– [Carl] This one is in the house
and wraps around the entire kitchen.
(epic music)
– [Jinger] Challenges
might be way harder, Carl.
(epic music)
(water splashing)
– [Jinger] The first person to finish
the board game in real life,
and actually pass the finish line, wins.
(epic music)
– Welcome home!
You guys are here on the
Carl and Jinger Channel,
– Oh yeah!
– [Carl] Jinger has built
this giant board game in real life.
We’ve done two of these in the past,
but this one, it’s in the house,
it wraps around the entire kitchen.
Okay so, do you wanna
throw the dice first?
– Oh yeah
– Jinger’s gonna roll the dice,
and then we move those spaces and decide,
underneath there, is there a clue,
a challenge, do we move forward and back?
I don’t know what we’re gonna do.
– Here we go Carl.
– [Carl] Okay.
(die bounces)
– [Together] Four!
– [Carl] Okay, we’re at the starting spot.
– [Together] One, two, three,
– [Jinger] Four!
Oh, I have to choose.
– [Carl] Here’s a letter Y,
and it looks like a boat, or–
– [Jinger] So under one
of these is a challenge
and under one of these is a penalty.
(Carl gasps)
– [Carl] Choose wisely–
(nervous squealing)
– Okay, I think I’m gonna go with the Y.
– [Carl] Whoever wins the challenges,
do we get a point?
Oh, what is it?
– [Jinger] Mini Trick Shot!
– [Carl] Mini Trick Shot Challenge.
All right. Okay.
So, a mini trick shot,
we’re gonna have to read
the rules on the back
of this and see what it is.
– [Jinger] For this challenge,
we have to stand behind
the giant Lego wall
and toss the ball into the bucket
at the bottom of the stairs.
All right. Are you ready, Carl?
– Yeah, let’s see what you got.
We’re gonna see who can do it
in the least amount of tries, right?
– [Jinger] Correct.
– Okay. Here we go!
– [Jinger] Guys, wish me good luck.
I need it.
(buzzer sounds)
– Okay, that’s one.
(buzzer sounds)
– Okay, here we go. Third try.
– [Together] Oh!
(buzzer sounds)
– [Jinger] So close!
– Super close!
(tense music)
(buzzer sounds)
– [Carl] You just short!
(buzzer sounds)
(buzzer sounds)
– This is harder than it looks.
(buzzer sounds)
(buzzer sounds)
– [Carl] All it has to do
is bounce inside the bucket
and it counts.
(buzzer sounds)
(buzzer sounds)
It’s so suspenseful.
(buzzer sounds)
It’s getting crazier!
– Okay. 13.
(dramatic music)
(bell rings)
– [Carl] 13! Unlucky 13. That was it!
No pressure, guys.
I just gotta do it in less than 13 tries.
You ready there, Jinger?
– I’m just gonna throw on
this camera really quick.
– [Carl] Okay.
– [Jinger] Okay, here we go Carl.
We’re ready.
– Here we go.
Oh man.
(dramatic music)
(buzzer sounds)
Okay, I’m starting to get
a feel for it already.
There’s one.
– Oh, that was a bad throw.
– [Carl] Maybe she’s
trying to throw me off by
chucking it up here all crazy.
Oh. There we go.
Here we go!
(dramatic music)
(buzzer sounds)
That was two.
(buzzer sounds)
(buzzer sounds)
Oh. Oh. Oh.
(buzzer sounds)
That was so close!
(buzzer sounds)
(buzzer sounds)
Just over, okay. Really close.
(buzzer sounds)
(buzzer sounds)
– [Together] Ohhh!
(Carl laughing)
– 10!
(buzzer sounds)
– [Carl] Why are my
misses really difficult?
(dramatic music)
(both cheering)
– [Carl] That was it!
– Oh my word!
– I did it just by one.
That was so close.
– Congratulations, Carl!
You totally won the
point on that challenge!
– Wow, that was crazy
Okay, I gotta roll the dice–
– [Jinger] Okay, your turn.
(Carl grunts)
(die slamming)
– [Together] Four!
– It’s the same, that you just did,
wait, this was over here, wasn’t it?
– [Jinger] Yes, it was!
– Dog must’ve got it.
Four. Okay, so,
Does that mean I have
to pick the other one?
– [Jinger] Yes.
– We know, right off the bat,
that means it’s a penalty, right?
– [Jinger] You don’t know anything.
(Carl exhales)
– [Carl] It’s the boat one, right?
– [Jinger] Yup.
