zioN WiLlIaMson rEtUrNs tO DuKe aFtEr NBA DRaFt LOtTeRy?! (KNICKS FANS IN SHAMBLES..) 🤦 ♂

zioN WiLlIaMson rEtUrNs tO DuKe aFtEr NBA DRaFt LOtTeRy?! (KNICKS FANS IN SHAMBLES..) 🤦 ♂

You guys think Zion should his name from the NBA draft to avoid playing for the pelicans yeah if that’s what he wants to do if I’m Zion
Williamson I do not go to New Orleans he can go back to Duke I would not suggest
that but I have a plan he could threaten to go back to Duke I’m not saying that
he would go back to Duke but he could threaten to go back to do so for the
past few days to befall the NBA I’m probably sure you’ve seen these
headlines could Zion Williamson returned to Duke come on now the fact that the
NBA media now suggested Zion to take the team out of the NBA Draft and come back
next to the Duke is disrespectful and insulting now this what Kevin Durant
meant when he’s talking about how the media makes everything toxic anyone
could say anything about any evidence or a source and people take it and run with
it especially if you have a platform Zion
isn’t even in the NBA yet and amigas are trying to put words in his mouth sheesh
man come on you guys really think signs a type of person to post E Francis the
Vancouver Grizzlies selected from daily lives man I love the fact that New Orleans
actual won the NBA lottery because now the media is losing their minds
it’s amazing how karma works there are acting like the Knicks re won a lottery
the irony in all of this is how the media always stars on which gonna end up
in New Orleans anyways the video is pushing this narrative right before the
NBA Draft Lottery that is an exponent lottery they would just trades on Jan
pelicans to bring Anthony Davis to New York
Zion would’ve this ended up as a pelican but now that the pelicans end up the no
1 pick you should return back to Duke and try again next year what what you
guys get what I’m saying this makes no sense
you guys are done narrative when his I booked his Nike shoes it is a injured yeah that one the nerve of was get out
of the n-c-double-a go to the MBA get paid now they want to be no no no you
want the Knicks to draft you don’t go to MBA go back to the n-c-double-a go back
to Duke the best part of this narrative the media trying to push is once it got
injured they’re all on board of him shutting it down to protect his draft
stock from another injury I think for him was a young player that I would shut
it down stop playing now that he’s heading to New Orleans they want to go
back to college god damn make up your mind the thing I
keep hearing is how the Knicks are so unlucky and how it’s so sad that it
didn’t get Zion well guess what the Knicks had a 40 percent chance to
land Zion 86 percent chance of not landing and breath think about that and
the Knicks are unhappy with the third pick I don’t understand what is the
expense felt so entitled to know one thing
they had a 40% chance 14% chance man you know who got screwed Cleveland Phoenix
those teams got screwed they move down three spots from their projected draft
positions and a next up being top three that’s unlucky any Knicks fan upset at
the end of number three pick doesn’t understand math I mean the Knicks can
still get our G barrage over and after a third pick there’s a huge drop-off in
talents Knicks pens are lucky didn’t father
it’s like people don’t understand how probability and math works the sad thing
is the Knicks might not even get Katie or Kyrie they probably have a higher
chance of landing Tobias Harris and Kemba Walker and KD and Kyrie
so all is talked about Jean going back to Duke or requesting the trade it can
be put to rest it now appears that Jean stepfather
couldn’t stay silent any longer and had I say this Zion is excited about the
prospect of getting down there and getting settled in New Orleans and
returning to Duke is not something that we have even considered well there’s
that will you put the story of Zion requesting a trade or going back to Duke
to arrest he’s going to be a pelican next season but you don’t be funny
what is AIA and the signs of rich Paul and clutch sports bra aka LeBrons agency
aka and Anthony Davis agent no way they was right

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  2. The NBA media was pushing this narrative right before the draft lottery that if the Knicks won the lottery they would just trade Zion to the Pelicans to bring Anthony Davis to New York.
    Zion would have still would have ended up as a Pelican but now that the pelicans ended up with the #1 pick, he should return back to duke and try again next year??! 🤦 ♂

  3. With all the turmoil currently plagueing the Los Angeles Lakers, the LeBron James trade rumors have started to swirl. Vegas odds have chimed in on where The King will play next season, and while the favorite is still the Lakers, it's interesting to note the Knicks and the Clippers would be next in line with the Cavaliers and the Heat not far off. Could we see Zion & LeBron on the same team?


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