WOULD YOU RATHER?! (Teens React: Gaming)

WOULD YOU RATHER?! (Teens React: Gaming)

♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪
– “Would You Rather?”
– “Would You Rather?”
I’ve never played
a video game version of it.
– Would You Rather is a school yard game
where someone gives you two options
and then you have to pick
which one you would rather do,
and they usually involve
really horrible, heinous things.
– (FBE) For this game,
we’re going to have you play
a handful of rounds
and see how often your opinion
sides with the majority.
– I’d like to say
that I’m with the majority,
but I guess we’ll find out today.
– I think I’m going to do pretty good.
I hope it doesn’t make me
look like a horrible person though.
– I am the opposite
of what the internet thinks,
so now you just destroyed my confidence
at how well I’m going to do at this.
– “Would you rather always know
when people are lying
or always get away with lying?”
I actually think
the majority of people think
always get away with lying.
I would always want to know
when people are lying.
I feel like that would help so much.
Oh, people actually picked that one.
– “As a gentleman”– which I am–
“would you rather paint your nails
or wear high heels?”
Hmmm, I’m going to have to go with paint.
If I wore high heels, I’d break my ankle.
Oh yeah, overwhelming majority.
81 to 19.
– “Would you rather visit
Hogwarts or visit Narnia?”
Okay, but in which book
because after book five,
Narnia kind of went downhill,
let’s be honest here.
So I’m just going to go Hogwarts.
Yeah, no, I’m not surprised by that.
Everyone likes Hogwarts.
– “If you had to star in one,
would you rather
the MTV series Teen Wolf”– ooh–
“or The Vampire Diaries.”
(groaning) That is so hard.
I love Dylan O’Brien
and who doesn’t love Dylan O’Brien?
I honestly think everyone else
is going to pick The Vampire Diaries.
Vampires are more of a sexier concept
than werewolves are,
but I’m going to choose MTV Teen Wolf.
Oh! Very close.
– “Would you rather be able
to freeze time for one hour every 24 hours
or be able to replicate one thing per day
that disappears after 24 hours?”
– Freeze time for one hour
every 24 hours.
You’re technically living a 25 hour day,
and it’s like I could sleep
for another hour,
or if I’m slammed with homework
I could do that for another hour.
– I’m going to with freeze time.
Sometimes I’m always like, damn,
I wish I had an extra hour to do something.
– Okay, 77% of people said
be able to freeze time for one hour
every 24 hours. Yeah!
– “Would you rather have a monster truck
or a chariot with horses?”
A chariot with horses
because that is so majestic.
What if a monster truck
squishes my monster truck?
Like, I don’t want that happening.
So I want horses and a little chariot.
Oh. They want to live on the edge.
Life on the edge–
it’s not all that great, guys.
– “Would you rather run
the world’s only unicorn petting zoo
or always have the car of your dreams?”
If I run the world’s
only unicorn petting zoo,
then I have a monopoly.
I can just charge whatever I want
and then buy the car of my dreams.
So– (scoffing) come on,
unicorn petting zoo.
Wha– what?!
No! They didn’t look
at it from my point of view,
where you can just– come on.
– “Would you rather
eat Nutella or eat bacon?”
This is really hard. Wow.
I’m going to say eat Nutella.
(sighing) I love bacon too,
but Nutella’s just so good.
– “Would you rather
be an Olympic tennis player
or be an Olympic table tennis player?”
Table tennis, I mean,
it stands out more as a sport,
especially when you think about it
as an Olympic sport.
You’re like, “Table tennis? Olympics?”
I’m going to ahead and pick table tennis.
I’m hoping the internet sides with me.
Oh, I guess not.
I don’t know. I like table tennis.
It’s easier than real tennis.
– “Would you rather
have $150 in quarters
or have $100 in paper money?”
– Would you, like, go to the bank
and exchange those quarters for dollars?
Oh, look! Wait, I just got to scroll down.
You can’t exchange
your quarters for paper money.
I would definitely choose
the paper money then
because lugging around
$150 worth of quarters is a lot.
– When I was younger,
I really liked Scrooge McDuck,
so I put a bunch of coins in my bathtub
and then got in it,
and all it accomplished
was me smelling like metal,
so I don’t like coins.
Let’s go with paper money.
Ah! Yeah, see, the smart bet
would $150, but phobia, man.
– “You’re playing Connect Four
against an emotionally unstable man
with an explosive temper.
Would you rather
take him down or let him win?”
I’m pretty sure the internet,
being how it is,
and a lot of people like to act tough
behind a computer screen,
I’m pretty sure a lot more people
are going to go with take him down.
I don’t think I would really want to start
a fight over Connect Four, you know?
Like, I’m going to end up
in the hospital because of this guy.
Oh, okay.
All right, I’m in the majority.
– “Would you rather work recycling
human poop for the rest of your life
or work with dangerous
and explosive chemicals
for the rest of your life?”
For sure, recycling human poop.
If you’re working with dangerous
and explosive chemicals,
then you’ll probably die
at a very young age.
It’s not like if you’re working with poop,
like you’re going to die.
And you could shower when you get home.
