Women’s Basketball: Queensborough vs. BMCC (02/05/2019)

– [Jon] And we welcome
you to another broadcast, Queensborough taking on BMCC. Hello again, everybody,
alongside Joe Masi, I’m Jon Perez, and Joe,
we’ve got a good one today, the Tigers taking on the Panthers. Queensborough only dressing five but the last time that they were home, they pretty much won
the game as if it was, like a hockey contest. Down 5-4 and losing the man advantage and then the power play in the OT to secure the victory over KCC, but this is a gritty Queensborough team. – [Joe] Gritty and more talented than they have been for
a couple of seasons and in terms of what we see, Jon, it was an old song, back in the ’50s, “Sixty Minute Man,” these are 40-minute women because you have 10 minutes a quarter, they’re all gonna have
to play, all these girls. – [Jon] Let’s get the starting
lineups for the Tigers, as Georgia Alexiou fights underneath and gets the first bucket for the Tigers. For the Tigers, along
with Georgia Alexiou, in the front court will be Circe Gedeon, Leeza Theodore in the
backcourt with Giselle Diaz and Zaria Witherspoon. For BMCC, their guards
are Autum Adams-Edwards, along with Blossom Berruecos, the forwards Naya Verley, Casey Ferenc, and the center Daja Dennis-Humphrey. So I’m thrown into the backcourt. (whistle blowing) – [Joe] Of course you have to pick it up but it’s gonna be a violation. – [Jon] Well how about BMCC
not running down the floor. If you give Theodore some trouble, maybe perhaps you get a steal
or a better inbound pass, but either way, they end up getting it down there regardless. – [Joe] You know, the Tigers, they had a wealth of
talent in the middle 2000s, I mean they actually owned
the conference for a while and it’s good to see some of the girls they put on the court tonight,
very athletic-looking. You know, it was one
thing about having height, but when you have girls who
can move with the height, that is something. – [Jon] You could always
remember those classics, BMCC-Hostos matchups too,
as a three is rained in by Zaria Witherspoon, the sophomore out of Springfield Gardens. – [Joe] Yeah, we did those
BMCC-Hostos matchups, one of ’em at Kingsborough. – [Jon] The three answered back, Naya Verley, a freshman
out of Atlanta Georgia, only averaging four and
a half points a game, and it’s a 5-3 Queensborough lead. (people yelling) Straight on three, Theodore off the mark, and it will go to the Panthers. – [Joe] Boy, the girls have
come out shooting, haven’t they? But, you know, there was a top coach in the community college ranks
named Rodney Carr at BMCC, he owned the conference
at tournament time, regular season too. – [Jon] Nice feed underneath but (whistle blowing) Malcolm can’t finish, Lauren Malcolm, the reigning CUNYAC Player of the Week. – [Joe] And just to
finish what I was saying, because you talked about
the Hostos matchups, one of his assistants
went over there to Hostos, took over that program and
beat Rodney in a final, beat up on the teacher (giggles), and then she took over for a few years. – [Jon] Jumper off the mark from Diaz, and here come the Panthers. But of course, Hostos winning the 2004
national championship, they won a national championship
a few years ago as well. And BMCC always played them tough and it was always stride for stride. – [Joe] And BMCC had some
big teams in terms of size, even in those years. I mean, real good basketball games played down at the Borough
at Manhattan College at the end of the year. – [Jon] First Queensborough foul assessed to Leeza Theodore and Naya Verley missed the first free throw. Verley went to Hiram
High School in Atlanta. Second free throw off the mark and the rebound goes to Giselle Diaz. (people yelling) It’s a Queensborough team that comes in with an eight and seven overall record and BMCC, they’ve been
struggling at three and 15, two and four in the CUNY
Athletic Conference. – [Joe] I believe they won by eight in the first game they played Manhattan, Queensborough did.
– Yes. Long rebound to Gedeon
and then we get a whistle, and it will go to the Panthers. – [Joe] The Queensborough coach is in her first year or second? – First year.
– All right, and so is the Manhattan coach who I had a chance to speak with extensively, and he’s looking forward to
doing a great job over there ’cause he hasn’t been able to get his players in yet obviously. – [Jon] And back-to-back travels will give it to Queensborough. Yeah, you mentioned Eric Almonte in his first year with the Panthers. You know, it’s always a learning process, especially first year head coaches, ’cause not only do they
not get the players that they want right away but they also have to establish a culture
to make it attractive for players to come over. – [Joe] He was an assistant there three years prior, too. (people yelling) – [Jon] Diaz attacking. Gives it off, Witherspoon,
floater, off the mark. And the rebound is Borough’s.
– Witherspoon, she has those legs and that look to get in the lane and look over people. – [Jon] Verley, nice feed
underneath to Malcolm. Lauren Malcolm, a 5’5″ freshman out of Aquinas High School. Averaging eight points a game and she ties the game at five. – [Joe] Pretty pass off the miss inside, they got it up court quickly. Playin’ the zone now. – [Jon] Witherspoon drills the three. Not really in her game, only shooting 22% from
downtown but she drills it. – [Joe] They gave her a wide
open look and she took it. A three-point lead again for
the Queensborough Tigers. – [Joe] You know, you
had the LaGuardia program here a couple of years ago,
they left, they disbanded, and they couldn’t get
across right there, Jon. – [Jon] Well, and even
looking at LaGuardia too, remember a few years ago they won the CUNY Athletic Conference Tournament led behind Kayla Richburg who had a knee injury this year after transferring to Brooklyn after two years at LaGuardia. We’ll get another travel. – [Joe] Another travel. – [Jon] And unfortunately for LaGuardia, they only had men’s basketball programs. – [Joe] And they were very good. Under a former Queensborough Tiger, by the way.
