this [email protected]#$: You say im seeking attention Right?
Well, how do you get 10 million subscribers
,if you’re not seeking for attention
[Laughs] Guys hold up while im making a crying video real quick
[Weeping] Guys…
Hey Guys, y’all remeber this girl right?
The 40 years old woman who went on Dr. Phill, to get attention
Dr.Phil roasted her say she faked getting hit by a car by jumping on it.
Vid: Move!!
And for bonus attention collapsing on stage. She’s playing this attention-getting game
[Fake Crying-Collapsing]
Dr. Phill: Oh Come on..
A lot of people have been commenting about her. She’s been talking about me
I don’t know she been hated on me
But also thankful and I made a video on her and she got a lot of subscribers and views out of it
So she’s happy and that’s the case with a lot of people that I react to are usually happy that they’re getting views and subscribers
Out of it, but let’s talk about bullying it for a sec
Anybody that I make a video on I’m reacting to them you don’t go on.
Dr.Phil and expect people not to react to it if you’re going to
Voluntarily put yourself on a show do some crazy shit on there
People are gonna react if you don’t want people to react to you don’t go on. Dr. Phil
There’s a difference between reacting and hating. I’m not like, Look at this
No, so what my video went up she pulls a little livestream I’m YouTube famous and she was really excited about getting a thousand subscribers
So last night before I went to sleep. I looked up this chick
SSS Sniper Wolf. Oh my god. She’s for real. Oh
Shit. She’s for real. She’s for real. Yes. I’m for real. What do you mean?
So when my video went up people just commented a sniper was like well
I’m here because of Sniper Wolf like she gained a ton of subscribers
From my video and she was really exciting that first
I got a thousand subs I was like, whoa, was it because I did not dance than a pig hat?
It’s only because you’re on dr. Phil
There’s so nine months ago. Someone tell me who sniper sniper
SS night per wolf is who is who is he did you just assume my gender? I’m already offended
I’m not gonna hold back triple-s
Snipers who is he? how many subs does he have ?
SSniffer who the hell is SSniffer
How would SSniffer give me thousand subs. She’s a yo-yo
What’s a yo-yo? Hmm. I think she wearing the wrong prescription girl get yourself
Some new glasses, SSniffer has what has what she has over a million subs
She made a video. Oh
She got a million subs from Subway too?! – okay, literally, nobody called me a ass sniffer
So I don’t know why she trying to be smart Low key roastin’ me. Oh, man. She’s a big youtuber
How big I’m like, oh, I’m 180
How big is she like um 200 pounds and she’s talking about weight once literally
Nobody said anything about Subway like, where is she getting this from shows 11 million subs
Says that me she I was like subway. Oh my god. This is very hard to watch
~A hundred thousand subs, No
She’s a queen. She has ten million. No, why would you talk about me maybe because he went on
Dr. Phil and millions of people have watch that show cuz I’m a gamer she tries to like roast me and like my viewers
By making fun at gamers, -somebody like gamers think you got PTSD from the war cuz you played f*** game
Oh, no, he didn’t do that. He pulled a f****** grenade out of his ass. Oh
Look at him. Oh, he just killed me. Oh
Did you see that? Oh, he fell out of the sky. I
[Evil Laughter]
I don’t think she’s ever played a video game in her life this is so painful to watch leave a like if you’re still here
I appreciate you. Do you wear diapers to?
Oh~ Going to s*** myself this game is so good. Oh~
[Awkward evil laughter]
It’s so funny when the only person that’s laughing is you well, but she doesn’t stop there
You stupid little sh**, shut the f*** up
Get off the f****** game go back to school learn your English
Get out of here! get out… [B**** you get out of here]
And she pretended her six for $0.99 razor is a controller mom, maybe someday I can’t lose, oh mom, mom~
What the f*** do you sleep like that do you sleep with the controller in your hand like
Like what you know with your like life alert when you like fall down and you’re like oh
Call the cops with my life alone. What about your vagisil? Like, uh
Rub it everywhere. Whoa there she keeps going
gamers aeh
you’re gonna like bust a blood vessel in your brain bus a blood vessel watching this how many of you have cheeto dust
And nicotine stains on your fingers
That’s the troll or your gamer oh
I’m just gonna sit here just be oh
Ew! Okay, then y’all heard her. That was the best thing that happened to me. We’ve been last 24 hours ,the last 24 hours
Was when my video went up about her and she’s saying is the best thing that ever happened to her. Oh my god guys
What a mess. She’s 26. Yeah
No, I like women in there like late 30s, like closer to my age if she brings up age a lot. I’m not a lesbian
lesbian, what wha wha~!
