Wynn Poker Classic $250,000 Guaranteed!

Wynn Poker Classic $250,000 Guaranteed!

when $600 day one be 250 cake guaranteed
possible overlay if they don’t get a
little over 300 people today overlays
are great for the poker ecosystem it’s
always good when the casino our online
site has to put up money to meet the
guarantee of the prize pool for instance
if there’s a 20% overlay that means if
you’re a break-even player long term
after rake you’re now expected to make a
20% profit at any given tournament with
a 20% overlay same math applies if
you’re a negative 20% loser long term
you’re now a break-even player and you
can gamble have fun and break even a
long term let’s hope there’s more
overlays in the future it also makes the
field softer because people that were
normally on the fence as to whether or
not they’re gonna put up $600 now have
motive to get in there and gamble it up
if they think there’s added money in the
prize pool their friends might put them
in or they might get additional staking
from other investors so let’s embrace
the overlays you can find an overlay of
almost 20% equaling $200,000 every
Sunday on America’s card room 265 dollar
buying low rake huge overlay excellent
opportunity to get a six-figure score
for the low price of $265 on America’s
card room sign up today using bonus code
Boesky we’re gonna bag and tag around
a lot of great hands to report to you
guys so stay tuned
it is raining in Vegas hope you enjoy
the time-lapse
with blinds at 100 100 100 run to the
gun 5 handed with pocket sixes we raise
it up to 300 middle-aged Asian on the
button makes it five thousand three
hundred twenty K starting stag probably
a misclick but we’re gonna have to go
ahead and put in the fold at this time
an hour goes by and we win zero pots
that’s right a lot of folding a lot of
seeing flops and missing down to twelve
thousand ships with blinds at 100 200
200 we have 12,000 ships still zero pots
one break is announced so we raise it up
to 600 Ace King off middle position
calls hijack it shows all in for 11,500
we’re all in middle position folds King
Jack suited face-up CLOB comes some rags
turn is the ACE and the river is the
three were crippled down to 700 ships a
fine way to go to break still zero pots
one would have been above starting stack
if you don’t get to outer down the river
that’s the pain of tournament poker
unsure if I’m gonna reenter I’m
extremely tilted based on a lot of
things that have gone on today just
smell the bait pen and cigarette so the
same breath can’t think straight
horrible weather I asked a guy to show
his hand for a dollar he replied with I
got 100 K on me broke
why would I want your dollar I’ve got
some high rollers in the 600 the
butterfly effect is a real thing more so
and MTTs than anything else how one
action can change the course of each
subsequent action throughout the
tournament I’ve been the victim of this
in the first two hours
so I sit down from brake guy on my right
looks at my stack five different times
and it says what happened bro did you
lose a big pot the last hand before
break please think before you ask such
questions it’s common courtesy so here I
am 2:30 in my truck on the roof of the
wind parking garage contemplating if I
want to throw another six hundred
dollars into the fire with negative
momentum or will the new table draw a
new mindset put me on the path to
victory was I meant to win this
tournament or was I meant to just go
home and call it a day that’s the
decision I have to make who knows the
fate really exists maybe I do have
control over my choices maybe not mental
state and preparation of mental state
will play a big factor in if I just
drive home right now or I walk back into
the wind hand over another six hundred
dollars try to run up a stack
I don’t know I don’t know what I’m gonna
do Sun has come out I’ll take that as a
sign I’m not a quitter let’s gamble
all right you guys love hand histories
so here’s a couple hands for you with
blinds at one hundred three hundred
three hundred I raise it up with ace
deuce of spades to eight hundred in
early position one flattered behind me
in the blinds call the flop comes King
Queen six king queen of spades so we got
the flush draw and over card you put in
the C bet of fourteen hundred person
behind me calls and big blind calls the
turn is the three of diamonds a brick
now it’s time to apply the pressure fold
out all marginal Holdings and build the
pot for when we hit our flush or ace two
ways of winning a lot of good things can
happen with a bet here as opposed to a
check big blind checks and we’ve got
four thousand chips setting up a river
jam late position folds big blind calls
I’m putting him on a weak King possibly
a smaller force draw or hand like jacked
an off the river comes a nine so Jack
ten gets there he checks and although we
do have a range advantage really hate to
just ship it in there and punt it off
when this card doesn’t change too much
so we check and he shows us king five of
Hearts good calls hard to full top hair
when I’m reppin top hair better kicker
plus with blinds at 200 500 500 we
folded every hand to go from 16,000 down
to about 12,000 finally we open up with
pocket deuces to 1200 in middle position
small blind calls the
blind calls the flop comes ace-jack six
two diamonds of course we have fourth
pair but we’re looking to wrap the ACE
and get them to fold out their jacks
smaller pairs Broadway draws or even
call with the flush draw a lot of good
things can happen if we bet here so they
check we bet 2000 small blindfolds big
blind calls the turn is an off suit for
a brick he checks now we’re gonna put on
max pressure to hopefully get them to
fold a jack and ace or call with a flush
draw you know these are some good things
that can happen by us betting so we bet
3,500 we have 6500 behind we’re saying
we’re playing four stacks here you want
to play you got to call off your
tournament here on the river we’re going
for it he puts in the call hopefully
he’s got a flush draw the river is a six
pairing the board he checks he’s being
stubborn with a jack or an ace or he
missed with the flush draw
so there’s no reason to jam now we check
back and he shows ace eat off suit way
to hang on why full top here these
people don’t fold top here why don’t
even try with 7,500 chips we’re under
the gun plus one at 200 500 500 under
the gun limps we looked down at pocket
fives is he setting the trap do we just
fold do we limp we’ve been extremely
tight just getting blinded away at this
table so we shove all in everyone folds
to the limper who snap calls the trap
was set and he shows ace Jack offsuit
perfectly fine we can run up we can win
this race
pop comes 6/10 ace turn is a deuce and
the river is an ace and we are out of
the win $600 250 K in for $1,200 didn’t
even make it past reentry period not
going to re-enter some days it’s just
not meant to be just wasn’t on my a-game
today mostly because I was just getting
shit cards bad flops when I did see a
flop just a lot of folding a lot of
things have to go right to win a
tournament today nothing went right and
we’re out $1,200
pretty tilting and disappointing until
next time sign up on ACR used to pass
code Boesky sorry for being negative but
this is the reality of live tournaments
in Las Vegas it’s tough to keep a mental
mindset that’s positive when everything
is going wrong thanks for subscribing
click the thumbs up button and hit those
alerts for future live streams and vlogs
take care guys
better luck to you