– Yes. (people yelling) Four minutes gone by, first quarter, Gedeon over to Diaz. Bouncer towards Witherspoon, six to shoot, Alexiou’s gotta go. Good defense from Malcolm, Diaz, and Queensborough didn’t know how much time was on the
clock, and another turnover. – [Joe] Yeah, Queensborough
hesitated a lot in passing that ball around. It looked like they could’ve
taken a shot at one point but they were being very selective and never got the shot off. – [Jon] Here’s Edwards, the freshman, blocked by Witherspoon, gets her own miss, and then curls it back out. (people yelling) Malcolm and Witherspoon, she defers, low pass goes through the wickets of Humphrey, turnaround jumper
won’t fall for Berruecos and here come the Tigers. – [Joe] And Witherspoon
pullin’ the rebound down and obviously these girls do a lot of work ’cause they’re on the court
a lot of the ball game, all the ball game. There’s the steal by BMCC. – [Jon] Yeah, Gedeon another turnover, that leads to a long
two, it’s off the mark, offensive cleanup goes for Humphrey, the freshman out of Brooklyn Law and Tech. – [Joe] Good rebound, she got
in there, planted herself, pulled it down, put it right back up. 8-7 lead for the Tigers at home. Here’s Diaz, and she traveled. (people yelling) – [Joe] Well, they’re giving Queensborough a lot of trouble right now with that zone, and it’s 8-7, one-point game, see if Manhattan can cash in
on the offensive end here. (people yelling) – [Jon] Fumbled by Edwards, she goes to the deck, that
leads to a J, Berruecos, not that time, rebound Theodore. (people yelling) Here is Leeza Theodore,
the kick out to Diaz, that’s a two, off the back
iron, rebound Witherspoon. And Theodore will reset. Alexiou inside, blocked
from behind by Humphrey. (people yelling) Had that taken away by Diaz,
sloppy ball both sides, here comes Diaz. Kicks it back out to Theodore, wide open three from the wing, book it. 10-7 lead for the Tigers,
first three by Theodore. – [Joe] Good decision
made by the guard there, she saw she couldn’t go any further, got it out to Theodore and
she nailed it, as you said. (people yelling) – [Jon] Malcolm, not that time. And another travel and you’re
seeing this on both sides, just self-inflicted wounds by both teams with the travel and I
guess players just taking their eye off the ball and starting to go before they actually have full possession. – [Joe] But in between
we’ve seen some pretty good shooting and we’ve also seen a lot of spirited play,
and it’s an 11-7 ball game and I’m enjoying it, Jon, to this point. – [Jon] Yeah, I know, it’s
been a good contest so far and BMCC looking to get
back into the win column. They’re coming off a 54-point loss to Nassau on Saturday.
– Ouch, ouch. – [Jon] Yeah, they’ve lost nine in a row, their last win coming
December 11th at the Bronx and you know, like we mentioned, it’s a rebuilding process for Almonte and putting all the pieces together. However, take the record aside, you really can’t quantify
the amount of experience that a short staff team like
this can get knowing that they’re gonna be out there
for 40 minutes a night. – [Joe] That’s totally correct, I mean, so much pressure, so much, you know, having to step forward if you’re not in that role in particular and for Almonte it’s tough
too because, like I said, none of these girls are his. He’s gonna go back next year and he’s gonna bring in some ladies that he hopes can help his
program but I’ll tell you what, they’re playing very competitively and that’s about all you can ask, Jon, and not against Nassau, obviously. Nassau is just too good a team. – [Jon] Off the timeout, catch and shoot, Berruecos drills the J. (people yelling) Two-point lead for the Tigers, three and a half to go, opening quarter. – [Fans] Queensborough – [Fans] Queensborough – [Fans] Queensborough – [Jon] Diaz gets double-teamed, has to give it up to
Theodore in the corner. Flips it back up to Diaz, evades the defender.
– Wow. – [Jon] Now to Witherspoon. 10 to shoot, Alexiou
underneath, not that time. (people yelling) – [Joe] Boy, they made a
dangerous pass they got away with and they get the ball
underneath and then missed. – [Jon] Another block for Witherspoon, on her opposite number, of Edwards. – [Joe] Witherspoon
getting along the baseline and she can move in a hurry. (whistle blowing) – [Jon] Malcolm will head to the line. – [Joe] That foul from behind, by Theodore. By the way, Queensborough had a Theodore a few years ago also. – [Jon] Any connection there? – [Joe] I don’t know, I’m
going to find out, though. First free throw, no good there. – [Jon] Well even though Queensborough obviously doesn’t have the depth either, they’ve got the athleticism and Theodore running
the point for the Tigers but when you’ve got two bigs
like Alexiou and Witherspoon, they can be a tough out come playoff time. – [Joe] Well, they sure can
and I was talking to someone down at York College the other night who knows Witherspoon and brought her in. – [Jon] Diaz rains in the three. Four-point lead for the Tigers. – [Joe] And he said he
wholeheartedly expected to see a Queensborough-Hostos final. (people cheering) – [Jon] Nice find underneath,
Malcolm can’t finish, and here comes Theodore. – [Joe] Of course, Jon,
you gotta play the game, so nothing is stamped in solid, but I guess those are the
teams people expect to see. Well, we’ll see if it happens. (people yelling) – [Jon] Off the fingertips of Witherspoon and another turnover. – [Joe] So many things can
go wrong, you know, and, you know, they’re playing
with thin ranks right now so, but doesn’t seem to go wrong
for Tom Brady and the Patriots, I’ll tell you that. You could bet against them,
in terms of not wagering, but just going against
them and it doesn’t matter. – [Jon] Well the one thing
that I couldn’t understand for two weeks was the Patriots coming up with the mantra of nobody believes in us. That’s not true,
everybody believes in you. In fact, I would be more
surprised if they lost, if they’d actually won.
– Everybody is tired of us. – [Jon] Yeah.
(Joe laughing) – You know, the whole motto,
– Nice pass, – nice pass underneath
– nice pass. – [Jon] to Witherspoon, she can’t finish, under 100 seconds to go
in the first quarter. – [Joe] I thought Witherspoon was a little out of position and she never really had
the basket zeroed in on. – [Jon] Berruecos off on a three but the offensive board
goes back to the Panthers. Pull up J, Edwards, no. Theodore crashes the boards. – [Joe] Another good rebound by Theodore. – [Jon] Diaz jumper, no. (whistle blowing) And a travel, against Gedeon. – [Joe] Got a few travels in the game, as you mentioned earlier. 14 to 10, Queensborough and very competitive game to this point. Queensborough is playing a, a zone the other way also. – [Announcer] One minute
to end first quarter, one minute. – [Jon] And a turnover, 59.05 to go. – [Joe] You know, almost
playing a man to man but they were playing a very soft zone. It’s 14 to 10 and BMCC made the bad pass so they turned the ball right back over. (people yelling) – [Jon] Let’s see if the
Tigers opt to go two for one. Here’s Theodore to Diaz. (people yelling) – 10 to shoot.
