World Series Of Poker $1,000 Pot Limit Omaha Tournament

World Series Of Poker $1,000 Pot Limit Omaha Tournament

the World Series of Poker $1,000 pot
limit Omaha event three-day event great
structure tough competition than doing a
lot of research on starting hand ranges
gotta stay fresh I usually play no limit
but when I’m in the zone and PLO I’m
tough to deal with I really know how to
navigate certain board textures and just
read their opponents based on their post
flop and preflop tendencies believe it
or not with four cards you’d think it’d
be a more intricate game there are a lot
more combinations and possibilities but
post flop the hands play more
straightforward if that makes any sense
you’re always repping the nuts or drawn
to the nuts ranges are wide depending on
your opponent in the position but these
are all factors you have to take into
account No Limit Hold’em also so we’re
gonna get dealt four cards every hand
and try to make the best of the four
card possibilities let’s play some pot
limit Omaha at the World Series of Poker
let’s find our first bag this summer
let’s bring back the bag and tag
punter 100/100 there’s none of the gun
limp from probably the softest spot at
the table middle position makes it 500 I
looked down at East nine eight seven
suited to the diamonds but we do have
three diamonds one Spade three ways to a
flop the flop comes ace ten six we got
top hair and a wrap that’s right we got
all the gutters original RAZR bets
twelve hundred we put in the call top
hair en wrap other guy folds the
Turner’s the three of spades we do have
the nine of spades and he checks good
chance he has the other two aces here
he’s checking for paw control maybe a
pocket kings something like that no
reason to turn her hand into a bluff we
check behind the river is a eight of
Spades giving us a straight and he now
leads out two thousand chips
it could be betting atop set for value
he could be betting the King of Spades
as a bluff or he could have a say
middling flush or was trapping with the
nut flush against this range our
straight should be pretty decent shape
so we put in the call and he shows us
ace king queen Jack with the king queen
of spades shout out to this viewer of
the vlog who is very nice leading up to
this unfortunately he beat us and we now
have 16,000 chips
with blinds at 100 200 of recreational
makes it 500 some sort of reg that runs
a home game makes it 1,200 on my right
I’m next to act with East East Jack five
suited to the hearts great spot to put
in that cold for bet 4400 to go everyone
folds through the three butter who puts
in the call I’ve just under ten thousand
behind we’re gonna get it in on most
flops unless it’s like eight nine ten
maybe something like that
flop comes four or five nine he leads
out into us mm not sure what the hell
this is but that sets up a pot show for
us I’m all-in
he calls and he shows the beautiful hand
which is a four four six seven nice flop
nice call out of position of my for bet
congratulations let’s suck out the turn
is a five giving us trips and we have
video set of fours
survives the game good luck
quick blinds have 100-200 I’m under the
gun with East 1066 nut hearts a limp
there’s another limp middle position
makes it 800 I call were three ways to a
flop flop comes 10851 heart I checked
the original RAZR who about 1700 we have
top top back to our hearts and a bad set
draw probably should fold but we’re
gonna gamble I put in the call and the
over Lippert calls that’s not good the
turn is a seven it’s a seven of hearts
though so I think about leading turning
my hand into a bluff hopefully get uh
get some folds or get to the river and
we can improve but I check and over
limper pots it for like 8,000 original
RAZR folds which he later says is aces
and kings premium hand and this is the
disadvantage of playing on a position we
have the nut flush draw and somewhat of
a straight draw but we can’t continue
with half of our stack having to go in
there to see the river and refold after
I fold I exclaimed to the new table that
I love Omaha gets a few chuckles and a
dirty Asian kid immediately looks at me
and says stop whining bro you got to man
up and take your beats
I just give them the death stare a few
words are exchanged and round to the
next and with blinds at 200-300 action
folds to the Asian kid middle position
makes 1,100 action folds to me in the
big blind and I have King 10 10 9 King
high speeds 10 high clubs beautiful hand
I put in the call the flop comes King
Queen deuce one Spade we check to him
any checks behind probably have the best
hand unless he has specifically aces the
turn is a four of spades pretty good
board we got that flush draw still gonna
let him Bluff it looks like he is out to
get us wants to show us a big Bluff and
he does about 2,000 not sure what he’s
repping here but I put in the call the
river is the nine of spades jack 10 gets
there but we have 210 so that’s a lot
less likely but more importantly we just
made the second not flush we checked to
the nerdy Asian kid and he bets 5,300 is
he value betting jack 10 does he have a
lower flush does he have the naked ace
of spades or does he have the nut flush
there’s only one way to find out we put
in the call and he shows ace ten seven
four with the ACE four of spades
