Yang Hyun Suk under suspicion of gambling overseas

Yang Hyun Suk under suspicion of gambling overseas

 Yang Hyun Suk is under suspicion of gambling overseas.On August 8, the Seoul Regional Police Intellectual Crimes Task Force cleared up reports of the former YG Entertainment’s charges, stating, “We were given information, so we started an inside investigation
He has not been booked.”  Earlier today, reports alleged Yang Hyun Suk had gambled a total of 1
3 billion Won ($1,074,066.50 USD) overseas, which is illegal for Korean citizens who can face up to 3 years in prison for overseas gambling
Stay tuned for updates. 

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  1. I used to work at casinos…4/5 koreans that go overseas gamble. I handled many of their passports. There is even "promoters" who take them to different casinos to gamble. I even know of very well known, loved and respected celebrities that have gone into the casinos I've worked at.

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