– Almost stole it, yeah. – [Jon] Witherspoon, it’s
a five on four, Alexiou, driving inside, blocked
from behind by Humphrey. Three seconds to shoot, Diaz, and another shot clock violation and that’s the second time that Diaz didn’t recognize that the
shot clock was winding down. – [Joe] Well, it is the
responsibility of her teammates to yell to her and make
sure that she knows that, she never looked at the clock, never even had a chance
and ball will go back to the Borough of Manhattan. But you know, Jon, these are one, two-year players and there’s a lot of
fundamentals still to learn in their games, although some of them could end up at very fine programs. (people yelling) – [Jon] Another block from Alexiou, as Witherspoon hits the deck. – [Joe] Got physical under there. Witherspoon shaken up. (people murmuring) – [Jon] Yeah, not sure
if she caught an elbow or perhaps got hit with the ball. – [Joe] And one time, Jon, they’re gonna make sure
she’s absolutely okay before they move her, that’s for sure. One time I was announcing
for Queens College, so Queensborough would
bring players over there from the Division III to Division II, and it was no shoe in
for them, by the way, they had to really make their mark and there’s one on the ladies’ side, I can’t remember her name, but she had to play center for Queens and it was a real learning
experience all year. And then, on the men’s
side at Queensborough, they had an outstanding men’s program, there were guys that
could play anybody in CUNY but when they got to Queensborough, they had their problems
because it was a different level of basketball but just
making my point in long here, but these kids can go
up to the Division II, maybe even Division I level at some point, some of these players. – [Jon] Right, and that always seems to be the one thing when it comes to building teams in basketball too, whether it’s at college or the pro ranks, it’s, yeah, it’s easy to go
after the number one recruit, it’s easy to go after, you know, the five star, what have you
may be the highest ranking, but, you know, it’s really the diamonds in the rough that really make the difference. – [Joe] It’s the truth, I mean, I was down at the garden one year and Kennedy was playing Lincoln and J.C. Mathis, his father
was a coach of Kennedy, he was supposed to go to North Carolina, or this school or that school, I never really heard about him again. So, then there’s a guy who
exceeds all expectations, there was a guy one year with Manhattan who wound up playing with Kentucky, he transferred over to Kentucky. It was a real talent but
I think you’re right, and certain coaches have that ability to pick out those diamonds
in the rough as you stated. – [Jon] Well and you
can make the case too, Omar Cook at St. John’s, didn’t play,
– Omar Cook. – [Jon] you know, didn’t play basketball until his junior year in high school. – [Joe] But then Willie Shaw, who I covered that year
along with J.C. Mathis, he was supposed to be a
big star at St. John’s and he never played, never got there. Had some personal issues, you know. It all depends, you know, it all depends how much
the player’s willing to put into it too. And she is really being
worked on right now. – [Jon] Yeah, it seems as if
it’s her right shoulder and getting medical attention.
– This is not good, Jon, I mean, and we just stated it before that when they go to that tournament, who’s gonna be on the roster and that always plays a part. I didn’t think we’d be talking
about it right now, though. She is in a lot of pain,
though, a lot of pain. – [Jon] I don’t wanna speculate
’cause I’m not a doctor but it could be–
– Sometimes they’re painful injuries but you can get over them or they’re not– – [Jon] Well, we’re not sure if it’s a dislocated shoulder either, it’s being worked on. – [Joe] But she’s making
some noise down there so they’ll take a time to look at her. Continuing on, what we were talking about, it is quite incredible because, you know, you had people
even in the program, like Manute Bol, you know, and everybody passed him over in the NBA and this guy was unbelievable, he’s was like six, seven foot three, and I actually had the good fortune to do a
couple of his ballgames when he played for Rhode Island. He was playing at a little
gym in Rhode Island, it was no bigger than this place, and then the Bullets brought him in and then he became a
national hero, you know, so just incredible and you know who was his teammate on that team? Spud Webb. So you had–
– Who was the polar opposite. – [Joe] Yeah, polar opposite, he had the biggest and the smallest… They’re stretching her out and… (people applauding) Good to see that she’s walking and trying to deal with the pain now. (rap music) Now you have a situation, there’s only five girls, right, Jon? So do you wanna continue to play her? Hoping that you don’t
have any further injury. Now she’s gonna sit for
a little while at least. So now we’re gonna be
five on four (chuckles), and watch the point man here. – [Jon] So Queensborough
without Zaria Witherspoon for the time being and
it just didn’t look good in the amount of time
that it took for here. – [Joe] Not only one less
player but their best player. – [Jon] Right. Final 14 seconds to go
in the fourth quarter, first quarter, four-point lead. – And four girls on the court.
– Go inside this. Jumper with five seconds left, doesn’t go. Here’s Alexiou, and Theodore with one will play out the first
quarter and that’s that. So at the end of one, Queensborough with a 14-10 lead over BMCC. (people talking) ♪ I just poured an eighth in a liter ♪ ♪ Throw some Jolly Ranchers
in, make it sweeter ♪ ♪ Versace my clothes,
I’m with a white hoe ♪ ♪ And she’s snorting
three lines like Adidas ♪ ♪ Got a black girl rollin’ on Molly ♪ ♪ Got a white chick snorting up snow ♪ ♪ Say she want real niggas in the party ♪ ♪ Parents gon’ leave keys to the condo ♪ ♪ Bitch close the door,
there’s shit on your nose ♪ ♪ She said she want more,
she said she want more ♪ ♪ So I’ma get more, I’ma get more ♪ ♪ Bitch close the door,
there’s shit on your nose ♪ ♪ She said she want more,
she said she want more ♪ – [Jon] Second quarter set
to be underway momentarily. Queensborough only
playing with four players at the time being with Zaria Witherspoon out on the side with an
apparent shoulder injury and… – [Joe] And we’ll see if that
hurts Queensborough which (buzzer buzzing) it should. And if you’re BMCC, you’ve gotta think, we’re attacking the boards
even when we miss shots now, we’re going right after the rebound ’cause if you don’t have that in your mind, you’re not taking advantage. – [Jon] If you just go in
a tactical standpoint too, Queensborough obviously played the zone the rest of the way but BMCC can now double team Theodore or Alexiou and still have a sufficient
amount of defenders. – [Joe] And you know, Jon, the zone cuts down on your
ability to rebound to begin with. So they got the rebound there
and there’s a foul, in fact. – [Jon] Yeah, that foul’s
gonna go on Malcolm. So Malcolm’s first, team’s
first at the second quarter. (people murmuring) Giselle Diaz to Leeza Theodore, bounces
it over to Alexiou. Theodore, tries to scoop it towards
Alexiou, only seven to shoot. – [Joe] There’s an extra
player playing defense, remember. – [Jon] At the horn,
(buzzer buzzing) the shot doesn’t go for Theodore, almost went down, tough shot. That’s a three and that’s
short from Bequeros, and the Tigers take it
