World Series of Poker $600 Pot Limit Omaha Tournament

World Series of Poker $600 Pot Limit Omaha Tournament

the World Series of Poker $600 pot limit
Omaha event a new event this year in
case you recall a few years ago I
finished in 10th place in the 565 pot
limit Omaha event with over 2,000
players a 10th place
nine people reach the final table that
was not me it still feels bad man we’re
gonna do it differently this year we’re
gonna make that final table I came here
to win I’m not a loser with blinds at
100 200 action folds me in the middle
position and I looked down at Jack ten
nine eight double suited what a
beautiful hand I make it six hundred to
go cut off calls button calls Asian male
who’s been coming after me and the big
blind calls for four ways to a flop the
flop comes Queen six for one heart one
diamond we got the backdoor flush draw
we got the backdoor straight draws all
over the place so let’s put in a seedbed
we’re button two to three people or
wrapping a lot of strength here about
1,300 player folds and asian male on the
button makes it 5,300 he’s repping a set
or two pair we’re hoping if we were
called we can barrel turns that give us
equity or we can just take it down with
our C bet none of these things happened
I fold
and he shows me some crap blinds ed 100
200 hundred they gone limps middle
position makes it seven hundred on the
button with East nine five five double
suited clubs and diamonds nut clubs I
call what are they going to calls three
ways to a flop flop comes east jack
three two diamonds one club I know
they’d gone limp or leads out for two
thousand what’s he repping pocket jacks
that’s from putting them on original
RAZR calls and I put in the call top
pair flush draw backdoor flush draw
turns the five of diamonds and both
players check to us even though we only
have the nine high flush I have a
feeling it’s good
take original RAZR might have two pair
possibly pocket jacks and a flat collar
might have pocket aces so great scenario
time to go for value I bet 4,200 blaze
it under the gun hesitates doesn’t look
happy and puts in the call he might have
a slightly higher flush and original
razor folds I think he had aces let’s
find out the river is a jack pairing the
board and under the gun goes into the
tank and I know what this means
he hit his boat and he doesn’t know if
he should check it to me or lead out
he eventually leads out for 8,000 I
laugh and say I love Omaha fold my flush
he shows Jack three Andy later claims he
had pocket threes nice boat original
RAZR did say he had pocket aces so they
were both drawing very slim on the turn
when I put in the majority of the money
but that’s just how it goes any now have
18,000 chips is on dinners whatever
until their first break of the PLO lost
every pot that’s okay we’re going to see
how Daniel Chang is doing day two and we
found him in the hallway it started the
day – at two hundred sixteen thousand
ships I knocked out like three people
like almost instantly Wow
and I just hovered into like eventually
it’s a seven or 50k territory
I got 260th place my first World Series
poker event great experience I think I
played really well it’s inspired me to
get better at poker I’ve actually
watched Jeff’s kennel a little bit if
you guys like his stuff I really
appreciate you guys supporting it
because this great guy it’s a lot of
work dude I mean I respect all you guys
out there trying grinding it out I’m not
a poker player I’m a business man it’s a
lot of fun but to be honest with you I
probably would eat a little bit more
better and I’m hydrating myself better
and I probably do a little workout or
something because dude is fucking
fucking great thanks again man they saw
me on channel thank you it’s a pleasure
meeting you check out Daniel on vintage and vintage magic on YouTube
for all your top-of-the-line magic needs
there’s a few limps at 200-300 button
makes it 1400 I’m in the small blind
with ten eight seven six with clubs I
think it’s pretty close but we can put
in a call we’re playing the middle of
the board other two players call the
flop comes East ten six one club we have
bottom two pair which isn’t that great
in pot limit Omaha but based on the
button sizing I don’t think his pocket
aces too much people usually just pot it
with aces you might have like a scheme
Queen jack which still has great equity
averse our hand we checked at the button
who bets 4000 I have about fifteen
thousand behind and I don’t really
really like calling on a position with
bottom two straight draw and back to our
flush draw so let’s try to rep you know
a slow played pocket aces pocket tens
pocket sixes hands like that so I just
shove all in the stack to pot ratio is
pretty good for a pot shove in this spot
actually folds to the button who goes
with the tank he thinks for at least a
minute and eventually puts in the call
and he has a Sten something something we
got outs and here’s the video top 2 vs.
bottom 2 and straight draw and I’m out
of a $600 Omaha let’s get in line and
register again unlimited reentry’s how
many bullets will I fire
all right fresh bullet 30k starting
stack I’ll play a few pots get up to
about 35 K the blinds at 4 800 we limp
under the gun with Queen Queen Jack ten
with Spades a couple Emperor’s and a
very loose player makes it 2 K looks
like a pot sweetener to me there’s a
call the big blind calls and its back to
us I normally had just call here but I
don’t want to be dominated by bigger
flush drawers and stuff like that and
since we lived under the gun we can rep
aces so iPod it 10800 to go everybody
folds to the big blind who puts in the
call he thought about it a long time
he’s got a marginal hand we got a pot
size bet behind the flop comes jack heed
for he checks we potted any folds we’re
on second break with 50,000 chips two
more hours until dinner we’re feeling
I proceeded to fold every hand and just
keep blinding down
and down
and down
and down some more so we have a 10,000
pick up a few chips with pocket queens
when we flop quads and get no action for
the remaining 5,000 ships then there’s
two Lim pers small blind completes I’m
the big blind with what ace queen 75
with the diamonds good spot to isolate i
pot it to 10,000 goes fold button calls
and we’re heads-up flop comes king high
he shrugs and calls my 3900 bet and r up
against what east three six six somehow
fold pre bro let’s get there
I do not get there and he starts
giggling uncontrollably this shit ain’t
funny and we’re out two bullets $1,200
gone World Series of Poker pot limit
Omaha deep stack event stay tuned for
the next vlog the summer of Jeff is not
looking so good so far

