should not be too disappointed when you realize there has been a malfunction in the code.  Casino's would not make a lot of money if machines were spewing out that amount all the time for jackpots on lower denomination machines.  

    Not even the $100 machine gives that high of a jackpot.  I would not be disappointed.  The only thing I would be pissed about is if I hit a jackpot on such a glitch and they didn't pay me what the jackpot was worth because it wasn't the functionality of the reels and where it hit that went wrong, it was a digital glitch and that is very suspicious.  That is how I know it's a scam.  If it was hitting jackpot all the time then I could see that there is a glitch which causes the machine to function improperly, but a digital bar that displays a number is hardly a malfunction.

  23. The casinos shouldn't be able to post a huge jackpot and then decide not to pay it.
    There should be a law against that.  They should lose their gaming license and be shut down.

  24. Nothing new to me i was cheated from a jackpot from a local casino and yes they use that excuse a lot
    (there was a glitch in the machine)
    and there is nothing you can do about it.
    their word is the final say.
    how come they don't say the same when i am loosing money ?
    those bastards should be ban in every state, nothing but a bunch of thieves with a gaming license.

  25. Some penny machines you can pay $5 a spin if u want to. My advice is leave slots alone. Play live poker only game you don't play against the house.

  26. I really feel bad for her. On ALL slot machines it does say not responsible for any voids or malfunctions. So in otherwords if there is a glitch or if we loose power when you hit a mega jackpot, or any other crap they can come up to not to pay you they will. I saw her story also on CBS. Another major setback for her. If you win a mega jackpot take a picture immediately. That is your only proof. She is going to have to sue the casino. But they should be insured for a big gaming loss like that.

  27. My wife and live in Vegas and worked for casinos and we've seen and herd things like this happen that's why it says on the machines malfunctions and glitches voids the game, but they do investigate it by the casino and gaming bord, in most cases it is fair because the casinos here don't want the bad press, but I've never seen it for that much not even close

  28. Maybe the slot manufacturer should pay for the mistake, if it's a glitch in the software, the manufacturers should be more careful when selling machines. We will sue a car company for mistakes made in cars why not go after slot manufacturers.

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  30. Not siding with the casino but it's posted on the machine "Malfunction voids all pays and plays". That's how the casinos protect themselves.

  31. i would happily take the $20 and leave feeling like a winner. I leave with a smile on my face having made a single dollar at a slot machine. If I break even I am a winner, just not a fancy $20 winner.

  32. if this story is true,then she should have been given the maximum payout that the machine pays out,at the very least

  33. depends how much she was betting, how many lines, and how many credits per line. if she won 20 bucks for a jackpot. My bet is she was betting 1 credit per line all lines. if she wanted the bigger she had to hit max bet. with a 20 dollar win, she didnt hit max bet.

  34. Wtf is wrong with the dude he needs punched in the face.This channel sucks, I could tolerate it if she was topless

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