ZONE – GTA V Machinima

ZONE – GTA V Machinima

I was born here in 2917
In a 4 Km deep underground facility
Which I became the last resident of
I’m heading to Los Angeles,
to see where it all started
I’m probably going to die,
but I don’t care anymore.
And I’m running out of food, so…
I’d probably just shoot myself anyway
As far as I know,
the last livable place is in Africa
I don’t know much about it
But something tells me,
this is still a better place to be
I haven’t seen anyone in the past 2 years
but its better to be careful
Sometimes I wonder if someone else
is watching me through the scope,
thinking if I would hurt them.
We are afraid of each other.
I was a kid, when I saw Desero leaving.
They told us on the radio,
the ship started to move.
Everyone ran up to the surface.
My father told me to come.
And we were just standing there
looking at the sky, when they left.
It was the first time
I had seen natural light.
Thousands of videos and news reports were
about that object landing above the city.
And they were talking about
how it might be an alien invasion.
The whole world gone crazy.
Some people though this was a ridiculous way
to cover up an attack on our country.
That North Korea did this, and the
government is afraid of a nuclear world war.
But there was no explosion.
Building were left standing,
cars stayed on the roads.
Everything was exactly as it was.
people vanished.
Everyone within a 25 Km radius
just disappeared.
For 7 years.
and then suddenly,
they all came back.
A lot of things happened in that 7 years.
Assuming it is a spacecraft,
we tried to make contact.
To see if we could maybe
communicate with them.
Without much success.
The perception of time
changes around the object.
900 years passed,
and they’re still there.
In the exact same position.
After what happened to the city,
they knew it is probably a suicide mission.
For them, the decay of humanity
will be nothing but a fragment of a blink.
And they still have to face
the fact that we killed them.
The years after we sent a lot of rockets
and bombs, even nuclear.
We learned that the object is radiating,
and its range is slowly spreading.
Regular hazmat suits can provide protection,
but not permanently.
In the moment of landing, one part of it
crashed into the North side of Bank Tower
And a piece dropped.
Whatever is radiating, its not the shell.
In fact, it completely resists the radiation
and since none of the known materials
on Earth could stop that,
we made protection suits out of it.
That was the only
piece we could get.
It wasn’t even enough to
lock the ship in a bubble.
The mass migration caused European
and Asian countries to shut their borders.
They shot down every boat or plane that tried
to pass the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean.
Some went to African colonies,
and Australia.
As response to worldwide terrorism,
our cities got bombed.
There was war.
And we had to prepare for the worst.
Hundreds of years passed,
till cannibalism became a usual thing.
This was the reason of
the huge population drop
Most people would just starve to death,
or kill themselves. Rather than eat their own kind.
And now there are groups outside,
collecting food. The only food we had left.
A gun, and one bullet.
Not for combat
But to help ourselves
if we get intro deep water.
To end this nightmare.
NASA announced the Desero Space program.
It was intended to be an ark for mankind.
to save what could be saved and
transport it to another planet.
After centuries of planning and research,
finally the construction could begin.
And it was pretty apparent.
I guess they would just leave
if they could do it under wraps.
But Desero is 4 kilometers long,
with the same sized spinning unit on the top.
Almost 40 times bigger than the ISS.
Sooner or later someone would noticed a massive spacecraft was being built on low Earth orbit.
It was obvious that they couldn’t save everyone.
We have a chance to start over! That was their motto.
It wasn’t a lie after all.
With all the remaining species, hundreds of engineers and
the 2400 crew members on board,
humanity could start over.
And we, have been condemned to death.
For good.
A wall was built around the city,
and a tunnel was built straight to the downtown.
That’s the only way in.
Why did they leave me alive?
What was their purpose?
Maybe there wasn’t.
Maybe Earth was just one stop in their journey.
Maybe they just stopped here for a moment
without realizing or caring what they did.
And now I see the light, without all the dust.
The life cycle. Again.

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  1. Quote from the book named Roadside Picnic:
    "…It could be just a roadside picnic on the some space road…"
    And this is how it's done.