You said you like women in their 30s. Dr. Phil was nine months ago
Do you hear what I said? That was nine months ago? Yeah, but you know, I just saw it
It’s still on YouTube where people can watch it and I just happened to see it just because you moved on from
Dr. Phil doesn’t mean people aren’t discovering it for the first time every single day because it’s on his channel there would be really nice. Um,
Squirter is her name super squirter super squirter. You could have at least asked me. Hey, Tricia
Saw your dr. Phil episode care to comment bro again with the rose. You obviously know my name
I think we should call her. I need a name for her tomato trash. No tomato Trish does he not youthfully true
It doesn’t really make sense. I would love to comment
Dr. Phil didn’t do an update. That was nine months ago
You’re a little too late
You’re a little too late. But thank you super squirter. You made me famous
Okay, so that’s what she wanted all of you guys to hear you’re welcome tomato Trish for making you famous
We all know, you know my name, you know the person who made you I’m not gonna lie
She’s straight up a b!t3h does not deserve shi~
She used to live stream for like three to five people out of time. And now she got 700 people in her stream
Are you gonna stay here calling me a super squirter? What is a super squirter?
Maybe I should call you dust squirter cuz you old as hell
But I won’t because I’m not kind of person this is a Christian server
Well, then go back there Betty Crocker cake-making
Bullsh~, 10 of 10 Roast ,when you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come
Bro, you went from roasting me to this, okay?
We all have channels for attention what what would happen if 10 million subscribers,
Unsubscribe – oh my god, what would happen?
What if I just wake up one day and everybody unsubscribe from my channel?
I wouldn’t make a live stream and start fake crying – she seeks attention, correct?
Why’ you say here that I seek attention bro? This is about you. I enjoy making content for people. I’m not sitting here
Crying on video asking people to feel sorry for me and donate money to me
She seeks attention what happens if she don’t get views on her videos what happens if
Dr. Phil doesn’t get views on their videos. Are you gonna answer your question or are we supposed to answer?
Yeah, what does happen if I don’t get views? What happens if
Dr. Phil doesn’t get views ~Eh. what happens if nobody watches PewDiePie’s videos?
Why does if nobody watches YouTube what happens if nobody lives on this earth? What if they decide to just one day get up?
And leave so yesterday I didn’t know who this person was. She saw my dr. Phil show that was filmed nine
Months ago. I’ve changed a lot since nine months she talking about oh, but I’ve changed
Nobody cares you could change have a new life
I know she talking about she lost a ton of weight and she changed but people are still gonna watch the dr. Phil video
What so I’m not allowed to react to the dr. Phil video because it was nine months ago
I react to stuff that’s years old. I nobody ever complained he made
~Made thousands and thousands of dollars on me. [Drama starting]
I’m sorry. I first of all where you get that number from. I did not make thousands of thousands of dollars off you
Dr.Phil on the other hand, hmm…
Questionable, he probably makes at least 50 grand off everybody
But he didn’t ask you to be on the show you literally went on his show
And now you’re gonna cry about him making money off the show. That makes no sense
It’s like me wanting to be in a movie and it’s like they only pay me a thousand dollars, but the movie makes millions
I’m gonna stay here and cry about it
How dare they because girl don’t act like you didn’t make anything out of this. I see the livestream
She got a couple hundred dollars in donations so don’t say you’re not making any money off youtube
Man I wonder how much money
Subscribers views people made off me like using my name for views using me in thumbnails haters make it videos about me
I f****** made them. You don’t see me gonna ask you crying about it
That should’ve been my money they used me for views then. Why’d you go on? Dr. Phil in the first place?
No way wasn’t gonna make money off your episode. Another thing. That’s problematic. She say she needs money for her daughter’s tuition
I’m not asking you guys to fund me I’m gonna earn this
That’s what I’m saying. I am going to bleed for this. I am going to work for this
Sure jan. sniper wolf wouldn’t do that. Anyway, she would make
$20,000 off a video
But she wouldn’t donate it to a struggling youtuber who she she’s making fun of once
Okay, this is what annoys me she thinks she wants to work for her money and that I don’t and that I should donate
$20,000 which I supposedly made from her video that money I made off that video. I went and bought a hoodie yesterday
So why are you pulling this? I’ve made 20,000 dollars off a video. That’s insane. Yeah wolf pack. You guys are great, huh?
