You Should Work in Video Games | Episode 1: Games Lawyer

You Should Work in Video Games | Episode 1: Games Lawyer

I’ve always had a passion for video games.
As a lawyer, there were plenty of interesting
things to work on, but the stuff I really wanted to work on,
the clients I really wanted
to represent, were the video game clients.
When I tell people I work in video games,
the first thing they wanna know is,
“What specifically do you do?”
And when I tell them I’m a lawyer that works
in video games, I think most people think that’s pretty cool,
although a lot of people are sorta confused.
They wanna know more.
What does that mean?
And it’s always kinda fun to see the different
ways that people react ’cause a lot of people don’t know what lawyers do for video game companies.
You have employment lawyers, lawyers who are
doing deals, lawyers who are managing litigation…
I do a lot of intellectual property work,
so I get to view a lot of the content that’s being created
and check it for legal issues
before it goes out to millions and millions of people.
And that’s what I really love about being
a lawyer in a video game company.
I get to have a direct impact on content that
goes out to millions of players around the world.
My dad was a software developer, so we always
had really great computers, just around the house.
And as soon as we had computers, there were
inevitably games that we could download.
I remember playing Whacky Wheels, Commander
Keen, some of these really old games.
Having a 25 megahertz, you know, processor
on your computer was super exciting.
From there I was just, whatever I could get
my hands on, I was playing games all the time.
I started my journey to professional gaming
in middle school when I stopped playing Warcraft 2 and I started playing Starcraft.
And once Starcraft came out, it changed everything
for me.
I even rearranged my schedule when I got into
high school to make sure all of my classes were just the right way,
so I could get home
as early as possible, start playing as much Starcraft as possible.
I needed to get in at least five and a half
hours of Starcraft every single day to compete at a high level,
and I played every day, all
the time – and that’s all I really cared about.
Once I cracked the top five in the Starcraft
ladder, I got approached to join a professional gaming team in Korea.
It was the very first Western professional
gaming team.
Unfortunately my parents wouldn’t let me go,
so I had to finish high school.
But eventually I was able to take that passion,
and, you know, 20 years later, it came back to help me get my job here at Riot.
We had a lawyer at our firm who represented
Ubisoft, and I was always knocking on his door.
“Hey, can I please work with you?
Can I please work with you?
I wanna work for Ubisoft and the other game
companies you represent.”
And after being relentless, he finally gave
me some stuff to work on,
and that only made me thirstier for more video game clients and
video game matters.
And it just happened that I reconnected with
someone who I had met playing Starcraft 20 years ago,
and one thing led to another, and
I had an opportunity to come in-house.
And I couldn’t be happier.
Riot is a special place because a lot of the
people here, if not most of the people here, love video games.
It’s this sort of shared passion for games
that makes this a really awesome place to work.
Everyone is on the same page about making
great games for players.
If you love playing video games, and you want
to work in the video game industry, don’t give up.
I was in high school, I was 15 years old,
and it was my dream to work in the video game industry.
It took 20 years to actually work in the video
game industry, and I never thought it would happen.
My parents discouraged me, they wanted me
to have a “real job,” and eventually I got a real job.
But you know, 20 years after the fact, I realized
that what I really wanted was to be in the video game industry.
That passion had never gone away, and if that’s
you, don’t ever give up on that dream, even if it takes you 20 years to get there.

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  1. Great video! Please do one for marketing. Want to join Riot/video games for marketing. Would love to see the story behind some of your marketers

  2. I don't see the point of this video. It is basically, I know you want to work in a video industry, keep dreaming for 20 years and maybe you get into one. What an advice, gj.

  3. same here dude
    video game industry near barely exist or dont exist
    chances are almost impossible do i still fight the dreams while having all odds against me yeah… i want to be a creator not some dirty freezing engineer for minimal wage. so its an endless battle to become an artist or even make a video game in a world that don't wants you to be one

  4. Imagine playing minecraft and building things and then this guy just busts in and tells you to pay the court a fine or serve your sentence because you built a dick and that's copyrighted

  5. video games are cool but I would never want to work in that industry. I'd hate even just playing games for a job because they get boring after awhile.

  6. YESSS Lets go. I don't know why you started off this series with lawyers but I guess there's a lot of gamer lawyers I ain't ever heared of 😀 I'm hyped for the upcoming stuff
    edit: Yea I wrote this comment in my bliss before watching this video, I get why he was chosen and his story is amazing. I'm glad people like him get to life their dreams, although
    it would seem his true dream used to be to play in a star craft pro team but working for Riot isn't all that bad now is it 😀

  7. I am a french IP and business law future graduate and I am actually searching for an intership right now to work in the gaming industry. Where do I send my application ? 😉

  8. Awesome video yall, very inspirational and I hope to someday break into a great games company as well. So many ideas I dont know where to start!!!

  9. I want to do Graphic Design or Videography for games! I'm currently a Senior Graphic Designer aiming to work my way into the industry… So seeing this was really inspiring!

  10. I've been on the fence of trying to work within the games industry for the past 3 years and between this and hearing other success stories I've been convinced that it is a job and a dream that can be reached. <3 Thank you.

  11. help me what I do I'm bad in league of legends yesterday I downloaded it and when I play they tell me that I'm a useless clumsy and that makes me sad because I do not play discriminate against me

  12. As someone who never wants to give up on entering the video games industry this is hugely inspiring, and I hope that in time I will be able to get into the industry. ^^

  13. I'm in the middle of Law School here in Brazil, I speak english very well and already got a graduation in Management of Public Policies, something that took me more than five years. I really wanted to work with compliance and in the gaming industry, or at least to have an idea of how all this starts and how far can I go. Thanks for the answers people, really apreciate it !

  14. my passion is to just play..but having to get a job and work to keep myself alive in this shit society is getting in the way

  15. I think, allegedly, that as my own opinion, this is a left winged liberal controlled company. Some recruiter guy called me so that I could send them a resume. I looked at their web site and video samples. Girl warriors beating up strong men. I will not have any of that in my life. They want to make the sex equal in strength. No thanks. I will not send them a resume. Their company write up says: That we must call out sexism (does that mean women will not bash men? I don't think so, it's always the evil white men being bad to women, racism (we watch for any words you say that might be interpreted as racism, homophobia (we don't want Christians here that is against the gay life) , transphobia (we will fire you if you don't like men here that dress as women, that also usually means no Christians here) , ableism (Sounds good on paper), ageism (that means if your old we will not discriminate against you, however if you look at the wide photo of the employees, there is not one gray haired person there, all young kids), religious discrimination (usually means you better love the Muslim life), and bigotry of all kinds (That's whatever the liberal HR department don't like about you (maybe you are a conservative – or worse you were seen with a MAGA Trump hat outside in the parking lot).

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  17. This video is really motivating me. Currently I do freelance sound engineering and live production. I've always dreamed of how cool it would be to work on sound design and mixing for video games. But it's always been just a dream.

    I decided about a month ago to go for it. I'm now slowly learning the skillset to put me into a position to break into the game industry.

    I'm really hoping to have a story like this in a year or two. This video is great. Thanks!

  18. so this is the fagt not letting girls sue these sexual harrassers in riot game
    remeber riot your name only can say riot game
    you have NO GAMES HAHAH!

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