100 thoughts on “Wynn Poker Classic $250,000 Guaranteed!”

  1. Was this some kind of PokerStars time machine tournament??? What kind of butterfly effect did you cause? Wow… nobody can fold top pair. What the hell was going on? I mean this takes me back to the time when brsavage was tearing up the P5's messageboards and JohnnyBax had yet to have his nuts ridden for stakes.

  2. Considered dropping the "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant" quote but instead I'll go with "Boski, you can't die. You can't die. You know why? 'Cause you're gonna be a father. You're gonna be a daddy. I wasn't supposed to tell you. You're gonna be a father."

  3. You didn't win but at least you're not a hat salesman trying to pose as a poker player. Keep grinding you'll win one soon

  4. You going to play the classic on Wednesday for the 5k survivor or maybe the 250k next weekend? I am driving down to play both.

  5. If you don't feature this comment on your next VLOG, the simulation Gods will ensure you marry a Morbidly Obese Woman.

  6. It's tough luck, but I can relate so much. Such a common situationl, That's why you the best man. You'll get em next time. You can't bluff a fish with top tair. , luckily you a shark. One win and you half way to the Tesla maybe all the way if the tourny is good. So keep grinding bud.

  7. For me – in tournament poker – the frustration is so little has to do with quality of play and so much luck is involved. And this can go on for seemingly a looooong time.

    Deep breath. Have a steak. Shake it off. Win your next Tournament.

  8. If you're not on your A game playing poker, try to take consolation from being on your A game with these vlogs – the standard is consistently high

  9. Stick with it Jeff, you're a consummate professional, it's coming, I can feel it. Sometimes the fish get away but the shark is still top of the food chain.

