Zeroville 2019

Subtitles by explosiveskull
Let’s do this.
Let’s see what we got here.
The fuck is this?
In this business, there
is no room for mistakes.
Any wrong turn,
and innocent people
can pay the price.
These streets and five tasks
stand between me
and seeing my son again.
Get the money and find
the guns, or I’m a dead man.
We’re on it, Jimmie.
Hey, you! Stop!
We still good to meet?
I can’t talk right now.
I’m, um…
I’m busy.
I’ll meet you at our spot.
Can I get you anything?
Water, coffee, and privacy.
Sure thing.
She’s, uh…
she’s not eating?
No, she’s just
taking up a table.
Anything else?
That’ll be 3.50.
I was never here.
Refills on me.
Enjoying your coffee?
I wanna speak to my son.
Not the agreement.
We made an agreement?
Complete all your assignments,
you not only
get to speak to him, you’ll have
the pleasure of holding him.
How do I know…
How do I know you
haven’t already killed him?
You don’t.
This place is dangerous.
Buck up.
Where the hell is Richie?
Well, Richie is…
Richie’s late,
but he’ll be here.
If you two fuck this up,
this won’t end well.
Yeah, I understand.
I need this money
to get Mika out of here.
You must love your son.
Yeah, I do.
Imagine that.
There’s Richie right there.
Told you.
Stay in the fucking car.
I’m serious, not a sound.
Richie, you’re late.
Let’s do this.
He wants to see the money.
Let’s see the product first.
What’s wrong with you?
Are you high?
Let’s do this.
Just show it to him, okay?
Look, just… just get the bag
and show him the money.
Tell him to get on the ground!
What the hell is happening?
Wait, what the hell
are you doing?
Get on the ground!
No, what are you…
I know you said
you weren’t here,
but, uh, the coffee cup is.
I’ll probably regret asking
this, but are you all right?
I don’t know their names,
but they’re not worth it.
You’d best go it alone, they
give you any difficulty at all.
They won’t see
the next sunrise.
Evening, Betty.
Well, it’s a quiet one
at that, isn’t it?
Your powers of observation
are astounding.
How’s the yellow-white
pie tonight, it’s good?
Yeah, the lemon
meringue’s fresh.
Good. Gimme a slice?
Actually, Betty,
make it two, will ya?
That’s your car out front.
Am I right?
It is tonight.
Here you go.
Oh, Betty, you’re a queen.
– Beautiful, thank you, sweetie.
– Thank you.
You’re gonna love this.
This… this is another level.
That’s beautiful.
You know, it always tastes
exactly the same, too.
They call that “integrity.”
It’s like the recipe never
wavers, not once, you know?
It’s always the same.
It’s the culinary equivalent
of loyalty, I guess.
It’s like all
the ingredients
show up every single time
they’re called,
in exactly the right amounts.
That’s what makes it
so pure and perfect.
You know what I mean?
It’s beautiful, right?
What’s the matter, Rhona,
you don’t… you don’t eat pie?
You know, if you don’t take it,
somebody will.
Not even a taste, huh?
Tiny little taste,
tip of your tongue?
Well, then, you won’t mind
if I take it, will ya?
Betty, can we get this,
uh, to go, sweetie?
– Okay.
– Thank you, darlin’.
You know what I could do
for you… and I’d be willing…
I can swing by your place
and deliver that pie to you,
any way you want it.
you want it delivered,
however many times
you want it delivered.
That’s all right, thank you.
You wouldn’t wanna
wreck that beautiful chassis
of yours, would you?
I don’t imagine
that delicious ass
got that way by eating pie,
am I right?
You know what I like best
about you, Rhona?
You never once
asked me to cuddle.
It was just straight to business
with you, all business, all day.
And I fucking respect that.
I don’t like to cuddle.
– Of course not.
– Here you go.
Thank you, Betty.
You’re a queen, darlin’.
Listen to me, I want you to be
careful out there, all right?
There’s a lot of machine
under your right foot.
– Don’t get too heavy on it.
– Mm.
You don’t want the back end
stepping out, opposite lock.
That’s where
the danger happens, right?
Thank you.
Mm. You be good, huh?
Either one of you boys
seen this guy?
I’m fine, how are you?
I don’t care much how you are.