  2. Так и не понял я, русский ты или нет. Хотел заморочиться и оставить грамотный комент на грамотном английском, но в итоге подумал, что похуй.
    Короче, чувак, то, что ты сделал – невероятно. Очень круто. Не представляю, насколько титаническая работа была проделана, потому тебе моё бесконечное уважение как минимум за старания. Увидел этот видос в рекомендациях, в итоге просмотрел уже несколько твоих работ и я, честно, в ахуе от того, насколько мало у тебя подписчиков, но ты должен знать – ты очень очень очень крут. Желаю тебе мощных успехов во всех начинаниях. Невероятно атмосферно и красиво.

  3. Фильм снят добротно но это физика игры мешает всей картине, сюжет не очень захватывает все запутанно но мне понравилось.

  4. Hello, spick spanish?

    Lo que quiero preguntar es que como haces las vos ósea el que lo cuenta lo editas con un editor de computadora ?

  5. God this is the best short film I've ever seen in my life, I felt all that felt the main character, if I saw the city of a million in the ruins as at the moment 25:46 I would have been shocked to be honest, I even let a tear on so much I plunged into the reality of this film. respect to the Creator and respect from me. make more of these movies

  6. I'm from Russia, so sorry for the mistakes in the words. This is a great job, there is so much sense in it, I'm surprised. And at the end even the goose bumps went, I can't describe it with words … Thank you for such a wonderful work.

  7. Я нихрена не понимаю!!! Где и кто враги? И что за корабли? И как будто это Штирлиц бродит и попал в будущее!!! Ай тьфу блин!!!

  8. This is hands down best machinima ever to exist. The storyline, the everything is extraordinary! I have never seen such a better movie than this, this movie is 5 stars without doubt because the whole movie simply has no mistake whatsoever, camera shots were incredible, only question is how did you film this and what GTA V Map did you use because this is just a adrenaline powered masterpiece. My rating is below.


  9. Hello 88jacob88 I know you will probly never notice me and if you do thank you but I have noitced something with your work not only is it truly beutiful but almost all of it ties into your other michinmas it is quite wonderful seening how they connect and cant wait for rover 3 or rama I bealive thats what it is called hopefully one day I can do what you do truly inspirational

  10. WOW
    This was a film !
    Thank you for making this it was so grate and I appreciate all the work and effort! 👌🏻👍🏻😃

  11. Now that I have watched this I understand what you’re trying to say someday we will all eventually die and I’m sorry if anyone in the comments are Christian but I don’t believe in god I am a man of science anyways since atoms still exist that’s gives the little particles called nuclei to create nucleus which creates apes and then those apes evolve into humans

  12. Hombre, eres un genio. Comenzaste haciendo Stunts en GTA samp y mira hasta donde llegaste.
    Te felicitó tu película es impresionante, la fotografía en el vídeo es hermosa, la temática, la luz y el diseño del sonido son de otro mundo.

  13. Автор с годом действия в фильме явно загнул… Насчет Фоллаута шли жаркие споры – а ведь там прошло всего 200 лет. А тут 900, мать их, лет! Это СЛИШКОМ много

  14. Excellent shot! Respect the author!
    I found a cool GTA V Machinima video here

  15. Wow, i just saw this one popping up in my recommended vids, and i watched it the whole way through. Nice edits, perfect use of the music, great story.

    Nice work!

  16. The best Mechinima GTA V MOVIE. the best, amazing work, great masterpiece. Makes us question the reality, the current situation of earth, mankinds evolution or destruction. I am lost for works and I can't explain how i feel watching and after. Wow

  17. Good evening! Appreciated your work and channel! I liked everything very much. You are great! And now, I would like to hear an assessment of my work, both the channel and this videos, which you sent on the links. here it is: "" – "" – This is my first serious work and I think she’s completely successful! Thanks to for attention! Good luck.

  18. Possibly one of the best GTA5 machinimas that I've ever seen! And the ending is truly an amazing lesson about how life will carry on, no matter what happens.

  19. 15:32 I'm just here thinking DAMN! IF ONLY MY MAN HAD Improvements in Gore 2.5 AND Dismemberment/Gore from JEDIJOSH installed!!!

  20. Death stranding looks pretty good lol this is One of the best Machinima out there been coming back to this video for years great job

  21. Absolutely mind blowing. The feeling of live footage is uncanny. Incredibly atmospheric visuals and audio. The editing and post production must've been something else. So much time and effort, sir I salute you.

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