WWE Buying AEW Partner?! WWE Star Wants AEW Move! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2019

WWE Buying AEW Partner?! WWE Star Wants AEW Move! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2019

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coming to the Summerslam card, and the real
reason Dolph Ziggler was chosen to face Goldberg
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Something I swore at last night was the utter
bastard MJF. Look, me and MJF have had our
differences. He once said this to me on a
podcast – and do you know what, that was all
fine. But now, now he’s getting personal.
Because this utter bellend posted on Twitter:
“All versions of Power Rangers suck. You’re
an idiot for liking it.
How very bloody dare you, sir. How dare you
insult a show that I loved when I was a child
even though it was a thinly veiled toy commercial
with not very good acting, a series of mediocre
video games, a not-very-good-movie and a bunch
of spin-offs that I literally didn’t care
about. How dare you insult all of that! What’s
next? You gonna shoot on Transformers too?
I dare you. I double dare you mother fu–.
So, there you have it, MJF is now this industry’s
biggest heel.
From the classless to the classy now, as Ring
of Honor announced yesterday that they have
signed The Prestigious One, Joe Hendry. The
former Impact star and sometime collaborator
with WrestleTalk – whatever happened to Grado
being the general manager? – will debut with
the company soon but there’s no official
date as of right now. What they did release,
however, was this amazing trailer video.
And if you want to see more of Joe on WrestleTalk,
then head on over to our ScreenStalker movie
and video game channel, where this week we
had Joe Hendry on to talk about what WWE2K20
can learn from his favourite wrestling games
Smackdown 2: Know Your Role, and WWF No Mercy
for the N64. Which, as well know, is the single
greatest wrestling game ever made… apart
from WrestleMania 2000, of course. Or Royal
Rumble for the Mega Drive.
This weekend not only sees NXT TakeOver: Toronto
with awesome matches announced like Adam Cole
vs. Johnny Gargano, Io Shirai vs. Candice
LaRea and Undisputed Era vs. Street Profits,
it will also see WWE have their biggest party
of the summer, Summerfest. I mean Slam, Summerslam.
The card sees Brock Lesnar defend his Universal
Championship against Seth Rollins and his
massive bank account, Becky Lynch defend her
Raw Women’s Championship against Natalya,
Bayley defend her Smackdown Women’s Championship
against Ember Moon, the in-ring debut of The
Fiend, Trish Stratus return to in-ring competition
to face Charlotte Flair, and Dolph Ziggler
taking on the returning Goldberg.
Despite advertising that Miz would take on
Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam, this was indeed
a red herring as reported by Dave Meltzer
last week – with Goldberg returning to Raw
to sign the contract and tell Dolph that he’s
Dave Meltzer also reported last week that
we might see more of Goldberg moving forward,
with Paul Heyman wanting to emulate Bruno
Sammartino at the end of his wrestling career,
where he would come back for one or two shows
a year for a big grudge match. And while him
facing Ziggler doesn’t feel much like a
grudge match, Tom Colohue of Pro Wrestling
Torch and Sportskeeda is reporting that there
is a reason Dolph was chosen over everyone
else on the roster.
According to Colohue, Ziggler was chosen,
“For his experience. Everyone looks good
wrestling with Dolph. WWE loves Dolph. There’s
nothing he can’t do.” Adding: “You remember
the Jackhammer [at Super Showdown against
The Undertaker]? I do. We all do. Dolph’s
safe and he doesn’t weigh too much, really.”
One of the other planned matches for Summerslam
was Aleister Black vs. Sami Zayn, but that
instead took place on this week’s Smackdown
instead. Interestingly it’s being reported
that Black vs. Zayn wasn’t taken on the
show due to timing reasons, but because of
Vince McMahon tearing up the Smackdown script
twice before just hours before this week’s
show went live. The report from Dave Meltzer
is that once Vince had taken out all of the
things he hated from the show, there was an
hour of time left to fill – and so the decision
was made to put Black vs. Zayn on Smackdown
rather than Summerslam, and would explain
why the main event of New Day vs. The Planeteers
went through two commercial breaks.
One of the other rumoured matches for Summerslam
was Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns, but that
has since been scrapped as Vince McMahon reportedly
felt the storyline needed more time to develop
and he didn’t want to rush into the match.
WrestleVotes are reporting that it could be
Roman vs. Buddy Murphy, but they are also
unsure if that match will go ahead. Dave Meltzer
has added that there could be an angle that
takes place on the show between Reigns, Bryan
and Rowan – but it’s unconfirmed at this
And the same can be said Drew McIntyre vs.