Have you seen him or not?
It’s polite to say,
“Excuse me, can you help me?”
He’s putting his phone away.
What are you gonna do,
try something?
Get outta here, man.
There’s nothing here for you.
Who you looking for?
This guy.
You know him?
Oh, Richie.
I know that guy.
He hangs out with
this other guy named Dominic.
Usually they’re at the diner
this time of night.
Thank you very much.
Oh… sorry about the mess.
Oh, shit!
Hey… hey, hey,
hey, hey, lady, lady.
I’m just looking
for a few extra bucks.
You got something?
Do you think you can
alter the rules?
Is that what I think?
Don’t at any time believe
you have control
of the situation, ever.
I just stopped
for a cup of coffee.
You have four
more envelopes,
five hours, 21 minutes,
and nine seconds to work with.
Dominic, Dominic, Dominic.
How you doing, buddy?
– Pretty good?
– Yeah.
– Look at that.
– Yeah, how you been?
I been good. You?
– Yeah, okay.
– Have a seat.
Hey, I’m all right.
Just talk to me.
What have you been up to?
I ain’t been doing nothing.
Do not lie, Dominic.
You know, it’s only
gonna be worse for you.
Dominic, Dominic.
This must be some
mistaken situation,
because I ain’t
been doing nothing.
I swear, Kane, nothing.
So you, uh… you… you’re
saying I make mistakes?
That what you’re saying?
I ain’t saying that, I…
You just fucking said it.
You said I make mistakes.
That’s what you said.
Well, I didn’t
mean to say that.
No disrespect, Kane. I’m just…
Where can I find
Richie, Dominic?
– Richie?
– Richie, your boy.
Oh, you hang out
with Richie, swap needles.
I don’t know, maybe you touch
fucking dongs, I don’t know.
Where the fuck
can I find Richie?
– Where can I find him?
– Oh, Richie.
– Oh, oh, oh…
– Richie.
– Richie.
– Oh, yeah, Richie, oh…
Yeah, fucking Richie, eh?
Richie, I… I mean, I haven’t
seen Richie in a while.
What’s “a while?”
What exactly is a while?
Is that, like… is that
like a week, a…
a month, a fucking millennia?
What’s a… what… what…
what’s… what’s a while?
I don’t know, Kane.
I don’t know,
maybe four days?
Four days!
We’re gonna go with
four days for a while.
I like that. I’m gonna go with
four days for a while.
Okay. –
So four days ago,
where’d you see Richie, exactly?
Maybe the… the track, or…
or the laundromat, the diner.
You know, around, around,
like you do, yeah.
Around, yeah, yeah.
I’m gonna need a drink…
a round.
You know what we’re gonna do?
We’re gonna play a game.
You think we should
do the cigar box?
Yeah, grab me the cigar box.
You like games?
You’re gonna love this.
Look at this.
So you and I…
We’re gonna do a little
bang-bang, okay?
You go three clicks,
and I go three clicks.
You do three clicks,
you fucking walk
outta here, right?
I mean, unless
I fucking blow my brains out.
Sound good to you, Dominic?
Look, Kane…
I swear to you
I ain’t seen Richie, okay?
Now, I ain’t been doing nothing,
and I don’t wanna do this.
You know what, you know what,
Dominic, okay,
I’m gonna give you
a choice here.
You can play the game with me,
or you could tell me where
the fuck I can find Richie.
I don’t know where Richie is.
Or you can do a dance
with my boy here.
But unfortunately, he’s probably
not gonna let you leave,
and he loves
to fucking grab ass.
Kane, don’t make me
do this, man.
You gotta believe me,
I’m telling you.
What’s it gonna be, Dom?
I don’t know where Richie is.
Don’t make me do this.
Don’t make me do this.
Oh, Dom, I swear to god
I thought…
Fuck you, Kane! Fuck you!
I fucking believe you.
I still believe you.
Dom, I believe you.
Dom, I believe you.
Hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey… I believe you, buddy.
I believe you, buddy.
I believe you’re gonna do it.
You did, you pulled
that trigger, didn’t you?
Fucking Dominic
pulled that trigger.
Have a seat.
Have a seat.
Sit down.
Look at me.
Look at me, look at me.
– You think I’m fucking stupid?