  10. Boski, you might not have had the nuts in regards to cards, but you've got the nuts on your play style. I'm learning a lot about max pressure. Hope I can establish the same, but with me being married for 21 years; getting the nuts is going to prove difficult. Keep the vlogs coming and ready to see some wins, soon… 🙂

  11. When the hate is real…
    On the serious tip though I very much understand the frustration when players aren't doing what we think they should in response to our moves. We have a guy in our home game who's a pretty high level thinking player but loses a fair chunk of money because he refuses to adjust to some of the horrific donkeys playing in our game, and berates them instead of adjusting . I'm just surprised to see the unawareness level from players in a $600 buy in, but hey, it's their money. Deep breath , readjust , understand they're not going to understand what you're doing and ABC it accordingly against them.
    I firmly believe you have the tools to get it done sir. Hang in. Aggress, evaluate and adapt. You will hit the upswing.

  12. Shake it off there is goning to be a plethora times of being card dead. You nailed it in your vlog. Head over to your massage palor and prepare for next mtt battle.

  13. That's what dogs are for, to make us feel better (temporarily) via unconditional love and help us forget our troubles(temporarily). GL on your next career, you're gonna need some(and we will miss your vlogs, for all content – not just hand analysis). In the meantime, don't get munsoned and take a big one down, you're still the Big Dog. In Kingpin, it's munsoned = fukked.

  14. Loving your example and experiences, no really I love you man. I'm gonna share some wisdom to all who read this. You have three enemy's : #1 is ignorance. (so be like Phil Lakk who has a veracious appetite for knowledge) #2 superstition is an enemy. That also means believing in Karma which is false reasoning and so the matrix belief a false philosophy. There is an architect but don't try and figure out the mind of God. 3 is fear. You have to keep balance in your mind between your power and the opponents. That's instinct. Now try some nutricidicals from nutrimedical.com 126.00 order some NUTRIODINE. Best iodine out there. For real the best. Clear your pineal gland with it. copper ReGeneMax. You have no clue probably how much you need a highly effective form of copper. last one. MyCell D3. This is one that is also truly important for people who don't get enough sunshine from Sol. Buy some 20mule team borax (laundry detergent ) at the store. Use an 1/8 of a teaspoon twice a day for the boron in it. Helps your testosterone big time! Good Luck, because we're headed into the 5g world with artificial intelligence.

  15. 22 I just fold pre, and I wouldn't cbet the flop or bet the turn (since it changed nothing). The flop hits the preflop callers ranges too well based on their position, so I just check and hope for a deuce.

  16. Boski, just remember that everyone else at the table is a fish and they are there to lose their money. Some days it feels like every play goes wrong and I know exactly what you mean by the butterfly effect. I just chalk this up to the poker gods laughing and giving the fish their day. Put on some music, hit the gym, get a full-service massage, and start fresh tomorrow.

  17. Lol…dude prolly didn’t have a dime on him when you asked to see his card for a dollar. If he did he not to bright .

  18. You need to stop default 3 barrel bluffing against fishy fields – which is basically all live tournaments under 1k.

  19. you WILL win another significant tournament soon but there is something OFF about your decision process lately … despite all your arguments for NOT re-entering, including the overlay which only calculates the way you describe for a single buy-in, you nevertheless try again with bad results … think positive and visualize your next victory !!!

  20. Nothing like the pain of watching your opponent hit the two outter, Duke and Clyde still think you are the best, thanks for reminding me of the good times connected with tournament poker, Awesome vloging and sharing good commentary

  21. The suspense was heavy not knowing if you were going to re-fire. Your vlogs are genuine, non-pc, candid, and appreciated.

  22. Hi Jeff. Tough to watch – loved it, though. One of those situations when both the experience and the result were bad. It really makes you think about the reality of a tourney-poker lifestyle. I think I remember Doug P suggesting even the best players only cash in 15-20% of tournaments. That means 80% of the time they are going away empty. Can you share what your cash rate is online / live, or is the value outcome a more important measure for you?

  23. LOLed at the comments and facial expression in response to the guy saying he had $100k on him. “Some high rollers in this $600.” Classic

  24. Vape pen and cigs in the same breath…
    Guy won't show hand for $1 because "I got $100K on me bro" 
    LOL BOSKI how many JOKERZ are in vegas???