– [Carl] What does it say?
Move ahead three spaces!
– [Jinger] What!
– Oh, hey! Moving ahead!
Wait. What does this mean?
When I get on the little–
– [Jinger] You’re on the slide!
Follow it all the way!
Follow it all the way!
(Carl blowing)
Back you go!
(Carl laughing)
You thought you were
getting ahead, didn’t ya?
– And now, I’m all the way
back to the start, basically.
Here we go. Jinger’s up next.
(die slamming)
– [Jinger] Ooh.
– [Together] Three!
– [Carl] Wait!
(Carl laughing)
That’s like karma if I’ve ever–
– Totally!
– You totally got what
you deserved right there.
– [Jinger] You’re up!
– [Together] Two! Three!
(Jinger laughing)
– It’s starting to feel like–
– [Jinger] This is–
– This game is rigged!
(Carl laughing)
Where we at here?
Three. Wait, what does that mean?
– [Together] One, two, three.
– [Carl] Oh. It’s a question mark box.
– Okay, here we go.
I think I can handle that.
– [Carl] What is it gonna be?
– Oh!
Move ahead to question mark, exclamation.
There! Right there!
Which one do I choose?
– [Carl] I don’t know.
– I’m gonna go for excitement.
That’s my–
– [Carl] You’re gonna go for excitement.
– Wait! This moved.
Nerf Battle!
– [Carl] Nerf Battle?
Oh gosh! Here we go!
This challenge is pretty straightforward.
We each have the exact same Nerf Blaster
with the exact same
amount of rounds in there.
I’m gonna start in this side of the house.
– And I’m gonna start on
this side of the house.
Whoever lands the most
shots on the other person
before we run out of
ammo, wins the challenge.
– It’s go time. Are you ready Jinger?
– [Jinger] Oh yeah, I’m ready!
– All right, I’ve got
a strategy, you guys.
Let’s get a countdown.
(Carl whispers)
– [Jinger] Here we go, in three,
– [Together] Two.
(gun cocks)
(epic music)
(Carl giggling)
(loud banging)
(both laughing)
(shot fired)
– [Jinger] Oh juice!
– [Carl] Did I get ya?
– [Jinger] No!
(epic music)
(shots fire)
– [Carl] That was close!
– [Jinger] That was so close–
– [Carl] Yeah! That’s one!
– [Jinger] You got me!
Got you!
– [Carl] That’s one!
– [Jinger] 1-1!
– We’re one and one now.
(gun cocks)
(epic music)
I can’t remember if I reloaded or not.
(shot fires)
Ah, you got me!
She got me.
(shots fired)
(Jinger laughing)
I’m almost out.
(epic music)
(gun cocks)
I’m pretty sure this is my last shot.
(gun cocking)
(epic music)
I gotta make a kill!
– [Jinger] Whoa!
(shot fires)
(Jinger laughing)
(gun cocking)
– [Jinger] Oh shoot!
– [Carl] Is she out!
I don’t know if she’s out–
(shot fires)
(Carl mumbling)
– [Jinger] I’m almost out.
(shots fired)
(Jinger screams)
(shots firing)
I got you! I got you!
– [Carl] Okay!
Okay, I’m dead!
– [Jinger] I got you four times!
– Jinger got me like
eight times or something.
I don’t know.
– [Jinger] I feel like I won.
– You got me on that one.
– [Jinger] I feel like
I won by a long way.
– Good job, Jinger!
One point for Team Red.
– [Jinger] That means Carl
has a point, Team Blue,
and Jinger has a point, Team Red
and it’s Carl’s roll!
– Here we go!
(die slams)
(Jinger yells)
– All right, that’s a big number!
– [Jinger] That’s a one!
– [Carl] One, two,
We never know what it means.
– [Jinger] I know,
Oh man, I almost slipped.
– [Carl] Four.
What does this mean?
– [Jinger] That’s all the way.
– [Together] Six!
– Okay. I don’t even see anything on.
Maybe there’s something underneath.
– [Jinger] All right.
Let’s see what you got.
Oh my–
– Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Move ahead four spaces!
– [Jinger] What!
– Ready? Here we go.
Feels like a trick.
– [Jinger] Whoa, that’s a big one.
– [Carl] Two!
Do I go up and over?
– [Jinger] Yeah, I guess so.
– Okay, three.
Wait, what is this?
Here’s a question mark box.
Oh, I got four, right?
– [Jinger] Yeah.
– Boing!
There we go!
Now I gotta pick this one up too?