– Oh!
Pick your fucking head up
and look at me.
Pick your fucking head up!
Dom, look at me!
This is when the game
starts… right now.
But here’s the good news.
That’s one.
Now it’s my turn. Okay?
It’s my turn.
You ready for this?
It’s my turn.
Are you ready?
Look at me.
Open your eyes, Dom!
Don’t you fucking
take your eyes off of me.
Look at me! Dom!
Goddamn it…
– No, I can’t.
– …you fucking open your eyes.
– No! No!
– Look! Look!
You wanna see this,
– No!
– You wanna see it? Ah!
You’re up.
Two more clicks, and you walk.
– I can’t.
– Yeah, you can.
– I can’t!
– Look at me, Dom.
– You know what I’m gonna do?
– I can’t do it.
Would you help him?
Give him air, help him out.
My girl is gonna
help you out, Dom.
– I can’t.
– It’s okay, it’s okay.
I can’t.
It’s gonna be all right.
Atta boy.
I don’t want to.
Maybe nobody believed
in you when you were a kid.
I fucking believe in you, Dom.
You can do this.
I believe in you, buddy.
You’re not a fucking… are
you a fucking pussy?
Not the Dom I know!
I believe in you, buddy.
Dom, pull it.
Pull it, motherfucker.
Do it. Do it.
Fucking do it, Dom.
Pull it!
Oh, fucking shit!
Is that blood on my pool table?
Wipe that shit off, would you?
I don’t give a fuck.
I don’t want fucking
loser DNA in my house.
Are you going
to let me go now?
Why are you doing this?
I have no choice.
My mother says
we always have a choice.
Did she also tell you you have
to live with the consequences?
A couple of years,
this will be a story
you’ll tell your friends.
Eat your sandwich.
You’ll see your mom soon.
No, I’m not… I’m not doing this.
Fuck you.
Did you hear me?
Fuck you.
Fucking asshole!
The kid’s not here, Rhona.
You know I still have to look.
And you know
I can’t just let you do that.
That would be a real shame.
Tell you what.
I’m gonna go take a smoke break.
I’m gonna be back
in 10 minutes exactly.
Cigarettes are bad for you.
Yeah. So is life.
I hope you find him.
Your kid ain’t here.
Then where?
Even if I knew,
I couldn’t say.
Look, you’re going
about this all wrong.
I am not your enemy.
Everyone is the enemy tonight.
I understand that,
but nothing positive
will come from you aiming
your weapon at me.
– I’m willing to find out.
– Well, I’d prefer we didn’t.
So if you will…
Very kind of you.
Hey, despite what you may
believe, we have a code.
Family is strictly off-limits.
Vladik crossed that line,
and he will be dealt with.
I assure you, he will be.
I know you have mutual
business with Vladik.
Hey, hey, that ain’t
none of your business.
You lie.
We’ve known one another
for a very long time.
Don’t play me.
I would never do such a thing.
Do you know
where my son is or not?
I truly don’t.
And if you knew…
would you tell me?
That would be a question.
That is the question.
Like I said.
If anything happens
to Mika, if he dies…
I know, I know:
you’ll come for me.
Go in peace.
What is it?
You won’t find answers
in our safehouses.
I suggest you use
your time wisely.
Well, I want proof of life.
Do the job and
you get your son back.
Au revoir.
Yeah, okay,
I’ll take care of it.
Yes, I got her.
Let me speak to my son.
Must we have this conversation
every time we speak?
What, am I being annoying, hm?
Because I want
to talk to my son?
Perhaps after your next
as a sign of good faith I’ll
give you a moment with Mika.
This is all just
a game to you, isn’t it?
3:31 a.m.
You got enough to eat?
Why are you worried
about my diet?
I’m not worried.
I just wanna make
sure you get fed.
Does he talk?
– Ask him.
– Do you talk?
I guess not.
He’s a thinker.
Where’s my mom?
She’s running
an errand for me.
What kind of errand?
Nothing for you
to be concerned about.
Why? Because it’s illegal?
What makes
you think it’s illegal?
I’m pretty sure you guys
don’t have normal jobs.
We work all the same.
It’s just our hours
are a little different.
Then why does he have a gun?
It’s for your safety.
That’s something
a cop would say.