away, here comes Diaz, with two defenders, blocked
from behind by Malcolm. Lauren Malcolm coming out of
nowhere with the rejection. Nice move to the cup and
the finish, Naya Verley. She’s averaging only 5.3 points a game over her last three games. – [Joe] Showed the ball
there and took it away and continued to the basket and made it. – [Jon] Two-point lead for the Tigers and here’s Theodore straight away. – [Joe] Tigers at a disadvantage, playing with one less lady,
their lead cut to two. – [Jon] Rejected by Humphrey and it’ll stay with the
Tigers, three to shoot. – [Joe] So Manhattan put
a big player in there to try to take advantage and
she made a block immediately. – [Jon] Theodore catch and shoot is good. – [Joe] If you’re
Queensborough, you wanna spread the ball out, you don’t wanna keep it in one designated area. You know, like when you’re
four on five in hockey. – [Jon] Well and there’s
the power play bucket for Malcolm. – [Joe] 17-14. (people yelling) Told ya there’s a
possibility, possibility, and that depends on Witherspoon over there and her health, of Manhattan
going to the final this year, very distinct possibility. – [Jon] That leads to a run out, Malcolm is there to finish off. And timeout taken by Queensborough. Well the one thing too,
if you’re Queensborough, and obviously a decision
for Romero to make, but in terms of Witherspoon, maybe you just scrap today and just have her get
healthy come playoff time. – [Joe] Absolutely because there’s no way Manhattan can catch you
in the playoff stackup, you’re ahead of them, you’re
gonna stay ahead of them, this is not what you
would call a must game and you really need
Witherspoon but, you know, Jon, I was saying, Queensborough has a chance to go to the final and when it comes down, the end of the year, you judge the finals by
the date and after January. So 2008, that was the 2007 season, Queensborough started
a run, well actually, the year before, under Joseph Medina. No, it was 2008, Joseph Medina, he won four consecutive CUNY titles, and they took it away
from the aforementioned Rodney Carr, who is now over at Hostos, he had gone from BMCC. They had some terrific players here, at Queensborough,
– Definitely. – [Joe] and this team looks like it can be a very good team in that lure. (people yelling) But Jon, you’re absolutely right, you wanna give her all the
time she needs over there and you don’t wanna put
her back in prematurely, talking about Witherspoon. – [Jon] Here’s Giselle Diaz, trying to knife through defenders but she takes it taken away. Verley, baseball pass up
ahead, intercepted by Theodore. So three on three and the pass
out of the reach of Alexiou. – [Joe] Yeah, it was a
little low for Alexiou, who has a bit of height, and if she would’ve got
that pass up a little more, probably would’ve been
a chance at the basket but one-point lead now and Manhattan attacking
with the ball here. – [Jon] And you have to
imagine that Manhattan is gonna push the tempo if they can knowing that obviously they’ve
got the player advantage, but also even with Witherspoon, they could outrun the Tigers, a team that likes to slow it down and get it to their bigs. – [Joe] They can, and that’s something they’ll have to guard against ’cause they have an extra
girl to do it with also. – [Jon] Alexiou gets it back from Theodore as they play catch, as
she calls over Diaz. – [Joe] And you wanna
widen up that offense but you don’t wanna
throw dangerous passes. – [Jon] Theodore let’s it fly, long rebound, Diaz to
Alexiou, she finishes. 19-16 Tigers, Georgia Alexiou again. – [Joe] Well done, yeah. – [Jon] Now Alexiou
didn’t play against BMCC when those two met
– First time. – [Jon] in November. Offensive rebound, Humphrey. – [Joe] If you’re BMCC, you have to be thinking
rebound all the time right now, and that ball got knocked out
and are they gonna give it to, no, they’re gonna give it
to Queensborough, foul. – [Jon] Yeah and that
foul’s gonna go to Malcolm, her second, team second, and she’s committed both
fouls of the quarter. – [Joe] Well give credit to Queensborough, with Witherspoon on the side, they have not allowed BMCC to take the lead in this game so. Whoa, whoa, whoa (laughing). – [Jon] Get off of their feet. – [Joe] It looked like she
was surprised she had the ball and then she didn’t
know what to do with it. That was about as walk a
walk as you can muster up. (people yelling) – [Jon] High pass, that’ll
be a backcourt violation. – [Joe] You know, Coach Almonte
has to be a little upset that they haven’t been
able to take advantage with Witherspoon over there on the bench or behind the bench. There they made a bad pass after they got the rebound. – [Jon] Theodore, with two on her. Alexiou in the post kicks it back out, Theodore three, off the mark. Rebound Verley. Theodore with the active
hands and it goes into the bread basket of Diaz as
Theodore will bring it up. – [Joe] Well, you wanna
get that ball ahead. – [Jon] Theodore off the
window, no, offensive cleanup, Georgia Alexiou averaging
nine and a half points a game, gives QCC a five-point lead. – [Joe] That was a good
rebound right there. – [Jon] Meanwhile, Malcolm
can’t finish the bunny. – [Joe] Queensborough
continues to outplay them with the one less woman on the floor, and they’re doing what they should do, get a little wider, try not to get the ball in one area, and look for open shots,
if you can get them. – [Jon] Only three to
shoot, Diaz to Theodore, that’s good if it goes, and they’ll call a shot clock violation. – [Joe] That time it took them too long in assessing the situation. Borough Manhattan gets
it, 4:22 on the clock. Do you like the quarter
play instead of the half? – [Jon] I do like it, I like that change and when
it first came into existence, we figured, well, if it
works for the women’s game, it will eventually bleed
over to the men’s side and I’m all for making the college game closer to the NBA rules. I could do without the
35-second shot clock, which I’m glad they finally got rid off. What are your thoughts? – [Joe] I think, yeah, it
makes the game more exciting and it gives teams a
chance to reassess things in the middle of maybe
a bad half, you know, ’cause in women’s basketball, sometimes you get blowouts
and one team gets a chance to maybe get over there
and make some changes. And we were talking about the Borough of Manhattan team before, the one in the early 2000s, I mean, they used to beat
people like 66 to 14, you know? So obviously that’s not a lot of fun. – [Jon] Malcolm goes O for
2 at the free throw line as that foul was assessed
to Alexiou, her first. But here comes Malcolm and
a chance to redeem herself, all the way to the cup,
she misses the layup. – [Joe] Wow, you gotta make that. – [Jon] It’s a two on one, Diaz, nice find underneath to Alexiou, no. You have to wonder if Humphrey
played a hand in that, Euro step long, rebound
as Verley can’t finish. And here’s Diaz and Diaz loses the handle. – [Joe] We’ve seen three very
out of control fast breaks that they weren’t able to control the ball and that miss down there, so, it went both ways but nothing happened, it’s still 21-16. (people yelling) – [Jon] I think the next thing, though, that the NCAA has to address, when it comes to the
basketball game itself, is maybe move up and have
another foul available. So each player, you know, there have been times
where there have been unfortunate circumstances,
whether it’s refs, whether it’s aggressive play, but a star player will