– [Jinger] What could it be, Carl?
– [Carl] I don’t know.
This is absolutely crazy
’cause a minute ago–
– [Jinger] Which one?
– I started back in the kitchen,
now I’m all the way in–
– [Jinger] I know!
– One roll of the dice.
Whoom! Half way around the board.
I feel like the L’s gonna
be something with the Legos,
so I’m gonna try for the leaf.
Maybe it’s a outside,
One-handed Giant Lego Tower Race.
(both laughing)
That was a trick!
It’s totally a Lego Tower Race.
– [Jinger] All right, let’s do it!
– All right.
All right, Jinger.
Why don’t you explain the rules
of the Giant Lego Tower Race.
– We have an odd number of
Legos here in front of us–
– 25.
– Yes, 25 Legos.
We have to put one hand behind our back,
either hand that you choose,
and you have to build your
Lego tower with one hand
and you can only be touching
one block at a time.
– Are you ready?
– Here we go. In three, two, one. Go!
(blocks slamming)
– Uh oh!
You’re so fast.
I’m just gonna try and focus and relax.
(blocks slamming)
– Oh!
(dramatic music)
(both screaming)
(Carl laughing)
(tower slams)
– That tip-over, that’s
the one that did it.
Okay, so I just went up by one more point.
That’s was awesome!
– And it’s my turn to roll!
– I was trying to get you
stuck with all the little ones.
That was funny.
We are officially all the way
out in the living room now.
Let’s see what you got!
(die slams)
– [Together] Five!
– [Carl] Okay.
– [Together] One, two,
– [Carl] Oh, that swoops you up over,
onto the couch.
Wait, I think it’s the
mystery box right there.
Right by you. Let’s see!
What is it?
– Trick Shot Ping Pong!
Oh yeah!
– I don’t know, Jinger’s
pretty good at these ones.
– [Jinger] In this challenge,
there’s three blue cups
and three red cups.
If you throw the ball and get
the ping pong in the blue cup,
then Team Blue gets a point.
If you get it in the red
cup, Team Red gets a point.
We both have five ping pong balls.
Five chances to get points for us.
– I’m terrible.
– [Jinger] Also five chances
for Carl to get me points.
– I’m terrible at this.
They just go, like, all over.
Pressure’s on, Jinger. Pressure’s on.
– Here we go.
We only want the ping pong
balls to go into the red cups.
– [Carl] So if it goes in the blue,
I still get the points–
– Yes.
– [Carl] Okay.
(ball bouncing)
(buzzer sounds)
That’s a zero.
What if get no points this whole time?
(Jinger cheering)
Points for Jinger!
Here we go.
(buzzer sounds)
– That’s three. I only
have two balls left.
(ball bouncing)
– [Together] Oh!
– One more. This is your last trick shot.
– [Together] Oh!
– So that was one.
Jinger only got one in the red cup,
but I’m not very good at it.
– [Jinger] All right,
Carl, you have five shots.
– What would happen if I
just went all five like–
– [Jinger] That’s a great idea.
You should do that.
– No way.
I know, you’re trying to trick me.
– [Jinger] Okay, here we go.
– I just noticed mine’s right in the front
so if I could just like
just a nice little lobby.
– [Together] Oh!
– That’s one,
that was one for you–
– [Jinger] Thank you, Carl!
– Okay.
Here we go.
Here’s the next one.
That was terrible.
Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.
Okay, two.
Oh my gosh! See what I mean?
– [Jinger] It’s harder than it looks.
– It’s way hard.
I’m terrible at ping pong. Okay.
(bell rings)
That counts! Okay, that’s a 1-1.
So wait, that’s makes
it like zero for this.
I gotta do it in this just to tie.
Technically, there’s more
chances for me to hit the blue
if I go, angle.
(suspenseful music)
(buzzer sounds)
Aw, Jinger.
You won the challenge.
– [Jinger] Yeah!
All right, Carl.
It is your roll. You are up.
– We’re all tied up right now.
– [Jinger] I know. This is crazy.
– [Together] Three!
– Okay.
I keep landing on the little
ones with the weird shapes.
– [Jinger] What are
you gonna choose, Carl?
– [Carl] I’m gonna go for the moon.
Maybe it says, Take a Nap Challenge.
What does it say? Penalty.
Skip a turn?
– [Jinger] Skip a turn!
– That’s basically take a nap.
That means you get to roll
the dice, take your turn,
and then, immediately, get to do it again.
– One, two, three.
– [Together] Go!
