Young Indian, Ancient Sport | India Plays – S1E06

Young Indian, Ancient Sport | India Plays – S1E06

I have played many state and
National level competitions… But I do not wish to restrict myself to this. Mallakhamba needs to reach each
and every part of the world. Since I was 5 years old,
I am doing Mallakhamba. In the beginning, I used to feel scared… The rope, it hurts your legs… But the way sir teaches you,
my coach… You start loving the sport so much. I have grown as a person
because of Uday Deshpande sir. ‘Malla’ is a wrestler,
‘Khamba’ is a pole. It gives you exercise to each and every
part of the body, within shortest time. Many people look at Mallakhamba as extension
of yoga, on the pole or on the rope. Mallakhamba has the ability to develop all the core
strength which you require for any other sport. The basic concept is giving exercise not only to the
external muscles like biceps and triceps… But also to the internal systems like respiratory,
circulatory, digestive as well. Mallakhamba has not only helped me improve physically, but also made me mentally strong. Strength… Stamina… Speed… Endurance…
Flexibility… Balance… Confidence… Courage… Only one pole, only one rope, gives you all these
mental and physical abilities within shortest time. You will be surprised to know,
Mallakhamba is not yet included… In our National Games or
women’s sports or rural sports. I definitely feel that Mallakhamba should be
recognised as an Olympic sport. First prize goes to ‘Aditi Karambelkar’. As China has promoted ‘Wushu’,
Japan has promoted ‘Judo’… In the same manner Indian government
should promote Mallakhamba… As it’s indigenous sport. I wish to take Mallakhamba ahead
to other parts of the world. So that not only people get
the benefit of this sport… But also an Indian sport gets
recognised all around the world.

23 thoughts on “Young Indian, Ancient Sport | India Plays – S1E06”

  1. Awesome production by oaktree, still lot of people didn't watch this, they still bounded by cricket, but slowly slowly days will come

  2. This is the first video I have seen which has more than 3k+ views and no dislikes yet…proud of you guys for promoting sports!!

  3. That's amazing Aditi it's been an honour to know about you and that sport seems to be amazing and I really admire your passion and all the best to you and your team

  4. It is really a tough sport – demands lot of flexibility and core strength.

    Great work Oaktree team. But why aren't you promoting these videos? Just 4k views ?

  5. Can pls someone pass this message to aditi even i love mallakham even i used to do mallakham and i am of maharastra thane
    I have met u in Chiplun for the states competition and my coach is ksitee godse and satish jadav

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