get two fouls right away and then have to sit the rest of the half. – [Joe] Yeah, I’ve seen
that a lot this year with Lehman, when we’re covering Lehman, they get three fouls on their top player and it just messes up
the whole game for them, and I think you’re right on that, give ’em a little more space, you know, ’cause people do come to
see those players play. Tickly in college, they can really have
an impact on the game. (people yelling) – [Jon] Diaz with three, puts it up, off the mark, Alexiou
with the offensive board and Theodore will slow it down. – [Joe] You might as
well use some clock here. You have the five-point lead, give yourself a little break also but try to go to the hoop
and had it knocked away. – [Jon] Here’s Berruecos, not that time as Theodore
goes into crash the board and a jump ball will keep
it with the Panthers. – [Joe] Manhattan lucking out there because that was a stop short, trying to toss at the basket,
that wasn’t necessary. You have the extra lady, so you gotta be looking for the advantage in these situations. But of course, go back
to that earlier point, these are one, two-year players, so they’re not really aware
of some of these things. There’s a good inbound, though. – [Jon] As Berruecos nails the jumper, and a three-point lead for the Tigers. – [Joe] You know, Jon, sometimes you feel you can get very technical on these things, and these girls have only been playing at this level for not that long. – [Jon] Oh and you can make the case for the four-year schools as well. – Yes, and we’ve seen
– That case. – [Joe] a lot of freshman come in and have serious problems
but on this level, you’re not really going to
have anybody on the court more than one or two years, so that’s what the problem is, you know? – [Jon] Which is then also why sometimes one player can make that difference. Imagine you find that diamond
in the rough that has, you know, Division II
talent but is playing for, you know, a community college. – [Joe] They do exist, yes, and I’ve seen some of them. – [Jon] Meanwhile, it’s a one-point game. We were talking to a
friend of the broadcast, Dave Russell, I was talking
to him a few years ago and I think he said that he was at a game, Queensborough played, I
think it was Sullivan, I’m gonna mess up the school’s name, but Cleanthony Early was on the team, as BMCC takes its first
lead of the contest. – [Joe] Finally they’re
able to punch through and get the lead, Jon, so, we’ll see what Queensborough does here. I’m interested to hear the
rest of that story there. – [Jon] Diaz gets blocked, 18 to shoot. So I was talking to Dave Russell, maybe, I don’t know,
two or three years ago, and I know he brought up
the name Cleanthony Early, and of course, Cleanthony
cleaned up and, you know, obviously went on to have a great career at Wichita State and then, you know, with his tenure at the
Knicks but I don’t think people also realized the
journey that it takes just to get to the professional level and how good they were
at the amateur level. – [Joe] Yeah, it’s just, you know, sometimes it’s
the breaks too, you know. – [Jon] 49 seconds to
go in the second quarter and Queensborough will
get it with 46 seconds. Well I’ll tell you one thing and I’m not in Camille Romero’s head but if she could go to
halftime either down one or point lead,
– Feels good. – [Jon] yeah, feel very good. – [Joe] They’re down one, like to get a good shot here though, how do you do that now? You’re four on five and you’re
not getting inside shots, that’s for sure. – [Jon] Here’s Theodore,
running inside, the floater, she’ll head to the line, the blocking foul will be on Verley. – [Joe] So that’s how you do it, you drive and you create
and she got fouled. She’s strong, Theodore. Took one player with her but
still got the foul called. Now you have a chance to
move ahead, and in that case, you would have to feel very fortunate and you might see Witherspoon, if she’s feeling up to
it, in the second half. First free throw, no good. – [Jon] So Leeza Theodore,
a 69% free throw shooter, she’s averaging 11 and
a half points a game over her last four contests. And she ties it up at 22 a piece. – [Joe] She has a good relationship with that rim down there. That ball jumped in there like. All right, last shot, tied for
BMCC but they turn it over. – [Jon] Here is Theodore,
with 10 seconds to go. Theodore on the wing,
will float it up to Diaz and wants it right back. – See, I want Theodore again.
– Diaz, the flare. Diaz puts it up at the horn, it’s short, and that will do it, but Queensborough, despite being down to only four players, goes into the locker room,
at the half, tied at 22. – [Joe] That’s right,
Jon, down to four players and without their leading
scorer coming into the game and she got hurt and it was early, what? In the second quarter, and she didn’t see any time there, and she’s a talented player,
she was blocking shots, she rebound, she scores, of course. So that’s a good half of
basketball for Queensborough, and if they can somehow pull
this game out without her, if she’s not able to participate, that would be a tremendous win for them. – [Jon] Well, we’re looking
forward to the second half, about 15 minutes away, we’ll step aside. A 22-22 contest here at Queensborough. We get ready to start the second half, alongside Joe Masi, I’m Jon Perez, Queensborough and BMCC in
a deadlock, 22 a piece. Queensborough playing
without Zaria Witherspoon who went out with an
apparent shoulder injury early into the second quarter
but the one good thing, at least the one positive sign, is you see Witherspoon now on the bench with some ice and I don’t wanna predict whether or not she’s coming back in but the fact that she
hasn’t left the facility is also a good sign, but either way, you have to be feeling pretty good, if you’re Camille Romero, coming out of the first half, tied at 22, considering that they were down a player. – [Joe] I don’t have the exact stats but I’d say Witherspoon
had about eight points in that first half. – [Jon] Yeah and she had
been putting it together as of late too, averaging 15 points a game
over the last few games. – [Joe] Well, Borough Manhattan
gets right on the board, they lead by two. – [Jon] Yeah, that’s Autum Adams-Edwards, a 5’3″ freshman out of Midwood
High School in Brooklyn. – [Joe] We’re gonna keep those point totals from here out ’cause we wanna see who’s scoring here, this could be interesting
now, it’s two-point lead. – [Jon] Alexiou blocked
from behind by Humphrey. That’s her fifth block
as Humphrey has been a menace down low, and the
bucket goes for Edwards. So BMCC turning defense into offense. – [Joe] And Edwards the beneficiary with four quick points to
get them in front by four. And once again, the Tigers have to do what they were doing the
end of the first half, try to space it out, not
make too long a pass, that’s a danger. – [Jon] Well, you know when
you like to go back too and QCC will have to
play some sort of like the four corners, but you know, apparently, you know, you can’t
do that with the shot clock. All the way to the hole,
Verley misses the layup and Alexiou gets it. – [Joe] They had a very good chance to get on the board with
six straight points there off the block and could
not do it so Queensborough, back to work on the other end. – [Jon] Diaz fouled on the floor, that’ll go to Bequerros. – [Announcer] BMCC foul,
number 20, Blossom Berruecos. – And that’s her first.