Cedric Alexander – which has been building
for several weeks now. According to Meltzer,
Drew vs. Cedric is currently on the running
order for the show as of Thursday, but it
could be removed come the day of the show.
Something that isn’t going anywhere or being
removed and changed, is the WrestleLeague
Season Two Punishment Music Video. It’s
a tight race to the bottom of the table between
myself Pete, and Laurie – where you could
hear us sing [use rushes from yesterday].
Vote in the poll above my head and we’ll
collate all the numbers together to announce
a winner in our Summerslam review on Monday.
And don’t forget that Summerslam isn’t
just the end of WrestleLeague Season Two,
it’s also the start of Season Three which
will then run until Survivor Series in November.
Like WrestleMania 25, this Sunday will be
where WrestleLeague begins… again.
Someone who isn’t on the Summerslam card
this year is Rey Mysterio, who in the last
couple of weeks has lost twice to Andrade
in what is being reported as the start of
a push for the former “Cien” Almas. However,
I’ve heard that story before so I’ll believe
it when I see it.
It’s now being reported that Rey is transitioning
into an enhancement talent – essentially there
to put over the younger guys and try and help
turn them into stars. Meltzer said on Wrestling
Observer Radio that, “The mentality is that
Rey is 44 years old so because he’s 44 years
old, his basic thing is to get new guys over”.
However Meltz notes that might not be the
same mentality for Mysterio himself, and speculates
that he could just run out his contract which
ends next October, saying that he would jump
to AEW “in a heartbeat”. Mysterio wrestled
for the prototype of All Elite Wrestling last
year at All In – teaming with Bandido and
Rey Fenix against The Golden Elite of Kota
Ibushi and The Young Bucks, and Meltzer adds
that those in charge of AEW “love” Rey
Mysterio and “wouldn’t abuse him” like
WWE currently are.
And it’s just another element to the on-going
WWE vs. AEW war, which is only going to get
hotter when All Elite Wrestling debuts on
TNT on October 2nd. Along with reports that
WWE are set to have NXT going head-to-head
with AEW when they move to Fox, it’s also
being reported that WWE are in talks to buy
wrestling streaming platform FITE TV.
Fite TV currently plays host to several wrestling
companies such as Ring of Honor, MLW, Impact
Wrestling and – crucially – All Elite Wrestling.
Dave Meltzer is reporting in the Observer
that WWE are so far in the discussion phase
with FITE, that meetings between the two parties
are set for next week. Should WWE buy FITE,
this would remove one of AEW’s big streaming
partners – but as Meltzer notes, All Elite
Wrestling also have B/R Live, and there’s
always a chance they could air their shows
on one of Turner’s streaming services. But
it’s yet another example of WWE doing everything
they can to squash AEW before they even get
going on TNT.
come October, we could end up seeing the long-rumoured
Wednesday Night War – as it’s now being
reported that FS1 are set to air NXT on Wednesday
nights. But it won’t be the current one-hour
taped format – and will instead air from 8
to 10pm – directly competing against All Elite
Wrestling’s new weekly show on TNT.
As of now nothing is official, but the reported
internal feeling is that a taped show won’t
work against AEW’s live two-hour format,
so it will have to become a live show itself
but there has been no decision made on whether
the show would stay at Full Sail University
or become a touring brand like Raw and Smackdown.
If the show does move to FS1, that would likely
take it off the WWE Network, but will feature
more main roster stars appearing on the show
in an effort to boost the ratings. While TNT
is available in more homes than FS1, the feeling
is that WWE is the more recognisable brand
to wrestling fans. And as been previously
noted, WWE don’t need to beat AEW in the
ratings, they just need to make a dent in
This has been a long-standing rumour, and
Meltzer notes in the Observer that WWE were
waiting to see a date and timeslot for AEW
on TNT before making any final decisions.
On a conference call to promote this Saturday’s
NXT TakeOver: Toronto, Triple H addressed
the possibility of NXT being on FS1 and said,
“We have content all over the place, and
if people want to talk about counter-programming
and bring that up in the conversation – like,
Wednesday has been the home of NXT forever.
Right? That’s where it’s sat; it’s been on
our network on a Wednesday’s time slot now
forever. And when other people announce [their
show] on Wednesday, you don’t hear talk about
counter-programming. You just hear, ‘the announcement’.
For us, everything is ‘counter-programming’…
We plan things long in advance.”
Want to see me suck at a 30-year old CastleVania
game? Well, click the video that’s just
appeared on screen to head on over to ScreenStalker
– here’s a clip.

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