Yu-Gi-Oh! Poker Night

Yu-Gi-Oh! Poker Night

You boys have fun!
You got it Mrs. P, I’ll try and leave your
enough money for rent!
How about it fellas? You feelin’ lucky?
Luck has nothing to do with it. You’re just
a terrible poker player.
This is my new buddy from work I told you
Yugi, meet the guys.
Yugi was it? I’m Chuck and this is Dan.
Say hello Dan.
Is that a belt round your neck?
Yes it is! And this is my millennium puzzle!
He’s from out of town.
Anyway… You play any poker Yugi?
I love cards! My Grandpa told me to always
believe in the heart of the cards.
What can I say? The kid loves cards.
Game’s five card draw. One-eyed Jacks are
wild, okay?
Sounds good to me.
No problem.
You gonna pick your cards up there buddy?
I have no need.
Oh…kay… anyone else?
Two for me.
Urgh… I’ll take four.
Well I’m going to raise you fellas 2 bucks.
I’m out
Of course. Chuck?
Too rich for my blood.
How about you Yugi? Gonna fold like these
I don’t like that smile on his face.
He could have anything in his hand!
You have to believe Yugi! When you have faith
in yourself the cards will
He doesn’t do this at work I swear!
My friends believe in me, I can do this!
This hands not over yet Dave. Reveal your
Read em’ and weep. Two Pair eights over
Not. So. Fast. Your overconfidence has been
your undoing. Your two pair might be impressive,
but you will find that it will take more than
that to defeat an opponent who is pure of
The most powerful thing in the world is friendship,
so allow me to introduce you to three of my
oldest friends.
What the actual Fuuuuuuuuuck????
And now my Jacks draw your weapons and destroy
his two pair!
I believe it’s my turn to deal, and if there
are no objections I will use my personal deck.
Uh, what just happened?
And as my Jacks have destroyed your feeble table,
a new field of play is required…
What is it with you and belts???
What the hell? I look like some kind of fancy
It could be worse buddy. Check out Dan.
I kinda like it. Very purply.
If you are quite finished.
Oh sure.
Two cards is all it will take for me to defeat
you fools!
Two for me also, you… Cocksuckers! What?
Too much?
I have you right where I want you… who am
I kidding? Give me four.
Very well and I will only take one card and
with that I will go all in.
It will be IMPOSSIBLE for you to defeat me when I’m
safe inside my FULL HOUSE!!!
That’s what you think! Let’s see how you
like my EIGHT OF HEARTS!!!
Fool! Nothing can defeat m…
Dude! Some got in my mouth…
Pathetic. Let me show you how a real card
player does it.
Quake with fear Chuck, as I turn your Full
House into a House Full… of BLOOD!
Come on dude it’s just a…
I get it now! House Full of Chuck’s blood!
Good one Dave!
I think I’ve pissed myself.
Nothing can defeat me now. I have seen through
your pathetic schemes and demolished
your pitiful hands. Tremble before me Yugi.
I will obliterate you and the fifteen bucks
will be all mine!
You are right about one thing Dave, my hand
cannot withstand the fury of your Knights
A pair?? It’s barely worth the effort in
crushing you but crush you I will.
Prepare to be defeated Yu Gi, as the fury
of my knights charge obliterates your hand
and I win the game!
I wouldn’t do that if I were you.
It may have escaped your attention, but if
you look
closely you will notice something about my
That’s right. He only has… ONE EYE!
You will remember Chuck said at the beginning
of the game that one-eyed Jacks are wild.
Is this not true Chuck?
Can someone take me to the hospital?
Which means he can take the form of any card
in the deck
and I choose my favourite card,
No! It’s not possible!!!
I’m not finished yet. As all of my cards
are of the same suit,
I can combine them into the unstoppable…
Royal Straight flush…
What on earth is going on down there?
Just playing cards Mrs. P!
Chucky! Y ou boys better not be making a mess
or there’ll be big trouble.
Kay Mum
Why is there a huge penis in my kitchen?!

100 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! Poker Night”

  1. Atem: The har-ehf-wha?
    Yugi: the heart of the cards remember?
    Atem: What does it look like? Is it a litteral heart?
    Yugi: What?! No!! We've been talking about it for three seasons!!
    Atem: I dont believe in such! Us Egyptians only believe in believeable things like a cheap weighing scale to measure our treasures; ya know "believeable" things
    Yugi: just draw it already

    Did i get the dialouge right?

  2. 4:21 when your just about to leave for school but they shutdown because u flooded the school the day before 🙂

  3. Oh my god the cringe is over 9000 😓😓😫😫😓😭😭😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😲😲😱😱😦

  4. Custom Yu-Gi-Oh Kard
    Attack 300
    Def 500
    Ability, Egg shell, All allies on your side automatically receive 500+ Defence and if dice rolled on 5 one enemy on the other side will receive " Slippery " which makes the attacker less chance on hitting the shot
    4 Star Card

  5. this is a masterpiece XD it funny everytime i watch it , the animations is perferct and the voice and the dialogs of the charaters is simiilar to the original yu gi ho series.
    this vidoe is a master piece, good job:)

  6. In all seriousness,that last monster seems like something that would appeard at yu gioh,actually,i wouldn't be susprised it there was a kind of "poker cards" archetype

  7. "Everywhere you look, everywhere you go

    There's a heart (there's a heart), a hand to hold onto " – Full house opening 3:19

  8. Idk if you have seen the old yugioh.
    but there is a season of yugioh were he plays with normal cards and is a freaking psycho.

  9. IM SCARED! He's so innocent. When does it fuck up? 52 seconds in huh? …..Please play by the rules. Talking to him self okay I get it. And he games it. Also Cute Mai guy. Folds

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