100 thoughts on “World Series of Poker $600 Pot Limit Omaha Tournament”

  1. Love plo for the pure gamble. Once a week I jump into the 2-2-5 card at my local casino. There is never a 4 card running. The action is crazy!

  2. I have just noticed on his vlog that Daniel Negreanu pays someone to clear up his dogs poo , if you win big will you be looking to employ someone in that role, with two whippets have had plenty of experience.

  3. Shots fired at :32. Fortunately I was not drinking anything while watching that otherwise it would have been spit out. That was some disciplined folding there I know how that goes. As far as the guy laughing you handled that as well as anyone could have. Made him aware he was being a dick without going ballistic. Usually the understated/sarcastic approach works best imo because a. you dont show any emotion and b. it just really makes him look like more of a dick. Good luck going forward hopefully a nice cash is just around the corner. My summer is pretty much over before it even got started (only 1 WSOP tourny and 2 others) because of my inability to handle failure/control myself off the table when things go bad. Fortunately you are smarter than that.

  4. At least you played better than Negreanu. Should watch his video, commented I would love to play PLO cash with him and got a response. He really is an awful PLO player.

  5. Jeff, one thing I would recommend, is not C betting unless betting pot or near pot. A noticeable/exploitable tell of weakness is half pot C bets or similar in PLO. I see naked KK, AA or similar weak hands that missed flop do this. I will often float in hijack or button with nothing if I see someone do that and pot turn when checked to me.

  6. Keep up fighting, Jeff. a big score is around the corner. Yours and Negreanu's vlog are the only ones I watch during WSOP.

  7. Good job editing your videos, and thank you for the poker content, even though you are not winning, I am excited to watch your videos. 🙂

  8. I would say the AQ75 is not a good hand, but if you were card dead for hours me saying that would be as asinine as some fool giggling like a schoolgirl when you bust.

  9. Busted by the giggling retard. Ya gotta love poker tournaments, with all the rejects in town coming outta the woodwork.

  10. This is where my rage issues would really come into play. You think that shit's funny? I'll show you funny, asshole.

  11. Hang in there Jeff!
    That laugh could have just been a nervous giggle? Pair of threes and all.
    You’ll cash!
    Your Jeff Bosky, or something like that?

  12. Screw that guy. He plays the hand terrible and then laughs? smh.. Can't beat luck sometimes. keep your head up.

  13. ban hooded sweater dark sun glass headphone wearing anti social low aptitude players from the wsop. make poker fun again.

    too many idiots still playing "no limit holdem" creating multi 5 figure entry fields or near impossible odds to cash.

    grow some brains and play mixed limit games with far far less entries and a much greater and likely cash.