– [Carl] Here we go!
– Here we go!
– [Together] One,
– Bye, Carl.
– [Carl] You just passed me.
– [Jinger] I just went into the lead.
– [Carl] Yeah you did.
– Now, I get to roll
the dice again, don’t I?
– [Carl] Yeah but you gotta see
if there’s underneath there.
Is there like a challenge
or a penalty or anything?
– [Together] Nothing!
– [Carl] Okay, so you got a free turn.
I kinda like it when you’re
right next to me though.
– Aww.
– We’re all tied up.
I hope it’s a one!
– Five!
– [Carl] Five!
– One, two, three, four,
– [Together] Five!
– [Carl] There we go.
– Choose the O or the octopus?
– [Carl] I’m gonna let you pick–
– I’m feeling like we’re gonna do this.
I don’t know.
– [Carl] Octopus is cute–
– [Jinger] Last to Breathe Challenge!
– [Carl] Last to Breathe.
Awesome. We just saw that
on Steven Sheriff’s channel.
– Oh yeah!
I’m excited to do this one.
And so, for this Last
to Breathe Challenge,
we have to sink to the bottom of the pool,
weighted down by a medicine ball.
The last person to come up
for air wins the challenge.
Are you ready, Carl?
– Yeah, I’m all ready.
I just gotta catch my breath here.
I guess the last one to come up, right?
– That’s right.
– [Together] Let’s do it!
– Here we go.
(epic music)
(music drowns out speech)
Carl, you totally won!
– Yeah!
– Carl won that one fair and square.
My goggles filled all up with water
and I got clausterphobic
and I just couldn’t even deal.
All right, Carl, you are up.
You’re killing it in this
board game challenge.
This is crazy.
– One point right now,
but you’re in the lead,
so, hopefully, I get a good roll here.
(die slams)
– One. That’s not gonna help me much.
Two, three, unless there’s
something underneath here,
it will put me in the lead.
What do we got?
Roll the dice. Yes!
Okay, so I just got a free spin.
Another three!
I don’t know–
– [Together] One, two,
– [Jinger] Three!
(both laughing)
– [Jinger] All right.
– [Carl] You did that one, right?
– [Jinger] Yeah.
– [Carl] So this is the only thing left.
What does that say?
Trade. Wait.
– [Jinger] Trade Places!
(Carl laughing)
That’s where I am!
– That’s where you are?
Okay, here we go.
– Here we go.
– [Carl] We traded places.
Nothing mean anything.
You’re really close.
We’re both really close really
close to the finish but–
(die slams)
we’ll see.
– [Together] Four!
– [Carl] Let’s see.
– [Jinger] Nothing!
– [Carl] Nothing!
– [Jinger] All right, Carl,
let’s see what you got.
– I got a backspin for ya.
How ’bout this?
Here we go!
– [Together] Two!
– Okay, ready?
– [Jinger] Now more decisions!
– [Carl] Now I either gotta
go for the H or the house.
– [Jinger] I don’t know.
– [Carl] This one looks nice an cozy,
but it might be a trick.
We’ll see.
Here we go–
– [Jinger] It might be a trick.
– [Carl] Oh!
No way!
(bell ringing)
Go home! Instant victory!
– [Jinger] No!
(Carl laughing)
(Carl humming)
– I can’t do that dance, but I won!
(crowd cheering)
– The Game Board in Real Life Challenge,
this is so–
– What would have happened
if I picked the wrong one?
– [Jinger] Kay, if you
woulda picked the H–
– [Carl] Let’s just see.
Just, hypothetically, if I
woulda picked the wrong one,
go back six spaces!
– [Jinger] Oh!
(Carl counting)
That woulda been all the way back there.
You would’ve totally lost.
Man, that was like–
– That woulda been devastating.
– [Jinger] One way or the other.
(Carl exhales)
Good job.
– I won.
That was so close, you guys.
It came down to, basically, the last point
and a couple of lucky rolls–
– It was so close.
That coulda gone either way
there at the end, you guys.
– [Carl] It totally coulda,
and we didn’t even scratch the surface
because we had so many other challenges
and penalties that we didn’t
even come close to touching.
– We’re definitely gonna
have to play this game again.
If you guys liked this game,
you’re gonna like these
others that we picked
on screen just for you right now.
Check ’em out.
Also, follow us on
Instagram, @carl_and_jinger.
We’d love to chat with you guys over there
and we’ll see you guys next time.
– [Together] Bye!
– Yeah, if you voted
for me, thank you again.

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