You got a problem with cops?
I guess they’re okay.
My mom says to never
trust a cop or a lawyer.
Says they’re always looking
for ways to take you down.
Well, you can add
priests to that list, too.
And car salesmen.
Just… just
get some rest, okay?
You really don’t talk?
We were wondering
when you’d surface.
Where are the guns?
I, uh… I didn’t know
what to do, man.
You were supposed
to hijack Vladik’s shipment,
and yet, no guns.
Listen, I gotta
speak with Kane.
I know he’s back there,
so sh-sh-sh-shush.
Outta my way,
I’m not afraid of you.
Jimmie, why would
you say that?
That’s a good question,
and I’m glad you asked.
Because you don’t control me
when I’m holding a gun.
What are you gonna
do with it, Jimmie?
Whatever I want, man.
Whatever I need to do.
Whoa, hey!
Okay, well, let’s
put our guns down, Jimmie,
and we can talk about it.
Yeah, let’s talk about this.
You hang out while I’m boots
on the ground slaving,
earning, so that Kane
can have all this…
this fancy shit.
This, right here.
This fancy… huh?
You shouldn’t do that, Jimmie.
Why don’t you back up?
Okay, Jimmie.
Why you keep
saying my name, man?
Stop saying my fucking name.
Why, Jimmie?
You don’t like
your name, Jimmie?
It’s messing with my head.
I don’t like that.
I understand.
Oh, you understand, Hannibal?
You’re one of those
The Russian, he was fucking…
he was stalling, man.
And the whole deal,
it went sideways.
I didn’t know it
would go down like this.
I mean, I like you,
and I don’t wanna have
to shoot you in your
fucking pretty face.
I need to speak with Kane,
because I just…
I just need him to know.
I just…
Hey, Rhona.
Tony. How’s it going?
This a social visit?
Up to her.
All right.
I’ll follow you.
I see you, a gun,
a late-night visit,
and I assume,
with you, problems.
Too many to count.
Why are you here?
The cash.
I made a cash deal
to keep the peace,
and now he sends you
to what, take it back?
I’m asking, please.
Then why the gun?
Doesn’t seem to me like asking.
Well, insurance has a price.
I keep the cash.
Now, off you go.
She’ll be back.
Take care.
– Yeah?
– It’s me.
What’s up?
We found Richie.
He’s pushing snow
to Santos’ men tonight.
Grab Hannibal and the boys,
and go fetch him, huh?
That’d be up to him
He said he wants
to see us at 4:00 p.m.
– Is that good?
– Let’s do 5:00. It’s too early.
No, I don’t wanna do 5:00,
so we’ll do 7:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m.’s fine.
Do you wanna just go
right now instead?
No, I don’t wanna do
right now. We’ll do 9:00 p.m.
9:00 p.m. it is, works for me.
I’ll do 9:00 p.m.
Richie? Richie?
– Richie.
– What?
Oh, hey, fellas.
What a surprise.
For you, or for us, Richie?
I was, uh, coincidentally,
uh, just…
just thinking about you guys.
Sure you were.
It’s time to take a ride.
Oh, you know, I appreciate it,
but, uh, look, I got
a lotta work to do here.
So I’m… I’ll catch up
with you guys later, hm?
It’s not an invitation.
Wait, no, hold on.
Guys, guys.
We’ve got company,
Santos’ men.
No, no!
Let me go!
My son.
We’ve been through this,
you know the rules.
Take out each target associated
with the numbered envelope.
Acquire my items,
put the items in the bag.
Then, and only then,
will you see your son.
I mean, what part
of this doesn’t register
in your grey matter?
I want to speak
with my child, now.
You wanna speak to your child?
Start by giving me fire.
I want to speak
with Mika, that’s all.
You heard me.
This is Ling’s.
– Order for delivery.
– Go ahead.
Number 11, with two fortune
And a hot tea.
Any pie to go with that?
We’ll be there soon.
What is it?
Use your time wisely.
You’ve barely begun.
It’s getting late.
Hello, Santos.
And to what do I owe
the pleasure of this visit?
I want you
to give me the drive.
This should get interesting.
And why would I do that?
Because it’s
in everyone’s best interest.
Not my best angle.
And not my choice.
Whose, then?
You know.