– Because that shoulder’s being iced, Jon, we’re not
going to see Witherspoon for the remainder of the second half and they’re gonna have to do it
without her, and there’s one. – [Jon] Yeah, Theodore nails it. And the one thing too,
and if there would’ve been any indication with Witherspoon, she went down early on
in the second quarter and then you add that time that it took to complete the half, plus the 15-minute intermission, just not happening as the
three is off from Verley. – [Joe] Well Theodore’s
had a good game too, they’re gonna have to rely
on Theodore, number 25, strong, sturdy, can get to the hoop. She gives them a little
something to work with, even with the four girls, ’cause she could always
take the ball to the hoop if she finds an opening. – [Jon] Here’s Diaz. Fakes the pass inside, now gets it to Alexiou on
the elbow who pulls it back. Diaz with eight. Diaz gets it poked from
behind and it gets free. Here is Berruecos, Berruecos all the way, she swirls it in. Four-point lead for the Panthers, 28-24. – [Joe] So four by Edwards, a couple by Berruecos and
it’s a four-point lead again, as Jon said, for the Borough of Manhattan, that would like to get this
game, no doubt about it. – [Jon] Humphrey with the
rebound, and here’s Edwards. Malcolm, doesn’t get the roll, it spins off the rim but
she’s able to clean it up. 30-24 Panthers, for Malcolm. – [Joe] Malcolm got her own rebound and this is probably their biggest lead. Six points. – [Jon] Yeah, it is their
biggest lead as Theodore, not having it for that much longer. – [Joe] Theodore taking
care of that right away. (people yelling) Queensborough playing a two-two zone and they drove right into it. – [Jon] Yeah, Edwards able
to carve into the defense. – [Joe] Edwards has six points starting this third quarter here. – [Jon] And another
takeaway, it’s a two on one. Malcolm, pull up, and gets it to go. – [Joe] Jon, I’d say that
not having Witherspoon is now taking effect on Queensborough. They’re going to need a timeout here. – [Jon] Yeah, it’ll be a full timeout as they’ll talk it over,
Romero takes it and I guess the strategy
would have to be obviously prevent the run outs but just take it down into the shot clock too for Queensborough? – [Joe] Well, you’re gonna
have to work very carefully, they’ve turned the ball over several times and I think Coach Almonte,
on the Manhattan side, had to be stressing to his young players, let’s just be aggressive,
for goodness sake, you know, let’s take advantage of the fact that she’s not on the court, you know? We gotta realize we
have the girl advantage, 34-26, they’ve done
everything they’ve had to do coming out here, can’t blame them that there’s one less
player for Queensborough. Yeah, Queensborough’s, interesting to be in that huddle right now and see what’s being talked about. – [Jon] Well and it’s
probably to slow the pace down but also give them a breather too. – [Joe] Absolutely, I
was just going to say, maybe it’s more or less about
getting them a breather here, so they don’t get run down, I mean. Obviously Manhattan wants
this to be a turnover second half where they can
get a lot of key baskets. And they’re right back in the action so, you got the ball, what
are you gonna do with it? She’s an option and she
comes up short right there. – [Jon] Yeah, Theodore can’t get it to go. Well the one caveat, at
least for Queensborough, and obviously BMCC, was
that they knew that both, every player that stepped
on the court today knew that they would be playing 40 minutes but that’s tiresome in itself but now you take the one
player away for Queensborough, no bueno. – [Joe] I tell you what, Jon, the big portion of this after the game and the game today, there’s a jumper. – [Jon] Yeah, Blossom Berruecos, in her first game since December 11th, has come on strong for the Panthers. – [Joe] The biggest part
of this one might be after when they’re assessing what’s
gonna happen with Witherspoon, is she gonna be ready for the tournament? Do you think she’ll be ready? – [Jon] Verley, count it and the foul. Yeah, ’cause if you look at it, Queensborough has one more game on Friday, a non-conference game, and then they go into the CUNY Athletic Conference
Tournament on Thursday, I’m sorry, on Tuesday, and then, should they win that game, would be next Friday. – [Joe] And that was a
foul involved there too, so she goes to the line, and this can now be a
13-point lead, which it is. The real question, Jon, and we’re gonna have
to ask them afterward, what is the extent of
her injury right now? Is it a separation? Is it a bad bruise? That’s, of course, a very
big question right now. (whistle blowing) How long does it normally
take separations to pop back, get back into shape? I don’t know. – [Jon] Yeah, I’m not gonna
pretend to be a doctor, either, – I’m not.
– I don’t know. But of course it’s a
case-by-case basis too, you know, you can get some people
that are miracle healers and get people that it takes a while. – [Joe] And if she’s not 100%, will they let her play anyway? (people yelling) – [Jon] Diaz gets it back from Alexiou, let’s a three fly, can’t rain it in, offensive rebound Alexiou, can’t finish, and the rebound goes to Humphrey. – [Joe] You know, this is not the pros where you shoot up Willis Reed and you get ’em back on the
court either so, you know, you’re always aware of the
young lady and her health and you better be. – [Jon] But unfortunately,
there’s no tunnel here either, for Witherspoon to come out of. – [Joe] And she’s not
making the money that that young man Willis made at that time. Although, you know, Billy
Cunningham sold cars in the offseason. – [Jon] Right, wasn’t the
legend that Dave Cowens, he was a taxi driver in Boston too? – [Joe] A lot of guys had offseason jobs. Some of the other sports didn’t catch up with baseball for a while (laughs). – [Jon] That’s one of the
interesting things too, when it comes to the
NBA, with the salary cap, ’cause you wonder what a player like LeBron James is actually worth, you know, the guaranteed what? 35 million dollars a year? – [Joe] Well, do you want a championship? That’s what he’s worth now ’cause, he’s calling the shots
wherever he goes now too. Would they let you do
that in the old days? – [Jon] Absolutely not.
(Joe laughing) – [Jon] Red Holzman was the only coach for a while too, right? He didn’t have assistant coaches? – [Joe] But would they let Bill Russell pick the players on the Celtics or did Red Auerbach do that? So yeah, everything has changed, Jon, but you want LeBron James? That’s the price. – [Jon] Well Red wouldn’t let
anybody make the decisions, unless it was Rick Pitino, and we saw how that worked out.
– He wouldn’t even let people pick out his cigar. – [Jon] Diaz is blocked. – [Joe] Which, by the way, you couldn’t smoke anymore
on the sideline so. (Joe chuckles) Different game, different
circumstances but they’re getting paid a lot of money, woo. (people yelling) – [Jon] Alexiou jumper, can’t can it. – [Joe] Well, right now
all Borough of Manhattan and that’s understandable, I mean. – [Jon] Yeah, Humphrey
goes off the window. – [Joe] Taking advantage where in the end of that first half they
just weren’t able to. They really honed something
at halftime and said, let’s just play. And you know, that’s
Almonte’s approach anyway. He wants them to play, he’s not a guy, he’s into Xs and Os, he
wants them to press play, he wants the girls to accelerate. – [Announcer] Daja Dennis-Humphrey,
her first, team’s third. – [Jon] So Humphrey picks up her first and the team’s third as
Alexiou will shoot two. – [Joe] THere was another coach here in the community college
ranks, Pete Cepeda, and he’s had an
outstanding tenure at Bronx and I always enjoyed talking to Pete when he came into this, your
facility, and he was the most open guy, wonderful guy and
really put a product out there and they played good games
against Queensborough, they were really hard fought games, even when David Chambers was
the coach at Queensborough ’cause David had a couple of
championships to his credit before he left here. – [Jon] Well then I’m
sure you remember too, remember the year, I wanna
say it was the 2013-14 season where Queensborough and
the Bronx met in the final, the final was played at Kingsborough, and Queensborough just
ran them out of the door, ran them off the court,
– You know, – and then the next year…
– I wasn’t down there that year, I missed that one. – [Jon] So they beat ’em, I’m
not sure, I think the final score is over here somewhere.
– Yeah, they did beat ’em pretty bad, it’s over here. – [Jon] It was 89-39. The next year, the Bronx
comes back, returns the favor, 69-58 winners over Queensborough so. – [Joe] They were good games, except for that one you talked about, and up until 2016, Queens had to go into
their place and play them and then a non-tournament game, it’s like an ECC, ECAC game, and that was a heck of
a game so, you know. I had never been to Bronx and I never realized it was right
in my neighborhood almost. 41-27. – [Jon] That’s the
second foul on Humphreys and Queensborough will shoot free throws the rest of the way. Alexiou out of Comsewogue, the freshman from Port Jefferson Station and a 73% free throw shooter. – [Joe] Interesting where some of these players come from, you know? (people yelling) – [Jon] Well it’s not that
bad of a commute either, I think, right? – I don’t think so.
