WWE NEWS – Why Top Wrestlers Are MISSING SummerSlam 2019/Stephanie McMahon REVEALS AEW Competition!

WWE NEWS – Why Top Wrestlers Are MISSING SummerSlam 2019/Stephanie McMahon REVEALS AEW Competition!

Heres your news for
August 10th 2019
We’re starting off today with some
24/7 Championship news as Drake
Maverick’s quest to become a
five time champion continues
to escalate.
This week, the British Superstar
clearly did his homework, as after
he realised that John Cena was
the childhood hero of R-Truth,
dressed as the 16 time World
Champion for a meet
and greet with the rapping
Getting an autograph and a photo
with Truth, Maverick was able to
get a two count though the wily
veteran Truth was able to
kick out.
This wouldn’t be the end of the
24/7 Champion’s adventure though,
as mere moments later, Titus
O’Neil, the first Superstar to ever
hold the gold, tried to pin him
but to no avail.
As an eleven-time 24/7 Champion,
Truth’s reigns have quickly become
one of the most entertaining
aspects of WWE today, and time
will only tell which Superstar is
able to win the gold from him.
Whilst R-Truth may be having plenty
of time to showcase himself on WWE
TV, not everyone is so lucky.
Though Summerslam is shaping
up to be a huge show, some
Superstars won’t be appearing,
including the Revival, who are
yet to sign new contracts with
the company.
The fact that they recently lost
the RAW Tag Team titles probably
won’t help the chance of the duo
re-signing, and in fact, no tag
team gold is expected at the
something that has clearly
annoyed Dash Wilder.
On Twitter, Wilder asked his
followers which tag team match
they are most excited for at
Summerslam, highlighting the fact
that there will be no tag gold on
the line.
Wilder’s fellow tag team wrestlers
weren’t pleased either, as Peyton
Royce, who lost the Women’s
Tag Team titles with Billie Kay replied
with several sad emojis, as the
Aussie Superstar clearly isn’t
happy with missing the biggest
party of the Summer.
Speaking of Royce there was
speculation that the Women’s
Tag Team Fatal 4 way
that took place on this week’s RAW
was scheduled for the Pay Per
View, though something
caused the red brand’s Executive
Director Paul Heyman to jump
the gun.
According to Dave Meltzer of the
Wrestling Observer, Heyman made
the choice to move the match
to RAW, as he felt it would not be
given the proper amount of time
on pay per view, and instead
became one of this week’s
RAW’s biggest shockers.
With Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss as
the new champions, it’ll be intere
sting to see whether their reign
will be treated better than The
IIconics, who only defended the
titles three times since their win at
WrestleMania, and reportedly only
won the titles for a feud with the
Bella Twins, that because of
Nikki’s forced retirement, sadly
never happened.
Speaking of injuries, independent
megastar PAC recently suffered an
injury at a TNT Extreme event
in Liverpool, but he is apparently
doing okay despite a horrifying
picture surfacing online.
The image appears to show some
bone sticking out of the former
Cruiseweight Champion’s leg,
though the Wrestling Observer
Newsletter has reported that the
injury is just a bad gash in his thigh.
Hopefully, PAC will be able to
recover from this injury quickly,
as he Is one of the frontrunners
rumoured to be one of Chris
Jericho’s mystery partners
when the former
Undisputed Champion takes on
The Elite on the first AEW TV
show on October 2nd.
If PAC is unable to make it to the
event, there are plenty of other
options for Jericho, as huge tag
teams like LAX and the Lucha
Bros have also been rumoured
to be his partners.
It’s time to clear up some fake news
going around the wrestling world,
as despite reports, the WWE
are not in talks to purchase Fite TV.
In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter
earlier this week, a report went out
that the McMahon led
promotion was looking at buying
the streaming service, which would
have had a major impact on
the independent wrestling
promotions who use Fite TV.
Fite TV is also the home of Starr
cast, and though a WWE purchase
could be possible, the streaming
service went on record to
disparage the rumors.
On social media, Fite TV said that
the service was here to stay, and
denied any claims that they were
in discussions with WWE.
Though you would think that that
statement would put these rumors
to bed, fans are now
wondering whether Fite have been
told to deny the rumors by WWE,
as part of their talks.
Whatever happens, expect some
interesting things from both WWE
and Fite TV in the very near future.
Continuing with WWE now, and the
company is trying a bold new
strategy to make it appear like
they’re selling out shows.
Over the past year or so, several
WWE events, including house shows,
TV events and even Pay Per
Views have struggled to sell out,
and thanks to smart phones and
social media, pictures of rows
upon rows of empty seats can
be found online.
According to the Wrestling Observer
Newsletter this week, the company
is trying something
different for two shows in September,
as they are deliberately trying to
position fans on the hard camera.
For the September 23rd and
September 24th tapings of RAW
and SmackDown, the company
selling tickets on the lower bowl
area of the arena, and thanks to
some well positioned cameras, will
give the illusion that the two shows
in San Francisco are sold out.
So if you’re a fan who is camera
shy and doesn’t want to appear
on TV, then you’re probably best
waiting for this first batch of tickets
to sell out, though given WWE’s
poor performance at the gate
recently, you may be waiting
for quite some time.
It is interesting to see whether this
strategy works, as even if it does,
it will probably raise more
issues, as since the cameras will
show the audience behind the ring,
that means that any Superstars
cutting a promo will be talking to
a see of empty seats.
Hopefully, WWE will be able to turn