Yes, I do.
The easy way would be best.
For you.
For everyone.
Yeah, perhaps, perhaps not.
You and I go back a long way.
Yeah, we do.
– Eighteen years.
– Sixteen.
Are you correcting me?
Reminding you.
Word has it you’re on a quest.
I’d rather not be.
You know,
quests can be life-changing.
This could be life-ending.
We don’t want that,
now, do we?
No, we don’t.
And, uh, you think
I can help you?
I could just take it.
Honest… that’s what
I’ve always liked about you.
I don’t have time to play.
You and I have
never had a problem.
Not yet, we haven’t.
You always kept things
on a professional level,
never personal.
When I could.
You did it right.
That’s what people remember:
that you can be relied on.
I’m not here for you.
That’s good to hear.
You know…
I made copies.
I know.
You know, you could
have just taken me out.
Sixteen years.
I can just finish her off.
Sixteen years.
Rain. Chiko.
How was the pie with Kane?
I try to avoid sugar.
Number 11,
just as you requested.
– Happy?
– Always.
All right, let’s do this.
All right.
So, how’s it fit?
Like a prom dress.
You got the guns.
Take this as a receipt.
Good luck, Rhona.
Well done.
Where’s Mika?
Oh, how should I know?
Last chance.
You took a round.
More than you can say.
You should never take a round.
I trained you better than that.
It’s getting late.
Wakey, wakey, eggs and bacey.
Where are my guns, Richie?
Where they at?
Hey, buddy.
You don’t think
I’d forget about you, do you?
Richie, stay with us.
Now, see, I know you
had a meeting
with Jack the Flower, right?
What’d you talk to Jack about?
What are you talking about?
I don’t… I never met with Jack,
not even one time.
– Is that right?
– Yeah.
– Not one?
– I’m telling the truth.
I wouldn’t lie to you, man.
Yeah, you wouldn’t…
you wouldn’t fucking lie to me.
I’m telling the truth.
I wouldn’t lie to you, man.
I might be crazy,
but I’m not stupid.
Not at all?
Not even a little fucking lie?
No! No.
All right.
Show him, huh?
Now see, Richie,
do you really think
you could do something like
that and get away with it?
I don’t know when that…
You really think you could
pull off something like that,
and me not find out about it?
I don’t know…
I don’t know when that…
I don’t know when that was.
I… I don’t know when that…
You don’t know what
I’m talking about?
– No.
– Not at all?
Give him one.
Oh, shit!
Richie, Richie!
– You know now, buddy?
– Yeah, I do.
– You know now?
– I do, I do, yes.
Huh? You know what
I’m talking about?
Yes, yes.
I ran into him at a bar.
I just ran into him at a bar.
– Is that right?
– Yeah.
So you don’t
know nothing, huh?
I don’t know anything.
If I don’t know anything,
how could I tell
him anything, right?
I gotcha. So, ignorance,
that’s your defense?
It really was just
happenstance, wasn’t it?
Yeah, yeah.
It was just…
it was just dumb luck.
Fucking dumb luck, which
is really fucking dumb luck.
– Really…
– Like, so fucking dumb.
– Oh, fuck.
– Really bad.
Richie, I got… here’s
the only question I have.
What the… what the fuck
do I do with you?
I’ll do anything
for you, Kane.
Anything you need.
Because I’m feeling
fucking magnanimous.
Generous, Richie.
Fuck, keep up.
– Oh… okay.
– Really generous, like…
You’ll let me go, then?
Yeah, Richie.
I can do that, buddy.
I guess I just need you
to do me one favor.
Anything. Anything, Kane.
– Yeah?
– Anything.
Don’t beg.
– What?
– That shit fucking disgusts me.
Where you going?
Where you going?
Where you going?
– Why are you here?
– Please, can you help us?
– Shh!
– Can you help us?
Shit! Shit, shit, shit.
Here… have you seen this boy?
– Yes, yes.
– What?
– Yes, I have.
– When? Where?
Yesterday, in the office.
Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
Hold on.
This will do. Okay.
Be quiet.
Go, go, go, go!
Wait, wait, wait.
Here, take this.
– No, no, no.
– Yes!
Split it up and get outta here.
There’s a door right there,
you… you…
Get outside, and you run.