– That jumper goes for Berruecos. – [Joe] 44-28, three pointer. – [Jon] This is me being
the bad New Yorker. Which port is the one
that’s all the way out in Suffolk County and
which is the closest one? – [Joe] You got me. – [Jon] I believe Port Jefferson is the close one.
– Unless it’s right off the parkway, I’m not familiar with it. 44-28. And I used to work with a fella at Queens, he was a tennis coach
doing the basketball games. – [Jon] Jumper goes for
Verley, it’s a three. – [Joe] Boy, they’re
hitting the three now too. And he was really, it was
really fun on the games, he was like a joker and
he’d come up with comments to just make me laugh and
he was always talking about where these players play tennis, and I said, where is that? He said, “It’s right across the bridge.” I said, that’s a big spot, where is that? It’s right across the bridge. – [Jon] Did he ever try
and sell you that bridge? – [Joe] No, I probably would’ve bought it. (Jon chuckling) 47-28. – [Jon] Verley, a two, no. Berruecos, off the mark,
Malcolm fouled from behind by Alexiou. – [Announcer] Queensborough
foul, number 22. – [Joe] Usually at Queens College we had a very polite crowd, very well-behaved, but when Bridgeport came
in or Adelphi or something, man, people would go crazy. – [Jon] Well the one thing
too, especially in the ECC, there are probably a
bunch of students that are from Long Island, that
chose to go to Queens, – Exactly.
– Or to Adelphi, so they’ve got– – [Joe] The rivalries were pretty intense and, you know, Queens
hosted the Division II tournament for many years till it went over to C.W. Post. Now C.W. Post is out also,
out of that conference so I don’t know where they
hold the tournament now. That was a good local
tournament to have, though. And there would be a team
that would come in every year, named St. Rose, and you
ask, where is St. Rose? Well it’s all the way upstate, and boy, they brought in the best players, the best everything, and
you would see their bus parked in the parking lot, oh, St. Rose is in the final again. You gotta have a team like that, though, to create excitement, you
know, for a few years anyway. – [Jon] About a second differential between the game and shot clock. Nice pass from Malcolm
as Verley gets it to go and that will do it for
the third quarter, BMCC. – [Joe] Boy, they really took
care of business, didn’t they? – [Jon] They outscored the Tigers 28 to 6 in that third quarter, fourth
and final quarter coming up. (“A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie” by Beasty) – [Beasty] Old kid. ♪ All that we know is the logos and HB ♪ ♪ The glock got no safety,
don’t face me, I do it ♪ ♪ Please do not push
me, you think that I’m ♪ ♪ I got too much too lose,
don’t make me lose it ♪ ♪ I can’t be trustin’ no is you stupid ♪ ♪ I came with a, he came with a ruger ♪ ♪ I just seen one of my bros on the news ♪ ♪ I can’t call him no
more, he respect why I do ♪ ♪ I’m in the big body
Benz with my friends ♪ ♪ And it look like we just
hit a lick off the jeweler ♪ ♪ Look like a dope boy,
I hop out a Rolls, ♪ ♪ They taking my flows like
I said they can use it ♪ ♪ Dirty Diana, I’m pushing a Phantom ♪ ♪ I know that they wanna
see me in a Buick ♪ ♪ Me and my brethren is twenty-one deep ♪ ♪ You see gang in the shows
like they don’t know my music ♪ ♪ They fronted on me when
I didn’t have money ♪ ♪ Shit was to do ♪ ♪ I’m from the trenches,
get hit up for nothing ♪ ♪ You better go get on your bully ♪ ♪ Be acting so tough, you
can front if you want ♪ ♪ Got some that could knock down a bully ♪ ♪ Be talkin’ to police,
you don’t even know me ♪ ♪ You only hear what’s in the music ♪ ♪ Talking to the feds, that’s a no-no ♪ ♪ I can get bread with my eyes closed ♪ ♪ Insecure, so she got a lipo ♪ ♪ VVSs on me, that’s a light show ♪ ♪ It can get litty with a light show ♪ (people murmuring) – [Jon] Fourth quarter coming up, BMCC with a 50-28 lead over
Queensborough on the road. Queensborough playing
with only four players due to the injury of Zaria Witherspoon, as the Tigers try to cut
back into this deficit and take the victory and Theodore, off the mark on a three straightaway. – [Joe] Anyway, Jon,
Edwards got them started with her six points there
in that third quarter and then Berruces checked in, and I hope I’m saying it right, the girl with the B, and they built that lead
pretty quickly, 50-28, and now Queensborough, unfortunately, is out of this game but they are more worried about the status of Witherspoon come tournament time, that’s
what they’re worried about. – [Jon] Theodore can’t get it to go, Alexiou off the mark, second chance no, Diaz, yes and the foul. Yeah, BMCC outscoring Queensborough 28-6 in the third quarter.
– Yeah, they took it right away in that third quarter, like, they came out of the small
locker room down there and said, we’re ready (chuckles). – [Jon] Well better late than never. – [Joe] But can one player
make that much a difference? Yes, when it’s 5-4 on the court. – [Jon] Well and you mentioned too, the type of players that they have too because they still have their
big in there with Humphrey, so you know that Queensborough is gonna have a tough
time attacking inside and they’ve got some shooters as well, who’ve gone along.
– They’re in a position now, Jon, with that 50-31 lead, they can practically throw the ball around all they want right now, which is probably what they’re gonna do. – [Jon] Malcolm tries to save it, it goes into the hands of Theodore and then Theodore gets
whacked by Humphrey. – [Joe] And Humphrey is
saying, I didn’t do it, I didn’t, I did not do it. And the official is saying, we don’t care, it stays on the board. (people yelling) – [Jon] That’s her third personal. – [Joe] Nice green sneaker
bottoms there for Theodore. They catch her attention as she’s driving. I don’t think these girls aren’t caught by the entertainment value of everything too (chuckles). – [Jon] So another
turnover by the Panthers. – [Joe] That’s the thing, Jon, you know, the basketball
players will become like personalities too.
– Oh yeah. Diaz can’t stick the jumper. – [Joe] That’s the difference
between yesterday and today. Kareem Jabbar, who was
Lew Alcindor originally, he’d come into your place,
do the sky hook and kill you, and then the personality
come later (laughs). Made a lot of money and got a lot of fans and won in two different
places in the process. Became a Milwaukee Buck, made
them a contender right away. – [Jon] Well, he was good
in Airplane! as well. – [Joe] He was good, I saw that movie, he was good in that movie, and very funny. But when he came into New
York, in his first year, he’d sit in a room and
listen to jazz music and he’d had the headphones on, he said he had to get
in tune with the world. He was not an outgoing
person at that time. You know, people change, amazing. – [Jon] Well, in a different
world back then too, and what he had to face. – [Joe] But you get
like a little experience and you handle yourself
totally differently, you know, you open up where you
never opened up before, you talk a little more. 50 to 31. I’m just gonna give one
illustration of a guy who’s a perfect example,
would be George Foreman. At one point in his boxing career, had a scowl on his face, was not readily available,
kind of a mean guy, and now he’s like Mr. Jovial (laughs). – [Jon] Well whatever you gotta
do to sell the grills too. – [Joe] Ah, there you
go, he’s a smart guy. 6:55 to go in this one, we might be off target a little bit with what we’re talking about but the game has gotten
a little off target here. Let’s see if Queensborough
can put something together in this final 6:46. (people yelling) And you know, I might be wrong
anyway about George Foreman, I don’t know him personally so,
that was his public persona. – [Jon] Well I think the one
thing too, with boxers too is they have to sell tickets as well too, so if you’ve got a bad guy
versus good guy, quote-unquote, I mean the best promoter,
obviously, Muhammad Ali. – [Joe] Well, I forget who
I was talking about that, about a month ago with somebody on one of the games that
we worked, a technical guy, and you gotta throw Howard
Cosell in there with Muhammad, they were like a team.