Why would you want to do that?
– “Would you rather be sent into space
without enough oxygen
or be thrown naked
into a pit of deadly scorpions?”
So would you rather die or die?
I ate a scorpion, so I feel like
if I was thrown into a pit of them,
they would want revenge,
and it would hurt extra.
My tombstone would look awesome
if I was sent into space and died.
Let’s do that.
68% want to asphyxiate. Awesome!
– “Would you rather
fall two stories onto concrete
or fall two stories into freezing water?”
Falling two stories onto concrete,
there’s more of a chance you will die.
It’s concrete.
But into freezing water,
you’ll probably get hypothermia,
but I don’t think you would die.
Zach, you twisted person.
I can’t believe you.
This is horrible.
Yeah, see?
These people right here,
they need to see a therapist.
– “Would you rather watch
an uninterrupted WNBA double header
or listen to an entire
Nickelback CD in one sitting?”
Wow, that is a shot to WNBA.
Or Nickelback.
Basketball is basketball at its core,
so I’m going to go
with watching uninterrupted
WNBA double header.
Yep, that’s what I thought
was going to happen.
– “Would you rather
have all of your limbs cut off
by a very dull butter knife
or have to go to every
single local WNBA game
for the rest of your life?”
I would rather go to every
single local WNBA game
for the rest of my life.
I don’t get how someone could
actually rather have their limbs cut off.
Like, no.
Yeah, 85%.
– “Would you rather have
a beer belly or three chins?”
Oh no!
I’m a girl and having skinny arms
with the beer belly would not look right,
but then, at the same time,
having three chins
wouldn’t look right either.
I’m just going to go with the lesser evil.
– “Would you rather non-stop peeing
for the rest of your life
or non-stop crying
for the rest of your life?”
I would do crying.
Crying is socially acceptable.
Peeing is not.
Yeah. Wow, I’m surprised
by the amount of people
who picked non-stop peeing.
– “Would you rather eat all your meals
where the food is freezing cold
or eat all your meals with
five tablespoons of salt poured onto it?”
I already do the salt thing,
and people criticize me all the time.
The people that like cold pizza,
I don’t get those people either.
Why do you like your pizza cold?
Knowing a lot of people that critize me,
I’m pretty sure they’d also be like,
“Why the hell would you put
five tablespoons of salt?”
Yeah, see? I guess I’m weird.
– “Would you rather find out
that you swallowed
a spider in your sleep
or find out that your waiter
had spit in your meal?
Easily, find out that my waiter
had spit in my meal.
Like, I hate spiders.
I can’t– I hate– that’s my biggest fear.
It wouldn’t be a big deal to me
if I found out that a waiter
spit in my food.
Ugh, I can’t do it. Okay.
Oh, really? They said spi–
people are sick!
People are so twisted.
– “Would you rather”– oh no–
“punch every trick-or-treater
that knocks on your door in the face
or answer the door for
trick-or-treaters completely naked?”
Oh man! I don’t want
to do either of those.
Can I click “or”?
Ooh, we do give out the king sized bars,
so if I punched them in the face
and then gave them a king sized bar,
they’d accept my apology
rather than me being completely naked
in front of young children.
I feel like that’s a lot worse than–
(sighing) but you’re
still punching a child.
I’m going to have to go
with punch every trick-or-treater
that knocks on your door in the face.
Oh, wha–?! 49% of people
wanted to answer the door naked
in front of little kids and their parents.
That’s too weird.
I can’t believe that one was that close.
– “Would you rather eat
only chewed up food
from out of a toothless
elderly person’s mouth
or eat only chewed up food
from out of a young chainsmoker’s mouth?”
If I’m going to have to eat
it out of somebody’s mouth,
I’d rather it be a young person
than an old person,
and maybe it’s a young, attractive female
who could become my soul mate
and I could stop her from chain smoking
and make both of our lives better.
So, really, I’m just trying
to save the world.
Really?! Only 45% of people agree with me?
You do you, man.
Just stay away from my retirement home.
– (FBE) So you sided
with the majority 50% of the time.
– That’s pretty good.
Obviously, I’m not going
to have the same opinion
as everyone on the internet.
– Wait, seriously?
I disagreed that many times?
I felt like I agreed
with people so much more.
– I wouldn’t change any of my answers.
I’d probably still stick with my answers.
– I love Would You Rather.
It’s just a fun game.
Like, you don’t actually
have to do this stuff.
– That was fun.
It made you think a lot.
Like, I low key have
a small headache now.
– Nobody would ever opinionate
these questions in their mind,
just on their own without a prompt,
but when you actually look at it,
you’re like, “What would I do?”
I would rather play it than not play it.
– Thanks for watching us play
Would You Rather on the React channel.
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– Bye, guys.
– Hey, guys. I’m Megan,
one of the producers for the React channel.
Thanks for watching
this episode of gaming.
Let us know what other games
you want to see
our teens play in the comments.
♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪

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