interviews green card lottery 2012 winners interviews green card lottery 2012 winners

Reporter: This is Anna Demidchik – a 27 year old law student from Russia. For several years – she submitted an entry – to the green card lottery – that could give her permanent residency in the United States. In early May, she got the news – she’d been hoping for. Anna: There was this winning notification – saying..congratulations! …please get your papers and ship them to Kentucky Consular Center …as soon as possible. Reporter: The news seem to be too good to be true – and it was. Two weeks later – she was alerted to this statement on the State Department’s website – saying the lottery had suffered a computer glitch – and the results were now invalid. Anna: I thought that…could not be happening – I never heard of … this kind of thing happening at all – I mean how could the Department of State…like a huge government agency – have a glitch on their website. Reporter: The mistake affected about – 22000 applicants across the world. Among them – people like “Ugoo Anieto” – a Nigerian – who moved to Texas 2 years ago – to study for a PHD in molecular biology. Ugoo: You heard the story…we WON…and the Department of State invalidated the results. Reporter: Anieto has wanted to live in the U.S. – ever since he was a boy. When he idolized Michael Jordan – and hung a map of the United States on his bedroom wall. Ugoo: Ever since – I came..I have tried to make this place…my home…you know …much as I love to…enough to go to Nigeria – anytime I get the opportunity …I am pretty much comfortable here…so, I just like it the way it is. Reporter: The State Department responded to the error – by releasing this video on youtube. “Although we receive large numbers of entries – everyday during the 30-day registration period – a computer programming error caused more than 90% of the selctees to come from the first 2 days – of the registration period. The computer error that caused this unfair, non-random result has since been corrected.” Reporter: The State Department – is holding a second lottery draw results of which will be known around July 15. But this is little solace to the victims of the mistake – and so a lawsuit is being prepared against the State Department – on behalf of the 22000 people affected. Till last result though – people like “Anna Demidchik” continue to pursue the American dream while they can. Partly as the result of this experience – she says..she is interested in becoming an immigration lawyer – when she graduates next year. Anna: I might have to push even harder…to the best attorney possible…to make myself known – in the immigration law community. So, I could possibly visa – and then maybe an employment-based green card. That’s what I’m planning to do now – basically the same thing…as I planned… before the green card – but now it’s just more stress. And I’m working even harder at that. For the Wall Street Journal – this is Neil Hickey in Washington.

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  1. What about an invisible card lottery?
    Charge people 100 dollars and show them how their money disappears ?tell them to wait………and then wait some more?

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