– Thank you.
– Go! Go!
Apologies for the tardiness,
but, uh, I did bring pie.
So tell me, how’s
that reimbursement program
coming along, good?
I’m working on it.
You’re working on it, huh?
Like, uh, in the practical,
or more like the abstract?
– Reality.
– Reality.
Yeah, because, see,
my reality is I don’t get
my money by 7:00 a.m.,
I’m planning
a poor man’s funeral.
You know what
a poor man’s funeral is?
Yeah, I got my suspicions.
It’s your funeral.
I mean, don’t get me wrong.
I mean, still gonna have some
bells and whistles for you.
You know, crying hookers,
shit like that.
But it’s yours.
So, you know,
word on the street
is you got Rhona making
laundry runs for you.
That right?
Couple items needed
cleaning up, yeah.
So be honest with me.
That why you took the kid?
Some people need more
motivating than others.
I don’t imagine
she’s gonna be doing
any laundry stops at my place.
Am I right?
Not unless you
spill your milk.
See, now you got me curious.
Because I usually
never spill milk.
I’m sure.
Well, I guess
it’s that time, right?
– Bring him out.
– Ricky.
Hey, take it easy on him.
What, are you
going soft on me?
Come on, it’s like you
said on the phone,
this is just an insurance
policy, nothing more.
Just a kid.
He’s gonna be safe
like he’s in his mama’s arms,
sucking on that
nice, perky tit.
Isn’t that right?
Well, I appreciate
the hospitality.
Any time.
Any time?
Any time?
I come here any time
I want, right?
Holy shit.
Don’t forget,
I paid for this shit.
Look at that.
Just like I thought.
7:00 a.m.
Hello, Rhona.
This look actually suits you.
You interfere in my business.
You free my product.
You affect my income.
I take exception on this.
It was you that hijacked
Vladik’s deal, wasn’t it?
The gun deal, am I right?
Well, it had to be.
It couldn’t be
that imbecile, Richie.
He can’t even find his shoes
when they’re on his feet.
That was you.
Just give me the ledger,
and we’ll all go home tonight.
Just give you the ledger.
Sure, I’ll just,
I’ll just give you my ledger.
Andre, this, this woman
is very funny, isn’t she?
Yeah, I’ll just give
you the ledger.
You free my product,
and you have the balls
to make demands on me?
You, you are something.
I know exactly why you’re here.
I know who sent you.
And you, you little Judas,
you took that money, didn’t you?
I find that to be
very audacious.
You own a toothbrush?
Games, Andre, they always
have to play games, right?
You’re risking your life,
and you don’t even understand
the big picture.
Here’s the ledger.
It’s all here.
Oh, oh, let’s… let’s
not tempt fate.
Every deal I ever made
is right in this ledger.
What can I say?
Call me old-school.
And what really fascinates me
is that he sent you
to get this ledger, and you
agreed without hesitation.
And kill you.
Oh, to kill me.
So, here’s what I’m gonna do.
You cost me a lot of money
when you freed my product.
And, uh, you still look like
you have a few good
rides in you, right?
So I’m gonna ply
my boys up with Sildenafil,
and I’m gonna give you to them,
so they could have their way
with you for
as long as they want.
And when they bore of you,
in about a year,
I’m gonna sell you at
a very deep discount
to the Eastern
European mongrels,
and maybe I’ll get a
little bit back of what I lost.
Or, we make a deal,
and you avoid
a slow, painful death.
You got nothing
I want or need.
He’ll send someone else.
Or better yet, come himself.
Oh, Vladik.
Vladik and I, suffice it to say,
we’ve been doing this dance
a long, long time, you know?
He’s my personal Sisyphus.
You know who Sisyphus is?
Do you?
Good. You know, up and down,
up and down.
And of course, he absolutely
despises my skin trade business.
But the Rhodes Scholar Richie
explained to me
the only reason Vladik
really wants to eliminate me
and Kane is so he could
expand his own empire.
There’s nothing new here.
It’s really cliché.
You know, long live
the king, that B.S.
So, my love…
You get some rest.
You’re gonna be wishing
for it when my…
when my boys get a hold of you.
Oh, that’s nice, that’s nice.
Turn around.
Now bend over, bend over.
Put… put your butt more to me.