things around and get butts back in
those seats in the very near future.
With Summerslam being this Sunday,
the WWE and it’s staff are going all
out to promote the biggest
party of the Summer, and this
week, Stephanie McMahon
spoke to Fortune.com
to talk all things wrestling.
The website didn’t take it easy on
the WWE’s chief branding officer,
asking her about the company’s
future following declining ratings
that have been blamed on the
creative decision.
McMahon admitted that things
weren’t the best right now, but
said how things can always get
better, saying:
“We want to surprise and delight
our audience and give them an
experience that’s worthy
of their passion.”
The former WWE Women’s
Champion also gave the company
line about wanting to put smiles on
fans faces, but handled the
pressure well when she was
asked about AEW.
With reports of WWE moving NXT
to FOX to compete with AEW, it’s
clear the McMahon led
promotion is taking All Elite seriously,
though Stephanie was positive in
her view of the new
company, saying:
“I think it will ultimately make us
all better, I really do.”
Well while one new aspect of
wrestling is just getting started,
one is shutting own for good, as
former WWE Superstar Lance
Storm has announced that his
wrestling school will close after
15 years in operation.
After his WWE retirement match
against Chris Jericho at ECW One
Night Stand in 2005, the former
Intercontinental Champion opened
the Storm Wrestling Academy in
Calgary, and helped train many
stars of WWE.
Amongst his successes, Storm
helped train stars like Tyler Breeze,
Peyton Royce, Oney Lorcan,
Tenille Dashwood and Tara Valkyrie
for their careers in the ring.
In a statement, Storm said he found
his time as a trainer “very rewarding”
and was grateful for
making a positive impact
on the industry.
Storm also said that he will still be
accepting pupils for his last session,
which starts of September 9th,
and though the academy will
close for good by the end of
the year,
this isn’t the end for the man
In the statement, Storm said it is
time for him to redirect his life and
wrestling career, and given the
fact that he recently took on a
role as a backstage producer in
Impact Wrestling, it seems the future
is bright for the master of the
half Boston crab.
And finally today we’re ending with
some news from Becky Lynch, as
the reigning RAW Women’s
Champion isn’t pulling any
Though she has a huge match
this Sunday against Natalya,
Lynch took some time
Sports, and turned her attention
to former RAW Women’s Champion
Sasha Banks.
In the interview, The Man blasted
Banks for leaving the company
after her WrestleMania 35 loss
earlier this year, and told her
that the loss could have been a
chance for the Boss to grow.
Not holding back, Lynch also bad-
mouthed Banks’ social media game,
as the former Champion has
barely referenced wrestling since
taking her absence.
“Instead, she wants to talk about ‘
Oh the freaking wind and the
butterflies and the freaking cacoons,
and I’m a rabbit that’s coming from
the earth and the soil,’ and whatever
else she wants to put on
her little freaking social media crap.”
Whether this will lead to a match
between the two is unclear, as
despite rumors of Banks being
ready to return, the company
hasn’t even hinted at a
During the interview, Lynch also
continued to attack former Women’s
Champion Ronda Rousey as
the UFC star hasn’t been seen
since losing to the Man at
Much like Banks, only time will tell
if Rousey returns to WWE, but
given her real-life friendship to
Lynch’s Summerslam opponent
Natalya, it could be sooner
than we think
So guys, the final SummerSlam
match card
*WWE Universal Champion
Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins.
*WWE Champion
Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton.
*Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens.
*WWE Raw Women’s Champion
Becky Lynch vs. Natalya:
Submission Match
*WWE Smackdown Women’s
Bayley vs. Ember Moon.
*WWE United States Champion
AJ Styles vs. Ricochet.
*Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor.
*Bill Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler.
*Trish Stratus vs. Charlotte Flair.
Well guys , that’s the news for today
Let us know your thoughts down in the
comments below
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  3. its embarrassing to see so many seats empty. vince doesnt realize that shitting on his own people just for the hell of it and not for entertainment purposes really screwed himself in the long run.

  4. Becky Lynch had let that belt go to her head. Ronda Rousey left to try to conceive a baby while she can. Then she is complaining about Sasha Banks not being there. These wrestlers are frustrated with The McMahons. As for The same fans who wanted Roman to stop being overpushed, I don't care one way or the other, I love Roman Reigns. He is the reason why I continue to watch WWE shows. As for all the championship belts, I am tired of seeing the same old faces going for the belt!

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  7. About tickets only being sold on the camera side starting out. Yes it makes sense but there could be a huge problem. Floor seats and lower level seats cost more. People aren’t willing to go so why would they want to pay more to go? Unless the WWE offers lower prices on these tickets or some kind of deal.
    Ask yourself would you spend $80 on a ticket to attend Raw? Most people won’t and that includes myself. $50 or less I may think about it.

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    It's CRIMINAL that NONE of the tag titles are being defended at Summer Slam.

    If WWE are having trouble filling seats, they SHOULD book SMALLER venues….

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    As for WWE Buying FITE, that would be a very petty move given that they ALREADY have the Network.

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