How much money are you gonna make off my name not enough. I could tell you that girl
You’re making money off me in super chests
My viewers went to her stream to donate to her cuz they felt bad for her and literally
The day before she posts a pics like this at a restaurant popping champagne,
Eating lobster at a restaurant,
Buying an Expensive ass dress and then someone emailed her this and obviously being the idiot. She is post it
So you stoop to beg for Becca’s college money after you spent all week spending money on yourself
So apparently she bought a crown for $300 over a hundred dollars for a dress. She showed that she went to a drag show
She had lobster for dinner hotel rooms gas
and running around. She’s wasted at least a thousand dollars
I want to know why she’s live-streaming. She has a kid instead of spending time with the kid
She’s spending hours and hours a day live streaming on YouTube
Instead of being with her kid spending money on her kid
Nah, none of that and her excuse is I use spending money for this
So she got spending money from where she doesn’t work her husband’s but she’s also trying to save money for her kids college
But she’s gonna just spend a thousand bucks like that. People have profited off my name funny, huh?
Then I vent and it’s e-begging people make more money off me than I do for myself. That’s messed up
Okay, see Dr. Phil makes hella money off people that voluntarily go on his show
I will say it a million times like saying I work at nine to five job at Walmart and I barely make ends meet but
but Walmart is making millions
Honey, life doesn’t look like that. She got a thirty thousand dollar grant covers books, but not books covers a
dorm food
Tuition for the whole year her daughter got a thirty thousand dollar grant, man
I got a grant for like five thousand and it covered a lot it covered a whole year
But I don’t mean I went to a community college. So her daughter did it by herself
She don’t need mom mama ded wait Anyway, I don’t fake breakdowns for attention. I don’t need attention. I’ve got YouTube
See so to be a broadcaster you need attention.
You need attention to be a broadcaster. If you don’t broadcast, you don’t get views and you don’t get attention
Oh my god people stream for money
Dr. Phil wasn’t kidding attention is a currency to her people stream because they enjoy it and make money off of it a
Lot of people stream without even looking at the chat, like people enjoy watching them. They don’t need~
Attention. Dr. Phil wouldn’t be the number one daytime television talk show if he didn’t get attention. Why did he do this?
Why do we seek attention?
Shut up, brother f**k up with that. Oh, she is a feisty. You’re filled. Look at his page
What’s it listed under not help?
Entertainment motherfu~ literally signed up to go on. Dr. Phil, so don’t even complain about dr. Phil
I don’t know why these people complain about dr. Phil when they literally signed up they called. Dr. Phil Ah~!. Please Dr. Phil
You’re my last resort. I really need help. Y’all bite the hand that feeds. Did you get paid to be on? Dr. Phil?
No, I did not. Oh damn. Dr. Phil. Don’t pay people to be on the show
That sucks. Please do
unsubscribe from me if
Y’all are gonna be like idiots
Why are you gonna be rude to people who watch your stream and then complain about people saying negative things go to hell Oh
Come up with betterInsults come on y’all are high schoolers. Stop that minor
player later peasants on you guys keep in mind
This is a 40 year old woman making fun of high school kids in her track Trisha Paytas. I’m the real deal
I’m the real deal. I don’t fake breakdowns for attention.
Damn, you gonna come on my girl Trisha. You don’t know what Trish has been through talk about I’ll fake anything for attention
My breakdowns are real. I don’t care ten million subscriber
how many followers did um
What’s his name have way back when during World War two did she just compare me to Hitler?
I’m pretty sure I have more followers than him. Anyway, I’m the 40-year old woman. I’m not in competition with a 26 year old
B***h I’m 25 get it right. I’m 40. I’m old enough to be your mom. I’m in no competition with her
Why is she bringing up age so much like she’s 26. I’m 40
I’m on the league of my own sniper wolf cusses more than I do. So get out grow up and get the f**k out
Uh, excuse me. No, I don’t the past two hours. I’ve been watching her stuff and the mouth she curses is just
Uh.. Insane girl, you ain’t just a potty mouth you a porta potty mouth
I don’t have to edit and I don’t have to bully them or talk them down. I don’t edit things
I’m just me I defend myself
So now she roasted me for editing my videos talking about I don’t bully
People huh as annoying and rude as she is she doesn’t deserve threats
Nobody does don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. That’s rich coming from you there. I go seeking attention again
I just ask you guys to watch my videos going to somebody’s page and commenting threats or just really mean things. It’s not okay
It’s not okay with me please don’t do it. My videos are supposed to be funny supposed to be light-hearted ish
I don’t make hate videos. I’m not trying to ruin these people’s lives
I really hope you guys enjoyed this video
It took me a really really long time to go through all of these live streams and I did have help
Thank you to these lovely people for helping me and if you enjoyed make sure that that like button in the face.
And subscribe to join the wolfpack [Wolf Howls], I love you guys so much. thanks for watching bye guys!

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