Women Test The Fit Of Sports Bras

Women Test The Fit Of Sports Bras

– I feel like a sports
bra can be totally fine when you’re standing still,
but when you’re in motion it’s a completely different thing. – I am a cyclist, so I spend
a lot of time on my bike and the gym. – I’m really excited about this, because sports bras are, like,
basically my favorite type of bra. – I do yoga, so I just hope
my nipples don’t fall out. – I have really high
expectations for this. – This one looks like lingerie. – It’s like, squeezing me in an effort to push my boobs up. – I like this bra. It’s soft. – Pretty good support, though, really, like it didn’t really hurt. – It’s like a bra-bra,
not like a sports bra. – I feel like we’re at capacity. Like if the fire marshal came, he probably would kick a few people out. (camera shutter clicks) – This bra feels like
it doesn’t even need me. Like it’s already good to go. (laughter) – I am literally shocked. This bra is awesome. – Just cuz I’m wearing Victoria’s Secret, it’s automatically sexier. – This one’s like, a joke. – When I’m moving around,
it all moves together. – And it has a clasp, like a real bra. Who wants to deal with that? – When I looked at it,
I was like “Oh hell no”, but then I put it on and I was pleasantly surprised. – This is not what I was
expecting from this bra. (camera shutter clicks) – This bra is beautiful. But I feel like it’s not
something that you could really wear when you’re working out, like I wouldn’t wanna sweat in it. Cuz it’s gorgeous. – This kinda looks like cat’s cradle. – This is the MVP. I would buy outfits
just to match this bra. – Nope. I actually like the
Victoria’s Secret bra better, which is a sentence I
literally never thought I would ever say. – Whoever thought of
this must also be like an engineer. It’s amazing. – This is a mess. This is like a Rubik’s cube. – It doesn’t feel as secure. – (laughs) No. – I don’t know, maybe I’m
biased cuz it’s so cute. (camera shutter clicks) – I get it, like this is
the good old-fashioned squish down your boobs and
like, pray for the best. But this sucks. – My boobs look so sad right now. – Like the slightest
movement and I’m like, ow. – It’s cute though. I think the shape is cute. I like how low the back
is, I think that’s nice. – I feel very exposed right now. – Also, if I get cold at
all, everyone will know. – This is pretty nipply. (camera shutter clicks) – I like ones that have like a funky back, like the Lululemon one. – My favorite one was the Nike one because I love the black, but it
was also super practical and kept me together. – If you had told me 30 minutes
ago that my favorite bra was going to be a Victoria’s Secret bra, I would have said you
were full of baloney. – There are a lot of different
kinds of sports bras, and you don’t always have to
just pick one out at Target and pay 15 dollars for it. – I would also just buy that
Target seven-dollar one. – The thing I take away
from this is that even if you have some sort of
prejudice against a brand, you should just try it on. (funk music) – (all) Sports bras! – Oh… (laughs) – It’s just so sad what’s
happening over there. – Oh yeah, mm-hmm. (whoosh) Hmm. You don’t know the half of it.

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  1. As always Kristin chooses sizes that are too small for her. If you can't fit into the bra; you need a bigger bra. Simple as that. Not a problem with the bra, but a problem with you choosing a bra too small.

  2. Omg , my favorite sports bra, i litteraly payed 10$ for it at La Senza and its a mixed of all those bras, cute marble pattern, has black and white.Cute back design, AWESOME support, cheap price

  3. I love how in the beginning it’s like Loves the trampoline and like all the others do hard core work outs. That actually describes me vs the world 😂. No hate though I love her

  4. You shouldn't be wearing a sports bra and testing to see if it's comfortable when your fat is spilling off the sides

  5. "but if it got cold i think everyone would know" KNOW WHAT?!?!? THAT YOU HAVE NIPPLES?!?!? OH GOD NO WHO EVER THOUGHT WOMEN HAVE NIPS TOO

  6. My favourite sports bra is from aldi, and it was £4.99 (I'm British) it's very comfy for the cheapest supermarket there is…

  7. Did it annoy anyone else that even Michelle said the bra moved too much, she was literally squeezing her arms to actually make it move ???

  8. I really really like sports-bra‘s, they are soft(the most), they support your boobs…and it doesn’t wants to kill you…

  9. If you’re a bustier chick, you need support. You can’t wear those cute $12 ones, you’ll look flat and flop all over the place.

  10. This is………not about sports bras??? They didn't DO anything in them????? Ya boy here with G cups needs some SUPPORT, not just "It's cute!" Damn.

  11. I have this maroon Avia sports bra that is so comfy that I once forgot to take it off when I went to get in the shower

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