    Keep up the grind brother. You da man.

  25. I played two tournaments today. I took Oakland/SF ferry to San Francisco and then hopped on BART to Lucky Chances for their $130 MTT. I ran my 10k starting stack up to 30k and then hit a brick wall. I got crippled when I raised 3x in late position with AT and got called by a player behind me and the big blind. Flop was AQT rainbow. First player checked and I shoved all in for a pot sized bet of 15k only be called by AJ. A queen on the turn counterfeited my hand and shortly after I was out in 17th place.

    Played the Monday night $150 buy in at the Oaks in Emeryville for my 2nd tournament of the day. Never got anything going. I had hopes of cashing 2 tournaments today. But I'm only a little frustrated. I will persevere and I know you will too.

  26. You need a comeback vlog, Rocky music, run up the steps, drink a glass of eggs, just saying. It’s ok to laugh now and then.

  27. Jesus , a 3 on the river and then 5’s don’t hold man oh man. I just hope the gun isn’t loaded you look like you wanna pull the trigger and kill your self. That 2 nd rebuy was a mistake. Go home now and decompress. Come back with a positive mind set. Come on Jeff your better than this. I’ll always be in your corner. Come out swinging. Until then later

  28. forgot, a great movie reference, which you are renown for, would be in Kingpin, when Quaid says to Harrelson, "He got Munsoned". Work with it.

  29. Boski, one thing is going right — your vlog. You have a 10k fan base, who are always looking forward to your next episode.

  30. If anyone can fail forward its you @JeffBoski I am on a 2k downswing. I am going to save for coaching Via TheBoski.

    Looking forward to that good HendonMob Update.

  31. Go get em Boski.you don’t how much your vlogs help local reg tourney players like me.i just won a small tourney at my local casino at the weekend.check out the Hendon mob.BOOM,cheers Boski,my boxer rescue donation is getting bigger.

  32. everytime i see a new video pop up on my feed I actually get a little excitted inside!! keep up the great work dude!!

  33. I think the honesty and genuine emotion in your vlogs are what make them successful. As a fan and poker player, it’s easy to empathize with this vlog because we’ve all been in these situations.

    The good thing is there’s always another tournament! Play with the dogs, eat some filet reset your mind and win the next tourney!!!

  34. I so much wanna hear anything OTHER then "and we are out". Sucks, man. But I feel like a huge heater is coming your way JB. You da' man, bro. Keep up the grind dude.

  35. Jeff, you know what is kinda refreshing? As a well rounded player as you are with some great stats, it's good to see that you too can have bad runs as most of us, as I'm must of us always think and say why me! That's how I usually feel when I leave a casino poker tournament. Why did I run bad, get shit cards and fold for hours, could i of made moves when I couldn't sniff the flop and the you have a few fellas at your table that just have your number, you flop top pair but they flop 2 pair, etc etc.
    Love the vlogs man..

  36. Jeff really your problems are not that big. I used work with a guy that flew incursions into Cambodia via helicopter. You know we were not supposed to be their and were never their at one time officially. Well anyway he used to fly into Cambodia sitting on his helmet so a stray bullet from from down below down below didn't shoot his ballz off, high on acid or heroin or both and murder and mayhem ensued, on both sides. So Jeff seen in this light you shall survive and perhaps prosper. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W82YyP9nleQ As always, peace.

  37. If you can’t deal with adversity in life, get tilted by the little things, feel sorry for yourself regularly, then the grind of daily MTTs just isn’t for you young wannabes. JB is a seasoned pro with gobs of solid scores and yet we see him having a real tough day. Props to you sir for sharing the ugliness of the grind and the real life struggle of the rollercoaster. Props to you for doing these vlogs, even when you don’t want to. Lastly, why not wear headphones for a while to tune out the sea of noobs? Just sayin.

  38. Playing now I have Boski wisdom in my head! Even in the downswings are you adding positive knowledge to the universe.

  39. You got it in as a slight underdog, but it was the right play. You hit the turn and he hit the river. Ho-fucking-hum.

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