– Of course. – [Joe] That was the all-time
biggest show on Earth. – [Jon] Theodore loses
the handle, 10 to shoot. Puts it up, short on the jumper. – [Joe] A little short, right? It’s like they don’t
have the legs about them right now because they’ve
had to play so many, first of all, they were
all playing the whole game, and now they’re playing
without their best player and they’re playing with four girls. You think you can have your
back to the wall any more? – [Jon] Well, and Theodore’s had to do the heavy lifting as well. – [Joe] And she’s strong but she’s gonna get tired
after a while, you know, she has to lift those legs. – [Jon] Theodore fumbles the
dribble, gives it off to Diaz, short on a jumper, but a fresh
possession for the Tigers. Diaz lets it fly on a three, too strong, Alexiou, no, rebound Humphrey. Good defensive stand by the Panthers. – [Joe] Yeah, they survived a little bit of a shellacky there, kudos to the Tigers for keeping it going. 5:02 to go in the game and at this point, you know, they’re kinda
like a four corners almost. – [Jon] They’re in the prevent offense. Which hey, you know what? When you do the heavy
lifting in the third quarter and you give yourself such a big lead, – Yeah, you might as well
– You can do that. – [Joe] enjoy yourself a
little, and by the way, Almonte seems like a class guy and I don’t think he wants to lay it on Queensborough right now, I think he wants to
pull back a little bit. It’s not fair, you know, they’re missing their best player, they got four girls out there, somebody’s gonna say, you
know, they’re too much, coach, trying to score too much on ’em. – [Jon] Three ball off the
mark, rebound goes to Gedeon. Here is Diaz, Diaz all the way to the cup, too strong on they layup, as Berruecos will bring it up the floor. – [Joe] However, we
were doing a game, Jon, a couple of weeks ago and
one coach called a timeout with, I think, 20 seconds on the clock, and she was leading by 30,
no names involved here, and me and the guy who was doing the game, it was the announcer,
we looked at each other and he said to me, “I don’t
understand that timeout.” So when I went down later, they told me why the timeout was taken. It was because that coach had done it when that was a player on
another team, against them, and she was getting back at ’em (laughs) – [Jon] Wow. Yeah, people don’t forget. – [Joe] No, and they have
class too, when it’s necessary, so I think that’s what he’s doing here. – [Jon] Diaz, a three, she cans it. – [Announcer] Scorer, Giselle Diaz. – 16-point game.
– Just a few more of those and all bets are off. It’s now 50 to 34. Three-point shot makes it a totally different game, of course. – [Jon] Well, and you have to imagine too, at least mentally for Queensborough too, if they can get some stops and make it a 10-point game
with about two minutes to go, it’s a different contest. – [Joe] Yeah. But Manhattan, obviously, in
some sort of stall right now and then they take the
opportunity, can’t get it. – [Jon] Diaz, catches
the outlet pass, goes up, through contact, doesn’t receive the call, here’s Theodore, it’s
a three, off the mark. Rebound Gedeon, gives it to Alexiou, who was blocked by Humphreys and then Humphrey takes it away. (people yelling) – [Joe] Talk about feeling
a little frustrated, you did all you could to
get on the board down there, then you got blocked at the end. And again, Manhattan is
working that shot clock down. – [Jon] Only six to
shoot, here’s Humphrey. Jumper from Berruecos is good. – [Announcer] Blossom Berruecos. – [Joe] 52-34, so it’s an
18-point edge again, 2:22 to go. – [Jon] Diaz let’s it go, short on the jumper and
you could see the legs taking the effect.
– Yeah, I was just gonna say, Jon, they obviously have little left now, you could see that. A good effort by the Lady Tigers ’cause they played 3/4 of the
game without their top player and they played 3/4 of the
game one girl short in numbers. – [Jon] Malcolm, gets it to go. (person applauding) – [Joe] So if you were
printing these scores in the paper or something, we’ll get it off the internet
but somebody would say, 54-34, what happened? Whoa.
– They lost their best player, big time rejection from Humphrey. – [Joe] Whoa. Another block, yeah.
– Another block. – [Joe] They got nothing left, they can’t even get up,
off the ground right now. – [Jon] That time from Verley. – [Joe] Now you go in the other end, now you ask Borough of Manhattan, you know, you’re not trying
to be an idiot or anything, but how rewarding is this win? Well, we’ll take them, you know, we’ll take any one we could get and you saw we didn’t try
to get on the board there for about four or five minutes, so we’re not putting it in anybody’s face. – [Jon] Well I think you
take the win, number one, but then number two, the players have to feel
some sort of confidence of just seeing the ball go into the net and perhaps that snowballs
into the next game too. – [Joe] You know, you’re right about that. It’s a psychological imprint on the mind. You look for every advantage
you could get in short. Especially like when you said, you just come off a blasting from Nassau. – [Jon] And this is a team that has lost nine games in a row as well. – [Joe] Nine games in
a row, so I don’t care what the circumstances are,
this is a good win for them. – [Announcer] Georgia
Alexiou will shoot two. – [Jon] Two shots for Georgia Alexiou. And she nails the first one. – [Joe] And sometimes you pull back ’cause you’re about to say, well she’s gone all the way, Alexiou, so has everybody else. – [Jon] Two for two at
the free throw line, that makes it a 20-point affair, final 40 seconds to go. – [Joe] It’s almost
like a schoolyard game, when you’re out there for
the entirety of the game. She’s looking at coach, coach
is looking at her and saying, just bring it down and let us watch the men’s game (laughs). – [Jon] That one coming up at 7:30. – [Joe] That should be interesting. – [Jon] And that will just about do it. Well valiant effort out of Queensborough playing with four players for
a majority of the contest, but it is BMCC who snaps
their eight-game losing streak with a 20-point victory on the road. – [Joe] Boy, it has to feel good to get rid of that losing streak and hopefully you don’t start a new one because it’s not the good
time of year to do that, but they were playing with
only five girls dressed also, so you have to give them a lot of credit but they didn’t sustain the
injury, Queensborough did. – [Jon] And that’ll be
an interesting storyline to keep tune with come playoff time. Well, we’ve got another matchup coming up, the men will face off in about half hour. For Joe Masi, this is
Jon Perez saying so long and keep it tuned for the men’s game coming up in just under,
under a half an hour.

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