congrats to him
and we’re now on break with 7,000 chips
from our 20k starting stack fun times
fun times we’re gonna stay positive and
look forward to how sweet it’s gonna be
when we actually make a deep run it’s
gonna be great guys if you’re playing at
the World Series of Poker look out for
my favorite dealer there’s hundreds of
dealers but this guy is the best it’s
number one shadow baby
how y’all doing y’all come check us out
at the World Series man we they’re here
again give them bracelets away y’all
come down here Jordans there yo there
you have it lookout for shadow tell them
Jeff said hi with blinds at 200 400 I’m
under the gun plus one with ace queen
Jack ten pretty hand unfortunately I’m
not suited to the ACE we put in the limp
planning a limp raise eighty six hundred
stack three limb purse and the button
says pot three thousand to go action
folds back to me and I’m all-in
the limb pers fold there’s dead money
out there and we’re up against King and
King eight five and here’s the run out
let’s win a flip
goons all right fair fight
all right some out yeah well good luck
guys and I am out of the pot limit Omaha
$1,000 world series of poker event again
only one reentry is available
that’s enough pain for me should I Drive
home it’s four o’clock or shot register
the 250 deep stack we got a fan of the
vlog looks like it’s my read I just
busted how about you me too how do you
feel I feel like puking puking I saw a
guy if you can be behind me yesterday
actual puke that should be the vlog
right before this I have a lot anything
to do but better luck next time yeah
happen same way both times
that’s poker yep see you guys take her
register the 250 Rio World Series of
Poker deep stack still an hour of late
registering available this is dedication
we’re already down to Grand in the day
let’s hop in a 250 action pulls to the
button who makes it to K at 800 big
blind I’m in the big blind with the jack
eight of Spades I defend flop comes King
ten nine with the 10 nine of Spades now
it’s time to run good I check he bets 2k
I make it six k setting up a turn jam if
he calls he does call and the turn is a
jack now we can rep a queen get him to
fold all of his one pair type hands
maybe even call with a ace I flush draw
or something simply shove all in for
13,200 he thinks about it and puts in
the call and shows King four off suit
that’s a pair that is a pair good good
read and the river is the three of
spades and we double up
a fold for a couple orbits down to
33,000 blinds are 500 1,500 1,500
strange level early middle position
makes it 4k I’m in the big blind with
pocket sixes I could just call but you
want to increase variance double up play
aggressively or get out of here so I
show if he wants to count and he puts in
the call with pocket nines the board is
ace high six never shows up he’s even
got our suits dominated and we’re out of
the Rio daily $250 was gone total loss
of $2,250 on the day I love gambling
post bust out and one of the few things
that can cheer me up after a long day of
losing is a viewer the vlog saying
something nice guys get the best poker
vlog on YouTube get on it watch it
I wish I had a GoPro strapped to my
chest and I’m walking around the Rio so
you guys can really experience more of
what it’s like but with limited filming
privileges I you know can’t put too much
in there
for instance I’m just leaving the Rio
after collecting a large sum of money
from a transaction possibly late for a
sushi date and just in case I can’t make
it someone handed me some fried rice
hey it’s good to know people all right
as you can see there’s the Rio
leaving there to register for tomorrow’s
win $1100 1.5 billion guaranteed it’s
gonna be a huge waitlist so we’re one
step ahead of the game starts at noon
bag at midnight maybe I can run better
at the win could use a day off
hashtag no days off you got to show up
you got to be in it to win it I’m not a
quitter I’ll quit when I die
and we are in the win $1,100 1.5 million
guaranteed day 1c tomorrow we’re gonna
be here bright and early at noon it’s a
marathon not a sprint
it’s not how many times you get knocked
down it’s how many times you get back up
the bankroll can withstand these swings
it’s just a matter of time till we get
that big score let’s get it
about this time I realize I have to
doctor’s appointments tomorrow that I
cannot miss so and I am unread not gonna
play this event got some other important
business to take care of health first
gambling second
when the pain is too much to handle
sometimes you have to seek some pleasure
in life sometimes that pleasure only
cost $40 for one hour plus tip shout out
to the sea you you you you you you
II Spa sometimes you got to treat
yourself enjoy life a little bit even
when you can’t celebrate your success
this is what it takes to edit one hand

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  8. Plo can be fun, but there are just too many random cards in peoples hands that end up making the nuts somehow, cards they werent even necessarily playing, then they back into a nut hand somehow. While I agree sometimes the hand reading can be easier, random luck seems to play a mojor role. For that reason, I just cant mentally take that game.

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