  14. Glad you didnt reenter after Mr. Giggles almost put you on tilt … or on tilt ! Not kool … he is an ass

  15. youre reaction to the giggling man is absolut gold….time for filet mignon some sleep, and that restart with a proper mindset. youre looking tilted in that vid

  16. I wonder if the giggler’s real name is Ray Liotta ?? I’d be tempted to ask him that if you see him at the tables again… then just stare at him for a few moments with no more conversation !! Good luck out there Jeff, great content

  17. Just got thru 3 minutes of troopers new video & then the real vlogger notification came in…see ya Trooper…😀

  18. Jeff, plz remember, the best soldiers is shown at the end of the battle!!!! Keep on grinding my man!!!!!!

  19. Why do you always have an errant strand of hair on one side? I love your content the realism mixed with the sense of humor is some of the best on youtube, but fuck that strand is distracting.

  20. Loved the "I love losing" …well i didn't "love" it, but awesome.

    Also last thing i expected was THE Boski to blind down/out.

    No Gamble No Future buddy.

  21. No offense Jeff, but you may want to take a little sabaticle from poker… you just don't have the luck for this, or, it may be the skill also!!

  22. no need to bash trooper to make up for your slow summer? Your skills are always going to deliver you in the long run…your too good to run bad long

  23. That HAS to be funny. Gotta keep the fun in your line of work. Bad players can get good cards too. Good players can get lucky too. Not only the other way around. That's not really any worse than let's say AKQx versus TT76 on J high board. If the bad player doesn't call, it doesn't matter how good your hand is – u win no chips.

  24. If he woulda thrown those cards in my face I woulda either thrown em right back at his face or chest (what I used to do) or flipped them over as fast as possible and mixed them in with my cards before they could be seen (what I do now in those rare occasions). Makes for some really fun floor stuff and figuring out wtf they should do…and when they ask him what he had you just tell them no that YOU had (at least) one of those cards… or say you thought you did. May be harder to do in Omaha. Only way you can do it is if you haven't mucked and a prick throws them in your face before you let your cards go…even if you say fold but hold them and he throws them you can do it…then say you thought he folded. You can also do it if you bet river and get called and they throw their shit in front of you and you have nothing, basically got cought bluffing…just take their cards in real fast and mix them with yours and say you had one of his cards. It's a real rarity for this situation to arise and you have to be quick minded…but the reason to do it is because the person is being a fucking asshole…so he deserves it..and his reaction is worth it. Snickering dickhead woulda got a middle finger. Probably a nice catch fish comment or something…maybe a worse comment. Didn't they used to call those guys "producers" back in the day?

  25. i busted #56 only 16 away from the Wynn $1100 bubble on tues. #$(&*(&!!!! No hands at all during lvls 8-12…i feel the pain….

  26. 1:00 Bad check-fold. Literally two-thirds of the deck gives you a strong draw on the turn. Being this deep, you must attempt to over-realize your equity. Even if your opponent barrels the turn, they’re checking most borderline hands, so it will actually be easy for you to play most turn cards.

  27. On to The Next 1!!! And fuck that guy, hope he gets hit by a bus on the strip!!! 😎♥Zro♠Fux♦Gvn♣

  28. That laugh was tilting. Sounds like a 30-40 year old balding caucasian male who lives in his mom's basement.

  29. PLO is amazing in the way you can be card dead 💀 longer and deeper than Hold ‘em; but when you’re running good it’s such a blast… perhaps the giggling was just a release of tension after having felted the great Boski!

  30. You know that you fired one bullet too much when you losing the tournament and react the way Jeff reacted in the end

  31. With the dude laughing and the music I couldn’t help but die in laughter…good vlog man! Wish you good luck for the remainder

  32. Lord, you are such a douche. Taking shots at the OG poker vlogger, stupid weird slicked back hair, vaguely racist hand descriptions, and begging people to buy you dinner on social media. Pathetic.

  33. 5:30
    This is a HORRIBLE call or raise.
    You are ahead of almost NO legit hands. You were lucky to only be facing a raw top 2.
    I guess you have some fold equity vs 1 pair or air from your raise, but it's probably not enough

  34. Loving the vlogs man you’re a chill dude hard to root against you ….can you drop the name of that dramatic song lol

  35. Jeff, never allow yourself to blind off like that in Omaha. No hand is that big of a favorite over another, you gotta pick earlier spots to draw the line in the sand. I know all about starting hands in Omaha, but you gotta gamble earlier.

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