Now look this way.
Oh, that’s great.
Okay, arch your back, now.
Arch your back.
Come on, show me your tits,
put them over here.
Come on, stick your…
Stick your boobs out.
Take your arms
and put them together.
Make them look bigger.
Yeah, arch your back,
look right here…
Oh, that’s nice.
Oh, they’re gonna
love you in Serbia.
– Mm.
– Yeah, smile.
Come on, look like
you’re having a great time.
That’s nice.
Okay, now look at me,
look at me.
Arch your…
keep arching your back.
Oh, that’s good.
What is it?
Open the glove box.
Had I wanted to kill you, you
would have been dead already.
If you seek answers,
open the glove box.
More games?
Now the envelope.
Mika’s at your place?
Bring me my bag.
Where is Mika?
Gimme the case.
Mika first.
He’s not here.
You said he was here.
No, I said bring me my things.
– You lied?
– And you stole.
Where’s my son?
Where’s Mika?
He’s with Kane.
What? Why?
Because I owe Kane
a lot of money.
More than you stole.
He forced my hand.
I had no choice
but to manipulate you.
So you let him take our son?
A son I’ve never known.
Because I didn’t want him
to be anywhere near this life.
Because he is innocent.
He’s pure.
He’s the exact
opposite of what we are,
don’t you understand that?
He’s the one thing
that you gave me
that I’m actually grateful for.
So yes, I saw the opportunity,
and I took the money
and your guns,
because I wanted him to be as
far away from this place and…
And me?
Yes, and you.
What we had was about us.
– Now it’s about Mika.
– I know.
And that’s the only thing
that matters.
If I don’t get that money to
Kane by 7:00, our son is dead.
Then help me get our son back.
Vladik, for old times.
Thank you.
Let’s do this.
Oh, shit!
Look at that.
If it ain’t the fucking
king and queen of the prom,
back together again,
look at that.
Well, I guess I know what side
you’ve chosen, then, right?
– Where’s my son?
– Where’s my fucking bag?
The kid first.
Get the kid.
You son of a bitch,
get him out of the cage, now.
Let him out.
I gotta thank you, Rhona, for
taking care of my dirty laundry.
I appreciate it.
Couldn’t have done it myself.
And you, you got
something for me?
This is how it’s gonna play out.
She’ll go get the bag.
You give us the kid.
Oh, that’s how it’s
gonna play out.
You fucking hear him, Rhona?
Go get the bag.
You know, I gotta…
I gotta be honest with you.
Initially, I didn’t
see the resemblance at all.
Now, I mean, it’s there,
clean as day, right?
You squirted that outta
your dick, didn’t ya?
I had no fucking idea.
Hell of a mom, though, Jesus.
Whew, good score on that.
Lucky sperm club, that kid, huh?
Is it gonna
hurt your feelings
if I tell you that
I’d threw a leg over that?
Would it?
Yeah, buddy.
Just know, I planted my flag
on the fucking moon,
and you’re a cosmonaut.
That feel good?
So how was the pie?
Oh, the pie, the pie
was fucking Entenmann:
creamy, delicious.
Fucking Entenmann.
Okay. Let’s go.
That’s far enough.
Right there on the table.
How we doing, Ricky?
We’re good.
Right here.
Let the kid go.
Let’s see what we got here.
What the fuck is this?
Get the kid!
Hey, kid…
Why don’t you
go see your mom, huh?
Atta boy.
Baby, are you okay?
Are you okay?
It’s only ever been
about you and me, right?
Go, get outta here.
Get outta here,
take care of him.
So tell me, buddy, how you
see this playing out, huh?
I don’t know.
What do you think?
I don’t know.
Maybe it’s time
for some of those
crying hookers, though, eh?
Maybe it’s just
a poor man’s funeral.
Come on.
Your money’s been deposited,
Banco de Mexico,
Calle Monte de Herales 602,
Lomas de Chapultepec,
Box 020232060832.
Send me a postcard.
David? Thank you.
Be safe.
Like I said, in this business,
there is no room for mistakes.
Aside from a few bumps in the
road, my plan worked perfectly.
I kept the money, sold the guns,
and I got my son back.
Now it’s time to step on the
gas and start a new life.
Subtitles by explosiveskull

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